Little Tikes Construct’n Learn Smart Workbench Review #ad

My five year old twin girls are always trying to join in when I’m doing some DIY around the home so when I was offered the Little Tikes Construct ‘n’ Learn Smart Workbench to review I couldn’t wait for the girls to try it out. It is without a doubt very awesome! It’s very interactive and most certainly made the girls use their brains to work things out so not only being a toy, it’s a fantastic learning experience as well. The Little Tikes Construct ‘n Learn Smart Workbench is really easy to put together, and the girls helped me… [Read More]

Protect Your Oil from Theft this Winter

Home heating oil is more vulnerable to theft in the winter months. Of course, the main reason for this is that it’s colder, so there’s more demand for it. If thieves are selling it on they’ll get a better price per litre or if they’re using it for themselves, they’ll be “saving” even more. Thankfully, increased awareness and security in recent years has meant a significant drop in the numbers of oil thefts, but it does still happen. Here’s what you can do to make your tank and its precious contents fresh from Emo Oil safer over the colder months…. [Read More]

Having Parents That Are Both Bloggers: Are The Kids Lucky Or Spoilt

My wife and I are both Bloggers as many of you probably already know. I’m a father of five children, two of whom are five year old twin girls. The most fascinating thing to me is that they are fully aware that mummy and daddy blog. I’m assuming to them that this means parcels turn up at the door on a regular basis which at this time of the year seems to be everyday, that it’s Christmas week every week. Nowadays if we are sent toys for review, PR’s are asking if we can include our children in the images… [Read More]

That Friday Linky

It’s Friday again, which means it’s That Friday Linky time again! Please have a quick read of the info below and join in! As always we ask that you link up your favourite post of the week. Please don’t link up your entire blog, just one specific post that you’d like to share with us all. Linky’s are a great way to find new blogs to read, discover new content and they’re also a great way to raise your blogs profile. Myself and my wife, Emily, who blogs at Twin Mummy and Daddy are your hosts. If you’d like us to retweet… [Read More]

Getting Your Grill Ready for Winter in 5 Steps

Saying goodbye to hot, summer days is always a bittersweet feeling, especially since this means it begins to feel too cold, and it’s time to prepare your grill for winter, or at least until the days begin to warm up again. The process of doing so does not have to be a difficult process, in fact, in 5 easy steps you can enjoy a smooth transition. Let’s get started! 1. Deep Clean Your Grill This may seem obvious, but thoroughly cleaning the inside and outside of your grill the most important step of all for a few reasons. It’s not unheard of that… [Read More]

Why changing your AC Filter Matters

The air conditioning unit is something most of us don’t notice until it stops working. We take it for granted, and we seldom think about the machine that creates a livable environment in our homes during those scorching summer days. Luckily, modern air conditioners are quite reliable and sturdy; they can work with minimal maintenance for extended periods of time. You only need to perform the most basic maintenance work on your AC unit, and that’s cleaning or replacing air filters. That’s about everything you’ll need to do to ensure your unit works properly. Of course, for other issues, such… [Read More]

Just Being A Parent

There is a title that covers a multitude of sins. Let’s be fair if you are a parent, you will know what I’m talking about. It’s tough,difficult,hard, exhausting, in fact it’s the toughest job that as an adult we will ever have. We will wing it make it up as we go along and will constantly get it wrong. As a parent sometimes you are damm if you do or damm if you don’t. No matter how old your children are they will constantly have melt-downs, or keep you up half the night as babies, and actually as teenagers they… [Read More]


My five year old twin girls absolutely love Shopkins. They have been a firm favourite with them ever since they discovered them about a year ago. So when we were approached to do an unboxing of two brand new Shopkins, Crispy and Crumbly, we couldn’t wait. Watch the video here: How cute are they?! On October 19th Shopkins fans all across the UK will be watching SHOPKINS WORLD VACATION together and you can get your copy right here  for just £9.99. It can either be downloaded or you can buy a copy. You can then sit down in the comfort of… [Read More]

My Son Has Been In University Just Three Week’s

This weekend my son, A, is coming home for the weekend from university after 3 weeks. What has surprised me is never for one minute, did I realise how much I would miss him. Of course it was always going to be strange with him not being around, but it has genuinely shocked me. In his first three weeks I haven’t heard from him that often which is something I expected with all the freshers events happening, but everyday I would think about him. Generally very silly things, but important things to me like is he eating properly, I hope… [Read More]

Why Is It I Don’t Give My Mum A Hug Or Kiss?

I am by nature a loving person, and have never had a problem giving my wife or children a hug and a kiss. Truth be told I’m quite often looking for an excuse to do exactly that. I don’t need encouraging that’s for sure! Growing up, as I have often written about was a home, although it is difficult to call it a home. It was more of a house if I’m honest. The truth is, it lacked love and any family feel whatsoever. I wonder if that has impacted on my inability to hug or give my mum a… [Read More]