My Blog : Some Days I Feel like I’ve Created A Monster

I know. I guess you might think it’s a strange thing to say, but there is no doubt my blog can feel like a monster coming over the hill and searching me out to devour and spit out the remains of a stressed out husband, father, blogger and oh yes, a painter and decorater which is the actual job I do to afford my lifestyle. Now I will explain how blogging has changed my life, and occasionally my character and personality and it’s not always for the better.

When I started blogging it was a HOBBY! For gods sake, but like a speeding car from the Fast and Furious,  it wrapped itself around my brain like a boa constrictor each day tightening its grip.

My phone never leaves my side for longer than a few minutes. I’m checking views, emails, comments and promoting my lastest post via Twitter, Facebook or any other massive social media channel I can find. WAIT! I will be back writing in a few minutes, I have had an email, I need to tweet a blog post and check my views today.

Starting a blog can bring out the worst in me. It can make me bad tempered and frustrated because some PR has taken all day to reply to me, and when they finally do they want me to work for peanuts. OMG! Do I look like a monkey? Do they really think £30 will feed my family?

My conversation can be non-existent and how many times do I say to the kids, “IN A MINUTE!”

It’s just wrong that blogging can control your day and your kids can become second best to an online diary. This is ridiculous how it’s managed to get a hold of me, blogging is possibly a health hazard. It should actually be avoided if you wish to keep your sanity and not be sectioned as you are carried away mumbling about stats, views and screaming DA. Oh why won’t it rise quicker.

Shouting that the Tots 100 rankings are out, will I go up, will i take a tumble? The fear is too much to handle. Or of course you can have what I call a Tots trantrum which happened to me this month when my badge was not working properly, jeez! Did I throw a strop!

I wake at about 6am every day and the first thing I reach for is my phone to check out anything that may have happened in the night. Why would I do that? No PR is burning the midnight oil working. They are normal people and work normal hours. This could be why there are no important emails awaiting my attention at 6am which reminds of the song Beds Are Burning, I sometimes I think my bed is on fire the speed at which I leave it, there was a time you wouldn’t have got me out of bed.

I have featured more times than I care to mention. Believe me it’s a lot and I have been in more top 10 lists than I thought possible, alas I have never won an award though. Maybe just one day I might. On a serious note I will always be eternally grateful for being featured and achieving any top 10 list,

I am super, ultra competitive at absolutely anything I do. When I played football if we lost I would take a day to get over it and blogging is no different. The more I have recognition for my writing and my blog the more I want of it. If I’m really honest I’m just waiting for the bubble to burst and I end up in the corner of the room bawling my eyes out, waiting for the men in white coats to take me away! To the Priory for Rehab and to be rehabilitated into a normal life. Will I survive without WordPress and social media? Will I last an hour without Twitter and Facebook? Will the withdrawal be too much for my already fried brain cells?

The is me for the last two and half years and the monster I created needs to change. I need to find myself. I need to remember what it was like, what was life like before blogging? I need to put my phone down and not look for the perfect photo opportunity, not worry about what is being said on twitter or Facebook after all it’s not real life. I have needed to remind myself recently that my blog was started as a hobby, my corner of the internet to write what and when I wanted. It will never pay my bills or afford luxury holidays abroad. What it should be and it must become again is a fun and joy to write.

I need to re-connect with what is truly important in life. FAMILY my CHILDREN my WIFE, we are living in a mobile phone, laptop, internet and social media world. It appears to me to be a very unhealthy world, my older children have grown up so probably little chance of saving them. My twins are five years old and I want them to learn to love and appreciate the simple things in life, and the truth is only I can teach them that.Which has to be by example. I actually envy my elderly mother. She doesn’t understand technology and that must actually be bliss in my eyes. Total ignorance of the 21st century.

So have I created an out of control monster called DIY Daddy. Most likely my blog is frustrating, annoying, compulsive and very addictive, but it’s also wonderful, exciting and loads of fun to write. It’s mine, all mine, created by me, and that’s an awesome feeling. In a strange way it feels like my sixth child.

Beware though there could be a price to pay. YOUR SANITY!! 

I would love to know your thoughts. Is your blog an out of control monster that you can’t reel in? Is your blog running your life, or are you running your blog?

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13 thoughts on “My Blog : Some Days I Feel like I’ve Created A Monster

  1. I am very careful to schedule the blog and social media and put the phone away when it’s time. I never use it during dinner, I have family time each evening where phones are banned. It’s not always perfect, but I hated being a slave to the numbers on my page pushing me to spend more time online each day. #DreamTeam

  2. Totally agree. I’m constantly on the phone and saying ‘just a second, I just have to finish this reply’ when asked things by my wife.

    I wrote a tweet awhile ago that perfectly expresses this. (A made up quote from my wife)

    “You actually have to mind the kids, not just tweet about them in the third person”
    – Mammy Poppins

    The irony that I referred to a tweet in this reply is not lost on me. Or that I’m replying with one eye on a 1 and a1/2 year old as I do so.

    A blog is a lot more time consuming that I ever imagined it would be. But I would also agree in my case that it gives me some adult interaction (albeit electronic) while being a stay at home dad.

  3. I hear you fella! I have been caught by the blogging bug and whilst I’m not quite as extreme as you, I’m going through life thinking, how can I blog about this? Although having said that, I also feel like my blog has meant we do more as a family – for example, “if we have a day out here, ten I can blog about it” sort of mentality which means it’s a win win for me.

    Plus I couldn’t give it up now, met some great people because of it.

    But you my man, are a blogging machine! I honestly don’t know how you get it all done!

  4. I blog for the love of it, I thought it would be nice to get a few product reviews and meet some new people from it but it is addictive and I already wonder if it’s worth the massive amount of time we put in for the few bits we get out. The cost/benefit ratio doesn’t always seem to tally but we live it, so we’re not going to stop are we?

  5. I’m heading in exactly the same direction!! Blogging is actually really therapeutic for me, I live overseas and have a child with special needs and no support system. The online world has been amazing for me! But it is addictive, and I do find myself getting really obsessed. We took a holiday earlier in the year and the same last year, a whole week at the beach with no phones or internet, it was just what I needed!

    I’ve only just found your blog thanks to Twitter, looking forward to reading 🙂

  6. There are times when all Bloggers think they’ve created a monster – or at least a hideous time and resource sucking machine – and somehow we’ve all got to manage that. No idea how! Sorry 🙂 If you figure it out, let us all know

  7. This is a brilliant post – you’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head! It have only been blogging a year, and when I started out I noticed people joking about how addictive it can be… except I’m realising that it isn’t a joke at all – blogging is all-consuming and, as you say, you get a bit of recognition and it just drives you to crave more and more! #dreamteam

  8. I am with you here – for me it has gotten out of control lately! I seem to be working solidly through the evening quite often and need to re-assess the boundaries I think. Good on you for recognising it though 🙂 it’s tough to balance x

  9. Damn! I don’t earn anything from mine and I still panic. The couple of months I had away recently really hammered my stats and my mind. All I was thinking about how I was wasting time not writing. It just needs balance. I don’t write every day so not so bad for me.
    Enjoy your holiday and no writing till you get back!

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more on this Nige. My hubby doesn’t understand it at all and he gets so frustrated to see me reach for my phone every time I get a spare 30 seconds. The problem with blogging is that social media never sleeps and everytime I pick my phone up there is something new to read or respond to. It’s not a hobby. It’s not even a job. It’s a lifestyle. #DreamTeam

    PS: You may have created a monster but it’s a blimmin good one and we all love it!

  11. LOVE this post with a giant heart! Did you notice when things started to become a bit addictive? I have a little theory about it being the social media side of things that can spin everything out of control. Having some things automated can tame things down a bit, but you don’t want to put that monster in a cage. #DreamTeam

  12. I blog for therapy and to get out my thoughts and feelings…it is addicting and fantastic and overwhelming and fun! I can’t believe how much I love it and feel bad when I am not doing it! Great post! #dreamteam

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