Successful Blogs Have These Things In Common

While you might originally start your blog as a bit of a hobby, it’s easy to want to send it into stardom further down the line. After all, your blog could potentially make you a living if you do things right. However, there are some things you should change about your blog if you want to take over the world. After all, it might not have all the necessary things currently to make it a success. Therefore, here are some things every successful blog has in common that has helped them on their way to becoming superb. Pexels Amazing pictures… [Read More]

Blogging Blunders That Could Cost You Dearly

Credit: Pixabay Blogging is certainly an attractive prospect for creatives with something to say. The versatility it offers gives you the chance to start small before turning the side project into a full-time career. This, combined with the potential rewards, are far too grand to ignore. However, if you’re going to get involved in this growing phenomenon, you need to do it well. In addition to doing the right things well, you must ensure that you avoid the potential pitfalls. Here are four obstacles to look out for, along with what can be done to avoid them. #1. Wrong Topic… [Read More]

Dealing With Brands And PR’S My Experiences 

I have been blogging three years this October, and over the last 18 months my blog has gradually been approached by brands and PR’s, to the point today where now not a day goes by without me being approached to collaborate on a campaign, review or something else. This is of course down to hard work and dedication on my part to hopefully make my blog as successful as possible. I’m not being big headed about it, please don’t think that. The truth is it is hard work, but also incredibly worthwhile. When I started to have approaches from brands… [Read More]

My First Ever Awards Night (Blogosphere 2017)

I recently wrote a post about how it’s been a crazy six weeks on the blog, and part of that was being shortlisted Parent Blogger of the year 2017 with Blogosphere magazine. Last Thursday I attended the blogosphere blog awards 2017 in London. I will start out by saying that I didn’t win, but the winner was a well deserved winner as anybody would have been from the shortlist. It’s a difficult decision sometimes whether you attend these kind of ceremonies because it’s a bit of a catch 22. If you didn’t go and you actually won, you would have been… [Read More]

Handing My Blog Over To 5 Awesome Dad Bloggers For a Week 

Soon I will be off on holiday so I’ve decided to take a break from blogging as well. Blogging takes a lot of my time up and I seem to be forever writing a posts or a review or something else blog related. so pleaseeee.. boys look after my blog its my baby.  I want to enjoy a family holiday without any of the 21st century technology. A break from social media and not looking at my phone every five minutes, checking my inbox. OMG! I need a rest haha! No, actually. seriously I do. So I’ve asked five dad bloggers… [Read More]

Is Blogging At Saturation Level (How Do I Get Noticed?) 

I started blogging two and a half years ago. When I started there were dad bloggers around writing predominantly about parenting and other issues to a lesser degree. Would I start a blog now? I would probably have to say no. I started at a time where there was a lot of blogs about, but dad bloggers were definitely under represented so I feel it gave me a better opportunity to be noticed and grow my blog. Since I started blogging, dad bloggers have grown into a dominant force. With a lot more klout in the blogging world, it is… [Read More]

I’m No Longer A Blog Conference Virgin 

Last weekend I went to my first ever blogging conference. As I have written in a previous post I was very nervous and excited at the same time. This is my reflection on the blogging conference and I’ll share with you what I learnt about blogging. First up though I wanted to tell you what I found more interesting and that’s what I learnt about myself. I always thought I knew myself quite well. How wrong can you be when you are taking yourself out of your comfort zone. So the blogging conference I decided to attend for my first one was… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

  My Sunday photo is a just a building in Manchester a museum to be precise. This might not mean a lot to anybody other than me.  Today is a very special day, I am at my very first blogging conference, BlogOn MSI. I was very nervous arriving, but I went to the launch party last night and met some awesome people. Bloggers that I have admired from afar for a long time Laura @fivelittledoves one of my absolute favourite Bloggers. Tim @thatchamdad who is somebody, I have always read, and try to use as a benchmark for my own… [Read More]

Stepping Out From Behind My Blog 

So in a few days time I will be attending my first ever blogging conference,. For many this may not seem like a big deal. For me it’s huge and the reason why is simple. I have never been a particularly confident person which in a large part is due to my childhood. If you get told you are useless enough times, well the truth of the matter is you start to believe it. Basically you stop trying for fear of being told again you are no good. Of course at some point once you grow up and become an… [Read More]

My Blog : Some Days I Feel like I’ve Created A Monster

I know. I guess you might think it’s a strange thing to say, but there is no doubt my blog can feel like a monster coming over the hill and searching me out to devour and spit out the remains of a stressed out husband, father, blogger and oh yes, a painter and decorater which is the actual job I do to afford my lifestyle. Now I will explain how blogging has changed my life, and occasionally my character and personality and it’s not always for the better. When I started blogging it was a HOBBY! For gods sake, but… [Read More]