The Lessons Of The Roads An Instructor Won’t Teach Your Kids

As soon as you have children, the clock of life speeds up in a significant way. Perhaps it’s because your child’s growth marks the passing years. Or, maybe it’s just because parenthood is such a busy time. Whatever the reason, you go from playground politics to booking their first driving lessons in no time. It can be pretty stressful. After all; they’re still babies in your mind. But, you have to watch them get into a car with a complete stranger, and take control of the wheel. How can your baby be ready for something like that? Image Source But, alas,… [Read More]

Feeling The Guilt As A Dad

For around nine or so days I have been feeling quite a bit of dad guilt when it comes to my five year old twin girls. It has been a hectic time with my mum having a long stay in hospital, my son going off to university and me going to Manchester for BlogOn xmas 2017. I feel the girls have hardly seen me. Amongst all these other things going on, I have had to also do my usual job as a painter and decorator, and also try to fit in my blogging commitments. On the Friday before I went… [Read More]

Sandwiches And The School Run OMG! Its Back!

Where have the last six weeks gone? The summer holidays are over and it’s back to the packed lunches and the mayhem of the school run. Get dressed for school! Where are your school shoes? We are going to be late! Hurry up turn and the tv off! Do you need need the toilet? It’s raining, you need a coat! Let’s go! No, wait! Where are your school bags? Have I got to do everything kids….? Come on this is crazy! Every morning it’s a mad rush to just get out of the house, let alone arrive at the school… [Read More]

Kids Today Lack Respect. Why Is That?

Why is it that children of today, and I don’t mean all children, but to me it’s an ever growing bigger percentage of children appear to lack respect for anybody or anything in life. Who’s fault is it that children are like this? Well, in my opinion it’s us as parents. We have gradually taught our children to be selfish and not care what people think of them as long as they get their own way at all costs. This is a sad consequence of the 21st century. I truly believe because you are of the elder generation respect is… [Read More]

Our Family Day Out At West Midlands Safari Park

Last Saturday we visited West Midlands Safari Park. We have been before when the twins were three years old. Now they are five years old, they can really begin to appreciate all the animals. In my collage of pictures I managed to capture the lioness on top of a big rock. At just the right moment one walked right in front of our car, and it surprised me how big they are. Thankfully we were all locked inside the car with the windows shut tight. In my second picture I managed to feed the giraffes which I have to say… [Read More]

So You Think You Know Your Children, But When….

So you think you know your children, but when they become teenagers or sometimes before the reality and truth of the matter is they will only give you a screenshot of their life when it suits them, as we did with our parents. My second oldest daughter turned 20 a couple of days ago and it made think how much do I know about her life? For the last two years she has lived on her own at university about a two hour drive from us. I have if I’m honest, absolutely no idea how easy or difficult her life… [Read More]

It’s Been All Change At Home

So when we came back from our little break at Bluestone Wales, we knew there were going to be some quite major changes in our home. My wife, through no fault of her own has had to take on a new job with the same company she’s worked for, for 11 years, because her department was closed down. Although it was hard to come to terms with, the truth is it wasn’t a big surprise. We kind of knew that it was going to happen since Christmas. In her previous job it was two days a week with just two… [Read More]

Swearing In Front Of Our Children

This is a very hot subject at the moment. It even made it onto Good Morning Britain. Of course this is just my own personal opinion, because however parents want to raise their children is entirely there own choice. Which I am not judging. So an Australian blogger said that it's ok to swear in front of children, and also said that it's ok if children swear in front of you. Well I for one think it's totally unacceptable. I simply don't think that in any context it is ok for any child to be swearing in front of family… [Read More]

You Vs. Mother Nature: Outdoor Fun Indoors

WolfBlur There’s no doubt that the summer is a wonderful time. The kids are off school so you have more time to bond with them and it feels like the days are open with endless possibilities. Well, right up to the point the unforgiving British weather decides to wade in on the argument and make life difficult. We’ve all gone through the disappointment of planning an exciting summer jaunt then waking up on the day of the trip to dark skies and what feels like torrential rain. It’s one of the bitterest letdowns most of us have to deal with, especially… [Read More]

Our Day Trip To The Seaside

So far this summer the weather has been very good in comparison to our usual British summer. We normally have two weeks of sun, then it rains for two months solid. Haha! But hey, that’s the UK! Last Saturday we decided to go to a local beach about a 20 minute drive away from home. The main reason being was that the girls had been on a school trip there on the Thursday and wanted to go back. It’s quite a strange feeling as I had not been to this particular beach for many years. In fact since I was… [Read More]