Four signs that the pipes in your home may need replacing

It’s very easy to just take the water pipes in your home for granted. Most people just assume that they will always work as they should. But, water pipes are just the same as most things in the home; they can wear out over time. Once this happens, it’s important that the pipes are repaired or replaced. If you do not have this work carried out you could end up with a serious burst to deal with, or the quality of your water supply could be adversely affected. But, how can you tell if the pipes in your home need… [Read More]

JYSK Feel the Happiness Campaign #ad

I have recently teamed up with JYSK, the Scandinavian store group that sells everything for the home. Our partnership is to celebrate JYSK’s 2,500th international store which opens in October and I’m delighted to support the Danish store group with its ‘Feel the Happiness’ campaign. Even better, I have a fabulous JYSK VEDDE three door, mirrored wardrobe to give away. I know it’s excellent, I’ve just had one delivered at home and assembled it easily and in short order. The delivery was smooth, packages in perfect condition, everything was good quality and the instructions were well laid out. The first… [Read More]

Invest in Tools and Save Money for Life

Taking on DIY jobs can be tough and they take up valuable time, but the enhanced pleasure you get from completing the work, along with knowing that you have saved a considerable amount of money into the bargain, is the source of immense satisfaction Investing in tools isn’t just about buying the right ones, it’s also about ensuring they are covered if you are tradesman such as a mobile mechanic The satisfaction, of course, is also dependent on seeing fantastic results and these are only achievable if you have the right tools for the job. Here we take a look… [Read More]

Me And My Ladders

Regular readers will know that I am a painter and decorator.. I’ve been doing this for twenty years and during that time I’ve found that there are a number of very important tools I need to help me do my jobs to a standard that I’m happy with. One such item is a pair of ladders, and I’m quite convinced my wife thinks I have a fetish for ladders judging by how many I have! Ok, I admit it, I probably have haha! Just recently I was employed to paint a property in a residential area. It’s a semi-detached house,… [Read More]

Tips for The Perfect Loft Conversion

Once you have decided to convert your loft there is no going back. You want to convert it for that extra space it provides, maybe you need an extra room for your growing family or you just want a nice guest room. Whatever your reason for wanting to extend your house you will need to think very carefully about every decision you make. To make sure your loft conversion gets off without a hitch, ensure you are speaking to professional architects and interior designers to optimise your space as best as possible. There are some critical things you need to… [Read More]

Power tools vs. Hand tools: Who comes out on top?

When it comes to any kind of building work, you need tools. They can be the determining factor between a job well done, and a job delayed. But which are the best to have in your arsenal of supplies? I’ve teamed up with BUILT/ to find out who really comes out on top. Hand tools or power tools? Ultimately, power tools can be very effective in saving you time and money – particularly when it comes to projects that involve woodwork. Power tools can typically make jobs easier, and often enable you to achieve far more professional results too. That’s… [Read More]

Why It’s A Good Idea To Store Your Construction Tools

Good tools are quite an investment – this is why you need to properly store, clean and maintain them. Most people have a variety of tools at home, ranging from small hand tools such as screwdrivers to large power tools found in professional workshops. Normally, tools are stored at home in the garage or shed. However, lack of proper care can lead to rusting and breakage. Hand tools and other larger power tools need special care, maintenance and storage due to their size and expense. Keep Your Tools Safe and In Good Working Condition To make sure your construction tools… [Read More]

Construction Tools Every Builder Should Own

When it comes to creating an ideal construction tool kit, there are many essentials that every builder should own to bring about a higher efficiency in work and better performance. Apart from bringing ease into a builder’s life, the use of right tools for the job also ensures superior quality of work. Starting off with the basics, the first thing you need to invest in are comfortable boots with solid impact protection. Steel toe boots are the most famous example of protective footwear. Also, ensure that you put on a safety helmet, protective goggles and protective gloves to enhance your… [Read More]