Pi-Top Laptop Review

I love any new technology, and also something that’s a bit different from the norm. So when I was asked to review the Pi-Top laptop, I couldn’t wait and let my twins loose on this awesome bit of kit. Pi-Top is a modular laptop that you build yourself, allowing you to discover a world of electronics, coding and inventing, plus many more fantastic projects. This particular Pi-Top also includes the DIY inventors kit, and Raspberry Pi, which is the brains behind the Pi-Top. I will elaborate more on Raspberry Pi later in the post. Recently my twin girls have got… [Read More]

Blogging Is An Industry/Business

Most people I talk too and I sometimes mention that I’m a blogger, look at me as if to say, what? My next sentence is always, so you have no idea what blogging is then? The funny thing is they usually reply, yes I know what blogging is, so explain to me what blogging is, and after about 60 seconds I will reply you don’t have a clue what blogging is! The strange thing is if you say you’re a plumber, electrician, hairdresser, or in my case a painter and decorator people instantly recognise that I’m part of a profession,… [Read More]

iPhone X The First Photo: My Sunday Photo 

On Friday I took delivery of the new iPhone X. I was lucky that it coincided with the end of my previous contract. My one treat to myself is a new phone, and yes I am a huge fan of Apple products. I quite simply love them. The camera on the new iPhone is very special and a huge improvement on previous phones. Yesterday morning we went to our local park for some fresh air and to allow the twins to burn off some energy as half term has now come to an end. I captured this very special moment… [Read More]

Introducing Children to Technology with the Alba Range from Argos (Ad)

I am in partnership with Argos to talk about the new Alba range of tablets/televisions/mobiles. Introducing technology such as smart phones and tablets to children is a pretty daunting task for many parents. Trying to find the right balance to ensure that your child is the right age to understand the technology being handed to them, but also to make sure that they use it responsibly can be tricky. Like many parents my wife and I had concerns about screen time. Will our children pick up their phone or tablet too often? Are they too young to have access to… [Read More]

Little Tikes Construct’n Learn Smart Workbench Review #ad

My five year old twin girls are always trying to join in when I’m doing some DIY around the home so when I was offered the Little Tikes Construct ‘n’ Learn Smart Workbench to review I couldn’t wait for the girls to try it out. It is without a doubt very awesome! It’s very interactive and most certainly made the girls use their brains to work things out so not only being a toy, it’s a fantastic learning experience as well. The Little Tikes Construct ‘n Learn Smart Workbench is really easy to put together, and the girls helped me… [Read More]

JYSK Feel the Happiness Campaign #ad

I have recently teamed up with JYSK, the Scandinavian store group that sells everything for the home. Our partnership is to celebrate JYSK’s 2,500th international store which opens in October and I’m delighted to support the Danish store group with its ‘Feel the Happiness’ campaign. Even better, I have a fabulous JYSK VEDDE three door, mirrored wardrobe to give away. I know it’s excellent, I’ve just had one delivered at home and assembled it easily and in short order. The delivery was smooth, packages in perfect condition, everything was good quality and the instructions were well laid out. The first… [Read More]

Divorce Helped Me Form A Strong Bond With My Older Children

Coming from a divorced family life as a child, it would for many years cement the fact in my mind that I never wanted children. It wasn’t until my eldest child was born that I realised I’d felt that way originally  because my own parents simply didn’t care about their children. They were far too selfish and pre-occupied with their own needs. Then I got married and from my first marriage, I had three children who are now aged 22, 20 and 18 years old. The marriage to my first wife was toxic for a long time and it was… [Read More]

BlogOnXmas 2017. It Was Awesome!

I have been to my second blogging conference, yay! It was awesome! I didn’t arrive full of nerves and that terrible anxiety I felt back in May when I attended my first BlogOn Conference that had all disappeared. It was a busy day for me that started out at dropping my son off at university in Swansea. Then a drive up to Manchester from swansea for BloxOn Xmas 2017. Thankfully there no real roadworks and it was a fairly easy drive without any hitches unlike May when I was stuck on the M6 for two hours! Upon arriving at  Hotel… [Read More]

Demanding Your Time That’s What Five Year Olds Do!

So what’s a five year olds job in life? Demanding your time of course, and I get it in stereo with twins! There is not a day that passes, in fact a minute that passes, in which I don’t hear mum or dad being called out along with them asking if they can I have this or do that. It’s constant! If it wasn’t so constant and demanding it would be funny, because it’s not funny. I have often wondered what makes children of a certain age so demanding of your time? Surely there comes a time where they just… [Read More]

Stylish ways to renovate your home

Being a home owner, I am always looking for inspiration on how I would like my home to look, to add something that gives it that look of being very special, and a very unique look every time you walk though the door. One of the great things about being a painter and decorator is that I get the opportunity to visit my customers in their homes. This means, as well as offering advice and tips on home decor, I can also take inspiration from my customers homes. One customer may have a specific wall paper that I like, whilst… [Read More]