Stylish ways to renovate your home

Being a home owner, I am always looking for inspiration on how I would like my home to look, to add something that gives it that look of being very special, and a very unique look every time you walk though the door. One of the great things about being a painter and decorator is that I get the opportunity to visit my customers in their homes. This means, as well as offering advice and tips on home decor, I can also take inspiration from my customers homes. One customer may have a specific wall paper that I like, whilst… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature. It’s Over

I have decided after debating with myself for what seems like ages to bring to end my weekly Brilliant Dad Feature. I am doing so with a very heavy heart because my blog is three years old this October and one of the most consistent themes throughout the life of my blog has been the brilliant dad feature. When I started the feature I genuinely believed it wouldn’t go past week 10. I was a new dad blogger and after all why would anybody take the time to answer six questions? Nobody knew me, so I was overwhelmed at how… [Read More]

I’m Going To BlogOn Xmas 2017

In just a few days time I shall be travelling to Manchester for BlogOn Xmas 2017. It’s very hard to believe because this year has been a rollercoaster of a ride on the blog. It all started back in May when I travelled up to Manchester for my first blogging conference. This was a massive step for me, to step out of the shadows of my blog and talk and meet people that I had only ever spoken too online. Being a shy person by nature I was incredibly nervous, but I have to say I was made to feel… [Read More]

As Parents Do We Have The Right To Look at Our Teenagers Smart Phones

Teenagers and their smart phones. We have all seen it. You know they’re walking down the pavement with their eyes glued to their phone. I’m amazed they don’t walk into a lamp post or stray out into the road, but this is what the life of a teenager is like in 2017. Regular readers of my blog will know I’m a father of five children ranging in age from 22 to five year old twins. I have often wondered how far as a parent that we can go in terms of invading their privacy. Like so many of us today… [Read More]

Beware Of Teenage Daughters! Let Them Pick Their Boyfriends

I have four daughters, two of which have gone through their teenage years and during those teenage years, easily the biggest minefield is when they discover boys and decide its time for a boyfriend. This was the time when I nearly chewed right through my tongue to stop myself from saying what I was really thinking about the latest boy to enter their lives. Who, of course was the best thing to ever have happened in their lives. As a dad you are faced with a huge dilemma in more than a few ways, but one thing is for sure… [Read More]

Finding That Perfect Home

They say that one of most stressful times in life is either buying your first home or moving home, and they are not wrong. There are so many things you need to do and so many different people you have arrange appointments with. Whether you’re buying your first home or moving from an existing home, the first place you need to go is to an estate agent to see what is available in the area you want to live in, and more importantly at cost that you can afford. This means you need to contact your mortgage supplier to see… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo ( Rock Painting)

The summer holidays are over and as usual it’s had it’s different fads. We had the fidget spinner, but if I’m honest the girls bored of this very quickly. About half way through the holidays a craze started in our neighbourhood, as I’m sure it did in many other neighbourhoods up and down the country. People started to paint rocks and then hide them around the neighbourhood. The idea was really simple. If you find one, you re-hide it somewhere else, but also take a photo and post it to a Facebook group. There were some very elaborate designs that… [Read More]

So You Think You Know Your Children, But When….

So you think you know your children, but when they become teenagers or sometimes before the reality and truth of the matter is they will only give you a screenshot of their life when it suits them, as we did with our parents. My second oldest daughter turned 20 a couple of days ago and it made think how much do I know about her life? For the last two years she has lived on her own at university about a two hour drive from us. I have if I’m honest, absolutely no idea how easy or difficult her life… [Read More]

It’s Been A Crazy Six Weeks on the Blog 

About six weeks ago I received a tweet to say I that I had been shortlisted for ‘Parent Blogger of the Year 2017’ with Blogosphere Magazine. I actually had to read it a few times to make sure it wasn’t a mistake! Then I received an email about a month ago to say I was going to be featured in the June issue of the Blogosphere Magazine. Again it was very hard to take in that this was really happening, but yes it was! Pride and achievement come to mind. Surely nothing else good could happen to my blog, but… [Read More]

David From Tales Of Two Children Is Today’s Guest Post 

Today’s  guest post is from David who blogs at Tales of Two Children. David and I would be considered older dads to young children so what better subject than his thoughts of being an older dad to young children. David is a brilliant, funny and thought provoking blogger. I would highly recommend you check out his blog. Thank you to David for guest posting today. Older Dad: The Inner-Demon &Me  Life as an Older Dad Okay, so Nige at DIY Daddy asked me to write a guest post; for which I’m very grateful as he is one of my favourite bloggers…. [Read More]