Easter Break: Summer Is Nearly Here! YAY! 

I love summertime because my job as a painter and decorator is made much easier with lovely sunny weather in planning my work and it hopefully works out on the dates I plan. Firstly though with Easter just behind us, this always makes me feel that much closer to summer and seeing the back of winter and it’s terrible weather so I thought I would give a quick update of my Easter break. The twins were definitely ready for a break from school. They had only had one week off since Christmas and it’s so easy to forget that this… [Read More]

My Five Year Old Twin Has Developed Empathy 

The other day I wrote how hard it is watching my mum getting old. Her mobility is probably now at its worst. It’s not a common occurrence, but one of the most unfortunate things of getting old is for no real reason old people tend to fall over and my mother is no different. What came as a revelation was my five year old twin daughter showing empathy. I was in for a shock about how one of my five year old twin girls would react to the news that her Nanna had fallen and may have to go to… [Read More]

Chatting To My Five Year Old Twins About Family 

For half of the school week I drop off and pick up my five year old twin girls from school. When I pick them up I always ask the same question. What did you do in school today? 99 times out of 100 I get the same reply which is a wall of silence or nothing or I can’t remember. The other day came as a huge surprise to me. I’m not sure if they were learning about family in school, but R announced to me whilst sitting in the back of the car. “Dad?”, yes R I said. She… [Read More]

Who Are The Losers in Divorce 

Divorce is a very unpleasant thing to happen to anyone in life but nowadays it is happening more and more. When I was a child my parents seperated and divorced and I was far from the norm in fact I was very unusual thinking back Me and one other child came from a divorced family. When I got divorced from my first wife my children were seven,five and three years of age  the two oldest ones were in school and they were far from unusual but most likely not the norm. Fast forward to today and my four year old… [Read More]

Designing A Family Friendly Garden 

Image source  There are few things quite as enjoyable as spending a sunny day in the garden with your family around you as you soak up the sun, cook steaks on the barbecue and indulge in together time. Of course, that is only possible if you have a nice family garden in which to hang out. The good news is that creating a family-friendly garden is easy as can be if you put just a little thought into the needs of each family member. Relaxation and Entertainment Adults will primarily want a place in the garden where they can relax… [Read More]

My Brother: How Things work out in Life 

I have written before about my sibling relationships and how unfortunately due to a very dysfunctional childhood it’s left the relationship with my sibling in tatters to the point today that none of us speak to each other. It is very sad, but its just the way life works out.   Growing up I have so many fantastic memories of my brother, so instead of focusing on the negatives of a dysfunctional upbringing I thought I would relate some incredible memories of a very strong sibling relationship I had with my brother before it all went wrong.  I am the… [Read More]

Physical Violence in Relationships 

I recently read a post by Alan at Omg it’s a girl about domestic violence, and that in Ireland there is a campaign underway. The statistics of domestic violence that Alan quoted were massive, but it didn’t surprise me one bit, especially the figures of domestic violence against men by their partners, wive’s or girlfriends. The post brought back some personal unhappy memories for me. Which I hadn’t thought about for a long while, but felt need to write it down. For years the stigma attached to men being abused by the women in their lives has been swept under… [Read More]

Clean Ends No Waste Wipes Review 

I dread to think how many wet wipes I have used after having five children, but needless to say it’s a lot! On many occasions they’ve been flushed down the toilet and caused massive problems with the sewers which is then an expensive job to be sorted out. It’s always something that I have been aware of, but I’d never been able to find a suitable alternative until now. We really do need to change because each year a staggering 578 billion wipes are used globally which is the equivalent to 80 wipes for every human being on our planet Earth…. [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

My Sunday photo this week is our new edition to the family!  After many years of loyal service Puf went to the car crusher in the sky, Goodbye Puf.  So welcome to Thumper, as named by my four year old twin girls. He’s settled in well and is taking us to school and for days out already. I have to admit it was love at first sight for me. I’m even thinking of moving out and living in Thumper 24/7!

Parent Bloggers. Are We Putting Our Children in Danger as They get Older 

As a parent blogger I have begun to wonder that as I chronicle my four year old twin girls  lives, am I leaving them open to ridicule and bullying from school friends or friends as they grow older? The thought that crossed my mind is are we possibly giving out too much information about our children online? This thought all came about because my 19 year old daughter text me recently to say that a  post I had written about 12 months ago which I revived in a tweet had a couple of sentences that she found embarrassing and she… [Read More]