How To Overcome The Anxiety Of Going To The Dentist

We all get nervous going to the dentist – it is totally normal. But, if your anxiety affects your oral health and prevents you from heading to the dentist, you may be experiencing dental anxiety. WHAT CAUSES DENTAL ANXIETY? 1. Loss of Control Some people feel like they lose control when they sit in the dental chair, making a visit overwhelming. They associate a dentist hovering over them as a feeling of being trapped. 2. Pain Many people dread going to the dentist because of the fear of pain. 3. Past Experiences There are those who develop dental fears if… [Read More]

The Perfect Time for Affordable Dental Holidays

As your children get older, household expenses increase. Did you know that the cost of raising a child can be as much as £230,000? More than the price of an average-size house. Luckily, at least, dental care for children in Britain is free, but what if parents need more advanced treatment like dental implants? Implants are rarely available on the NHS and are very expensive, so if you’re tight on budget and need to fix your teeth, consider dental implants in Poland and a trip to Warsaw or Cracov, or get your tooth implants in Hungary and visit the most… [Read More]

Keeping Your Kids Healthy During The Holidays

The summer holidays are looming, and every parent wants to make sure that the holidays are packed with fun, rather than worrying about illnesses or emergencies. Of course, it’s not always possible to avoid accidents, and you never know when illness will strike, but there are some steps you can take to try and keep your kids as healthy as possible while school’s out.Book a trip to the dentist If you haven’t been to the dentist in the last 6-9 months, the holidays are a great time to book a trip to the dental clinic. Routine checks only take a… [Read More]

Taking Control Of Infant Emergencies

(Image Source) Being a parent comes with a lot of different challenges and hurdles to overcome. Most new parents find themselves struggling to deal with the new work they have to do when they first have their children. And, of course, this makes sense. Bring a new person into the world was never going to be easy. Instead, you have to take these jobs head on and handle them well. One of the hardest times for a new parent is during an emergency. So, to help you out with this, this post will be going through some areas which can… [Read More]

Me, Depression and Recovery 

A few days ago I was talking to somebody who shall remain nameless, but they were having difficulty dealing with life and feeling down. It made think about my own life when I was depressed and when I found everyday totally exhausting. It prompted me to write this post about this period of my life. We read so often how lots of people live the perfect existence, but of course the reality is that life is not so perfect and there are lots bad times and good times in our lives. About 15 years ago I suffered from depression. It… [Read More]

My Personal MOT with TENA Men 

To start the New Year I have teamed up with Tena Men to give myself a personal MOT. After all you wouldn’t drive around in a car without an MOT and the human body is no different. Men in general take very little notice of their health and well being. I’m sure we have inherited this from our youth. For me personally I was oblivious to health and fitness in my 20’s, but as I have got older I have discovered I’m not indestructible and the human body just like a car wears out. At the start of a new… [Read More]

How to Cut Back on Your Smoking Expenditure

Not only is smoking an addictive habit, but it also becomes quite expensive. Having a smoking habit that consistently forces you to quite literally burn through packs of cigarettes a week can end up being very costly. Furthermore, states continue to push regulation raising smoking taxes that make it seem like smoking expenditures are sharply increasing each and every year.  If you’re finding that the money you’re spending each week on smoking is getting harder to part with, we have compiled a list of a few ways that you can help cut back on some of the money you spend… [Read More]

Can you feed the family for £2 a day?

Did you know that it costs just £2 to feed and educate a child in Zambia every day? That’s just £62 a month! When I think about how much my weekly food shop is, it’s a lot more than £62 and that’s just for the week. That’s for a family of four – two adults and two children. This January, Voucher Box has teamed up with UK based charity Zamcog to present to you The £2 challenge. As per the title of this post, we want to know if you can feed each person in your family for just 2… [Read More]

Breast or Bottle: A Dads Perspective 

I seem to read a never ending amount of posts about the advantages and disadvantages of breast or bottle, and 99.9% of the time they are written by mums, which if I’m honest is what I would expect.     There always seems to be a lot of argument and debate over what is best, but rarely have I seen a post by a dad on the subject of breast or bottle fed babies, so I thought I would give my view on what appears to be a controversial subject. I have to say that I’m not passionate about either…. [Read More]

IVF Rollercoaster of Dreams 

The IVF journey is one that I would compare to a rollercoaster of emotions. It can be heartbreaking, yet at the other end of the scale it can bring incredible joy. It’s a bit like getting to the end of the rainbow to find your pot of gold, but with IVF it’s having that wonderful moment when you get to hold your new born baby and all the heartache is taken away. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way, but here is my story. My wife and I were, for various reasons not eligible for NHS treatment so we… [Read More]