Entertaining Your Children Over The Christmas Holidays

Our five year old twins finished school the Friday before Christmas which is a good thing because they were occupied almost right up to Christmas Day with school. This meant that we had only two days of high excitement before Father Christmas arrived with their presents. Once the Christmas Day excitement had subsided, and the girls had played with all their toys, they now have two weeks off from school. Here are my tips for keeping them entertained during the school holidays. 1. After being stuck in the house for a number of days, what better way to blow away… [Read More]

You Vs. Mother Nature: Outdoor Fun Indoors

WolfBlur There’s no doubt that the summer is a wonderful time. The kids are off school so you have more time to bond with them and it feels like the days are open with endless possibilities. Well, right up to the point the unforgiving British weather decides to wade in on the argument and make life difficult. We’ve all gone through the disappointment of planning an exciting summer jaunt then waking up on the day of the trip to dark skies and what feels like torrential rain. It’s one of the bitterest letdowns most of us have to deal with, especially… [Read More]

Disney Convert Or Still Disney Grumpy? The Magic of Disney Part 2 

In my last Disney post I finished up at the illuminations on day two. I didn’t think it could get any better, how wrong was I?! So, here we go. It’s now onto day three and the time certainly goes quickly. Our holiday is moving at very high speed. The one thing that has amazed me is how our five year old twins had walked just about everywhere and on just rare occasions asked to be picked up and carried. The only thing I can put this down to is the fact that’s it’s Disneyland Paris and believe me, if… [Read More]

My Favourite Holiday Moments 

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have many fantastic family holidays, but two particular holidays stand out as the best because they have created so many wonderful #holidaymoments. The first holiday I remember with such affection was four years ago. I went to Menorca and had my five children, wife and my mum with me. It was one of those rare moments in life where I had those that mean the most to me and love with all my heart around me on holiday. What made this holiday particularly special was watching my five children together in one… [Read More]

Brits Speaking Foreign Languages On Holiday 

Each year we have a family summer holiday which is usually to one of the Balearic Islands in Spain. Of course we are not alone in this as many British people follow the sun for their family holiday, but of course British people including myself never make the effort to speak the local language. We almost think that it’s our right to speak English and whenever we are in the world local people will understand and speak back to us in English. There was a time I’m sure that we would buy a handy language guide before going on holiday… [Read More]

Am I Grumpy? Disneyland Paris

In couple of weeks time as I have already written in a previous post called Family Holidays this Summer, I made no secret of the fact that Disneyland is not my ideal holiday, but hey ho I have a problem. My wife and our five year old twin girls are mega excited and I am doing my best to get into the spirit of Disney. I am not a Disney type of  person. You know kind, smiley, wholesome, and yes there is no bad in the world when Disney is in your life. Of course the reality is there are… [Read More]

6 European hotspots for family friendly holidays

Family holidays are a rare chance to spend time together without the daily distractions of normal working life. When you get the opportunity to go away with your family, you’ll want to choose a destination that’ll keep everyone – no matter their age or interests – entertained and happy. To help, we’ve picked out six family-friendly European hotspots. Check them out: 1. Amsterdam Known for a bike-friendly and laid-back atmosphere, Amsterdam is a family-friendly city break. There’s loads to keep older kids busy – My Little Nomad recommends visiting one of Amsterdam’s beautiful parks. Amsterdamse Bos is home to cheese… [Read More]

Family Summer Holidays This Year 

There is a huge chance that I may sound ungrateful about the holidays that I will be going on this year, but I work hard and earn good money and I have a definite idea of what is my ideal holiday. I would always consider my ideal holiday to be an all inclusive sun holiday, usually on one of the Balearic Islands in Spain. I love the fact that all your food is ready and cooked for you and you then have a few hours to decide what time you want to eat, for me to be waited on and… [Read More]