5 Signs You’re Dealing with a Trustworthy Plumber

The difference between a good plumber and a bad plumber is the one who puts a minimal fix on the leak to get paid today and the one who troubleshoots the root cause and finds all the places the corroded plumbing joints need to be replaced. A trustworthy plumber saves you money by fixing things right the first time and never replacing things that don’t need to be replaced. Here are five signs you’re dealing with a trustworthy plumber. Their Reputation A trustworthy plumber has a long history in the community and a good reputation. An untrustworthy plumber closes up… [Read More]

Easy Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen is often considered as the heart of the home, especially in family homes. It’s full of the lovely smells of cooking and baking. It’s where the food is and, more importantly, it’s where the kettle is. Get it can often be the room in the house we neglect the most. Re-decorating the kitchen can seem like an expensive venture, or inconvenient – how are you going to cook while the oven is standing in the middle of the dining room? Image But it doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Here are some ideas for decorating your kitchen with… [Read More]

Me And My Ladders

Regular readers will know that I am a painter and decorator.. I’ve been doing this for twenty years and during that time I’ve found that there are a number of very important tools I need to help me do my jobs to a standard that I’m happy with. One such item is a pair of ladders, and I’m quite convinced my wife thinks I have a fetish for ladders judging by how many I have! Ok, I admit it, I probably have haha! Just recently I was employed to paint a property in a residential area. It’s a semi-detached house,… [Read More]

Protecting Your Floors From Your Favourite Furry Friends

If you own a pet, you already know the score. With all that cuteness and love that they give you, takes a great deal of responsibility. We’ve created a handy little guide to tell you, the best flooring for your pet, as well as any advice you may need to deal with accidents and their hair. So, first and foremost. What is the best flooring for pets? We would always suggest that Luxury Vinyl Tiles are by the best flooring for your pets. For a start, vinyl has a decent amount of friction, which will allow your pets to run… [Read More]

Tips for The Perfect Loft Conversion

Once you have decided to convert your loft there is no going back. You want to convert it for that extra space it provides, maybe you need an extra room for your growing family or you just want a nice guest room. Whatever your reason for wanting to extend your house you will need to think very carefully about every decision you make. To make sure your loft conversion gets off without a hitch, ensure you are speaking to professional architects and interior designers to optimise your space as best as possible. There are some critical things you need to… [Read More]

How To Keep Your Water Bills To A Minimum

The cost of fresh water is something which is steadily climbing over time, so it is something that we should not take for granted for the benefit of not only our pockets but also our planet. You can get some excellent water saving advice on various blogs and websites to help teach you how to conserve water in your place of work, as well as in your home. So if you are looking to try and reduce your water bills, here are some useful tips to help get you on your way to saving money, as well as saving the… [Read More]

Choosing The Colour Of The Paint For Your Home

The freedom to decorate your home can be quite liberating, but to others, it can also be quite daunting as to where to start. You can read some excellent advice from various home improvement blogs on choosing the colours for your home’s interior which may help you to get started. So that you can make a well-informed decision, you may have to do a little research and get to know your tastes. So Many Colours When it comes to colours of paint, there has never been more choice available than you have today. Get to know all of the colours… [Read More]

Big Impact Changes To Make If You Are Renovating

I’ve been a painter and decorator for over 20 years and have been involved with many renovations of people’s homes, but like a lot of professional trades people I never get around to working on my own home. pexels When we first moved into our home a number of years ago, money was a bit tight. So we decided what was important to sort out straight away and what we could live with as it was. One area that we decided to leave until a later date was the kitchen. It was after all not too bad and functional, but… [Read More]

Converting Our Attic Space Into Bedrooms

My home is a two bedroom bungalow and I live there with my wife and five year old twin girls. As the girls are growing up and needing more space for all the toys and numerous things children collect, we have decided that instead of moving we’ll look at expanding our existing home. Our current home is perfectly suited for this kind of expansion. It’s a detached bungalow and has massive attic space. If I’m honest it’s just waiting to be converted into two bedrooms with en-suites in both bedrooms. One thing I didn’t want to do was alter the… [Read More]

Your Most Hated DIY Problems Solved

On this blog, we love DIY. But there are some jobs that just suck. No matter how well you prepare, it always seems as if something goes wrong and ruins your plans. Here are some of the commonest DIY problems out there and what you can do to make your life a bit easier.Sealing Around The Bath Sealing around the bath is important for many reasons. It stops mold from growing in places where you can’t see it, and it prevents water from dripping down the side of the bath into the room below. In other words, it’s essential. However,… [Read More]