Four House Renovations You Should Consider If You’ve Got Kids

Let’s face it, having kids changes pretty much everything about your life – you can’t go off on weekend breaks on a whim, your wardrobe becomes a whole lot more relaxed and casual and devoid of high heels, and your house becomes full of brightly coloured plastic instead of the chic chrome and black look that you’d always envisaged. If you think your home needs some changes to fit in with your new child friendly life, here are a few tips that might make it an easier place to live in… A New Kitchen. Image source For many families, the… [Read More]

The Priorities That Should Appear On Every Home Improvement Blueprint 

Source: Knowing where to start is often one of the hardest challenges facing any homeowner wanting to improve their home. The property is the foundation of a happy life and is also a huge financial asset. Consequently, the decisions made could be crucial for your future happiness and monetary status. Getting your priorities in order should be accomplished before you ever lift a paintbrush or hammer. The exact vision of a happy home will vary from household to household. However, it’s fair to say that each of the desires below will be on your list. Remember to keep them in… [Read More]

Quick DIY Fixes To Do This Summer

Photo:unsplash  Summer really is the best time of year. If you have children, then you can share in their enthusiasm for it. Every kid looks forward to the summer holidays and being there with them to enjoy it is one of the great pleasures of being a parent. It is also a great time to go away on holiday. You spend all winter and spring looking forward to escaping the everyday pressures of life and kicking back for a while. But if you are going to really start your summer off properly, you need to make sure that you finally… [Read More]

Handyman: Taking DIY Issues Into Your Own Hands 

It’s easier than ever to do a lot of things, thanks to technology. That means it’s easier than ever to outsource jobs that you could do with a bit of knowledge. This means it is also easier than ever to learn how to tackle the job you’ve just paid a lot of money for someone else to do. This? It goes for do-it-yourself and home maintenance as much as it does for business uses and other things. Instead of calling out a handyman, why not build your own toolbox and tackle issues yourself? This will help you learn more about… [Read More]

4 Easily Solvable Issues:That Are Making Your Bathroom Look A Mess 

Often, we don’t realise just how much of an impact little problems have on the look and feel of our homes. The thing is, we get so used to seeing them that we begin to block them out and don’t realise the impact that they have on how our homes look to others. One room that often gets neglected in terms of maintenance and updates is the bathroom because there’s a common misconception that bathrooms tend to be rather expensive to do up. However, that’s not true – or at least, it doesn’t have to be. Below is a list… [Read More]

Painting the Exterior of My House this Spring 

Springtime is the time of the year when everybody starts getting outdoors on a more regular basis, and they start thinking about doing all those exterior jobs that need doing around the home. A big job that I will be undertaking this springtime is to paint the exterior walls of my home. It’s all starting to look a bit dirty and faded and of course painting the walls helps to protect the exterior surface for years to come. Before painting you must make sure that the surfaces are clean and free of any loose old paint. You should also fill… [Read More]

Converting your Garage into a Playroom 

We have a very large garage which is a separate building to our house and in all honesty it’s a waste of space.      I’m sure like many other people we don’t use the garage for what it was originally built for, parking the car in. It’s our dumping ground and consequently completly wasted space. So I decided instead of it just sitting there idle with no purpose other than dumping our rubbish like broken fridges and washing machines in, where they are left out of sight, out of mind. So I decided I would change it.  I’m a… [Read More]

Finding A Tree Removal Service

When it comes to deciding to remove a tree or not, there are some things that you will need to consider first. You can find some good information online that you may wish to read if you have a tree that you are thinking to remove. If you are in a residential area or the tree is close to a building, you may also need to seek the assistance of an expert to help you with its removal.  The State Of The Tree The overall condition of the tree is critical, as this can also determine how much of a… [Read More]

Childhood Bedrooms

Recently I have been employed to re-decorate two bedrooms in a semi-detached house in the suburbs of the city that I live in. The job itself is relatively straight forward, but it was the background story that got me thinking and interested me. I will explain why. Growing up I never had a bedroom long enough to call my own because we moved a lot. I’m sure that I’m not very typical because a lot of people live in the same family home throughout their childhood and their bedroom is of course their place of sanctuary. It also shows their… [Read More]

5 Things to Look for when Buying an Angled Radiator 

Image by decorology via Flickr When considering the type of heating to be installed in the home, it is easy to focus strongly on efficiency, heat output, running costs and the total purchase and installation price. It can be easy to overlook the style, look and design of the heating and how it can be used to complement and enhance the surrounding décor in a similar way that well-chosen furniture, colour schemes or architectural elements also can. An angled radiator is a wonderful addition to any home yet there are so many variables to consider that can make choosing the… [Read More]