Four Storage Ideas to Clear Clutter (and Encourage your Kids to be Less Messy too)

Nobody wants to spend hours tidying up every day, but practically everybody prefers a clutter-free living space. The answer is organised storage, so you can find stuff easily without tripping over things or endless searching when items go walk-about. Storage Furniture in Living Areas Storage furniture is a godsend for households with gadgets galore and an advancing army of toys and games. Coffee tables, end tables, vintage chests or trunks, sideboards or cabinets all make it possible to do very quick tidy-ups. If children like to play in the kitchen while you’re doing the cooking, why not give them a… [Read More]

6 Tips For A Greener And Healthier Home

We all dream of easing a little pressure off our conscience every now and then. Creating a greener home is something to aspire to, and is one step forwards in securing our children’s future. We also want our home to be healthy as well as green. It can be, however, a daunting task. What’s supplies do I need? How will it affect my outgoings? Is it more effort that it’s worth? Don’t worry, you can create a greener home in many different ways. Making changes, no matter how large or small, has an impact – so it’s worth trying. 1…. [Read More]

5 Home Buying Tips: What You Need To Look For

If you’re thinking of buying a home, read below for 5 tips to get you started. 1. Know your prices For many of us price will be a determining factor in where we purchase a home, so doing your homework before you concentrate your search will be beneficial. Although average house prices can be a helpful guide, a more in depth look at the prices that certain properties fetch will provide better insight. After all, a high end, luxury three bedroom home will vary in price to an older 3 bedroom townhouse on a main road in the same area…. [Read More]

Renewable Energy Tips for Winter that Won’t Mean That You’ll Have to Compromise on Quality

Winter isn’t just tough on the skin, it can also be pretty tough on your wallet too! As the weather turns increasingly colder, it starts to take a lot more energy to heat up the home and stay comfortable. If you’re worried about the cost of staying comfortable this winter, here you’ll discover some great renewable energy tips which could help significantly. Seal up any air leaks One of the first things you’ll want to do is inspect the home for any air leaks. It’s all well and good turning the heating up to full, but if the heat keeps… [Read More]

Tiles In The Family Home

We know a family home has very specific needs, which makes it all the more difficult when trying to decorate! With walls and floors especially, you need to find something not only durable, safe and easy to clean, but also good value for money. So what do you do? Tiles are an excellent option that tick all of these boxes, which is why we have invited Tile Monkey to give you some handy tips on choosing the right tiles for a family home. Value Children can be expensive, so getting value for money may be at the forefront of your… [Read More]

Vinyl Vs Laminate

Whether you have recently bought a house or have decided that it’s time for a bit of a makeover, your flooring is an important factor.  You need to be sure that what you choose is going to last, but the obvious choices may be a little out of your price range, don’t despair! There are some pretty good alternatives available. Allow us to introduce you to Vinyl and Laminate Flooring. Whilst we love these two, we understand that you may prefer one over the other we’ve compared them both to help you reach a decision on what’s best for you!… [Read More]

7 Unique Disasters Covered by Many Renters’ Insurance Policies

Most renters’ insurance policies cover common occurrences such as fire, theft, and water damage. Most also provide liability coverage, which means if someone injures himself or herself while in your apartment, your insurance may protect you from his or her damages. Never assume the property owner’s insurance covers the inside of your premises. It doesn’t. You must protect yourself and your belongings. Alongside the three instances above, some policies also cover these seven unique disasters. 1. Aircraft or Other Vehicular Damage Many never think about an aircraft crashing into their residence until it actually happens. Here’s hoping it never happens… [Read More]

Laundry OMG! It Never Ends

In our home the most used appliance is without question the washing machine. My wife and I use it at least once a day, sometimes even twice a day or more! Why do we have a never ending amount of clothes to wash? Well, let me explain. The laundry basket most likely only empties once a year if you’re lucky. The reason is is because we have a full house of children which includes five year old twins who think it’s fine to change clothes four or five times a day! Of course the clothes that they do take off… [Read More]