My Sunday Photo ( Rock Painting)

The summer holidays are over and as usual it’s had it’s different fads. We had the fidget spinner, but if I’m honest the girls bored of this very quickly. About half way through the holidays a craze started in our neighbourhood, as I’m sure it did in many other neighbourhoods up and down the country. People started to paint rocks and then hide them around the neighbourhood. The idea was really simple. If you find one, you re-hide it somewhere else, but also take a photo and post it to a Facebook group. There were some very elaborate designs that… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo: Summer Is Ending

On Friday we had our final day trip to the seaside this summer. We went to our local beach, where it was a beautiful sunny day. There is no better way to spend a day, than building sandcastles with your children at the seaside. My five year old twins love the beach and it’s a shame that it will most likely be months before we are playing on the sand at the beach again. Autumn/ winter is coming and it will be upon us, before we know it. Roll on next summer for those these fab times, to return, where… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo

Yesterday we visited a National Trust site near to where we live called Dyffryn Gardens. It’s a fantastic house set in the most beautiful gardens. My twin girls got to play croquet and had a great time wandering around the gardens. Discovering many things including a very large pumpkin patch. We went around the house and in one particular room, they were able to dress up as soldiers, which they loved doing. I love this photo, because I think they are so cute! I think I may be a bit bias. Haha! I guess we are now all enlisted to… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo

One of favourite films of all time is Gorillas In The Mist. A truly awe inspiring movie with an outstanding performance from Sigourney Weaver. Another moment of pure magic was Sir David Attenborough sitting with gorillas in the rainforest, a fantastic piece of television. Like a lot of people, I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. So my contribution to these amazing moments is when I got to sit on King Kong's hand. Ok, I know it's not quite the same, but it felt like it was to me!

My Sunday Photo

My photo this Sunday is my wife and our five year old twin girls. After my wife having to work four late shifts, and missing out on the girls bedtime. Friday was a special day as my wife and girls went to a local farm for the day and this photo for me shows how much the girls missed their mummy as much as mummy missed the girls. The love just shines from the photo, a wonderful moment.

My Sunday Photo

We have just spent a week at the Bluestone Wales resort in West Wales. The weather could of been a bit better, but as usual it was a normal British summer rain and more rain. On the one sunny day though we went to a local farm/zoo called Folly Farm. It was only about a 10 minute drive. The zoo is quite big and they have a pair rhino's there and I captured this shot of one of rhino's standing there in all its magnificent.

My Sunday Photo (Aladdin)

Yesterday we went on our annual visit to the open air Everyman theatre in Cardiff. This was our third year in a row. This year it was Aladdin and the standard as previous years was top class. The girls sat and applauded all the way though and loved every minute. In fact my wife and myself loved it too! When we were leaving I couldn't resist a photo with the cast to have a nice memento from this years show. I'm really looking forward to going back next year.

My Sunday Photo  (At The Park) #playmoremonth 

My Sunday photo this week is how much and how quickly my five year old twins have grown. It appears I’m no longer required at the swings as the girls are now pushing each other. They have made me redundant, OMG! They are only five. It’s frightening how quickly time moves. It really doesn’t seem like yesterday that I was pushing them, and my arms nearly falling off after 20 minutes. Every cloud has a silver lining, haha! Although they look super cool in their shades. This week I was honoured to be featured on the awesome Daddilife blog with… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

My Sunday photo this week is our day trip to the seaside, with my five year old twin girls R and M. We arrived early and stayed all day and had just the most perfect day. What I love about this photo is the way M is kicking her leg up, so cute always posing haha! Also it was a strange experience because I stood on this beach at the same age as the girls and we are back there again. Lovely memories to recollect and making new memories for my five year old twins R and M. Full blog… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

My Sunday photo this week is from last Thursday, when I attended the blogosphere blog awards as a shortlisted finalist in parenting blog category, I didn’t win which I was a little bit disappointed about, but I was very proud to be part of the event. I was lucky enough to meet-up with two fantastic Dad bloggers John Adams (dadbloguk) and Tom Cox (The Unlikely Dad), it was great to have a couple of friends to share the evening with. We got this photo as the evening came to a close.