Parents Evening/Half Term

Last week we had parents evening, and as always I find it a little bit uncomfortable sitting down in front of a teacher, or in our case, two teachers (more about that later in the post). In a strange way it’s a bit like being back in school yourself. Sitting in front of a teacher reminds me of the days when I was in school. Not speaking until you’re spoken to etc. I suppose we never lose the respect that we had for our teachers. Very strange feeling. The most important thing to come out of parents evening was that… [Read More]

Advising Your Children In Their Teens: Don’t Do It

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am a father of five children, two of them have left their teenage years oh yes! Thank god for that, one is still a teenager, please oh ! Please let the next two years go quickly, haha! And of course I have five year old twin girls, another eight years before we hit those magical but difficult and moody years. I just can’t wait, I’m so excited at the thought of two children becoming teenagers at the same time. Not. I have often read posts where people write about advice they… [Read More]

Sharing Your Children’s Lives Online

This is an interesting topic for me mainly because I have an advantage over a lot of parent bloggers. Most parent bloggers in general are sharing the lives of younger children, and in truth those children have little or no say as to what is published on their parents blog about themselves. There is a possibility that all that sharing could come back to bite them on the bum as the children grow up. Then again, the children could grow up enjoying being the star of mummy or daddy’s blog. If you are a parent blogger, the only way in… [Read More]

When Should We Expect Children To Become Responsible For Their Actions

Today’s children and young adults are increasingly not taking responsibility for their actions. You see this so often on TV, social media and in general life. My question is who’s fault is this? For not wanting to cause outrage, it’s us as parents. Many parents teach their children right from wrong from a very early and if they do something wrong they must face up to the fact that they need to take full responsibility. I know I have always tried to do that. Unfortunately many parents today just won’t accept that their children can do any wrong. This is… [Read More]

Am I Really On My Smart Phone All The Time? Most Likely

Is the smart phone the best or the worst invention the 21st century has ever seen? Is it contributing to society becoming anti- social? Are we turning into a society that has little or no need to speak to our fellow human beings in real life? Are our children being influenced that they will not need to speak to people in the street or at school because they will be able to say everything they need to via social media? For me these are dilemmas that as parents we will have to face up to and ultimately answer. By the… [Read More]

A Plan Of Action When The Kids Fly The Nest

Being a parent to young kids comes with loads of different benefits, and most people will try to enjoy their time in this position as much as they can before it is over. As your child grows, the input you have in their life will lower and lower, slowly reaching the point where they don’t need your help in normal life, anymore. When this time comes, you will find yourself with a lot more free time. Going from being a full-time mom or dad to an eerie silence, it can often be hard to adjust to a life at home… [Read More]

My Top 7 Parenting Joys: Not!

When that magical moment of becoming a parent for the first time happens, the joy of your very first child taking their first breath and entering your world, nothing but happiness, and love fill your heart. You are in awe of this little human being that you have created with your life partner. You will never want for anything in life ever again. Your child will be the centre of your world forever, every movement you make will centre around your child. The sky will be full of rainbows and the sun will shine all day long. Life will be… [Read More]

My Heart/Health Scare

This week has been interesting to say the least. I woke up last Saturday or Sunday with a pain in my chest around the heart area, but being me, I ignored it and thought well it will go away I’m sure. Four days later the pain was not going away. In fact, if anything it seemed to be getting worst. I’m not the sort of person that rushes to the doctors, but this was beginning to worry me a little bit so I rang the GP for an emergency appointment on Wednesday. After a short consultation, the GP suggested I… [Read More]