The School Playground And Me

A little while after my five year old twin girls started school I wrote a post called the a lone dad on the mum playground. There is no doubt at that time that I felt quite isolated on the school playground. I’m happy to say that I don’t feel like that anymore, although at times, I don’t always feel part of the crowd, not that that’s vitally important to me, but it is nice to have some conversation with other parents and for me that includes a conversation with other mum’s and dads. I also feel that it is a great… [Read More]

Tomboy: Its Actually An Offensive Word If You Are Girl 

I recently read a post by my very good friend  Alan who blogs at OMG It’s A Girl called ‘Don’t call me tomboy’. It’s a truly brilliant post about his little girl. What I particularly like about the post is the history behind the word ‘tomboy’ and that it actually dated back to the 16th century, which as Alan said is where it belongs, completly right as well. Another blogger that I admire and have the utmost respect for is Simon who blogs at Man vs Pink. Simon has always written extensively about the gender stereotyping that is so prevalent towards our… [Read More]

My Son Is Going To University: The End Of An Era 

My son is going to university in September and just the other day I had a bittersweet thought. When my son was four years old his mother and I separated and divorced fairly soon after that. From that marriage I had three children and thankfully I had a pretty good arrangement with their mother over joint custody and access. All three of them would stay with me every weekend and also every Monday after school they would come to mine for tea. Also if for some reason they didn’t stay at the weekend I would always see them on a Saturday. As… [Read More]

A New Language: Children’s Language 

When you make that massive decision to have children there are a number of things you probably didn’t plan upon changing. One such thing is you start to re-write the English language! Everything prior to children that you thought was what you called things is re-named for children. Omg! This actually makes me laugh on a regular basis as I talk to my five year old twins that I begin to think it’s normal and I say it so naturally it frightens me, haha! So here is a list of things that have been re-named in our home in the… [Read More]

Relationships (Don’t Change Me) Learn To Compromise 

Relationship’s are a minefield. They can be full of mis-trust, paranoia, arguments or least that’s what we read about most of the time. Forming a relationship to me is a strange process because we meet somebody and we must be before anything else, physically attractive to each other. It’s that split second that your head explodes, your stomach does somersaults and you think, wow, and you have a very disturbing looking permanent smile that you can’t remove from your face! Yes! You have found someone! Now you have to talk and not make a complete fool of yourself and start… [Read More]

Watching My Mum Get Old. It’s Heartbreaking! 

This year my mum wil be 89 years old, and over the last few years her health and well being has taken a dramatic turn for the worst. It’s been a very difficult situation for me to watch as her quality of life is far from good.  About two years ago I wrote how my mum made me sad one day. My mum said to me that she thought she should go in a home. This was really unpleasant to hear, but I also understood where she was coming from. She is lonely and her main source of company is… [Read More]

Our 2K Family Fun Run 

About four weeks ago, my wife asked me if I was interested in doing a 2K family fun run with our five year old twin girls. Over the last few years my wife has started running a few times a week, and has recently completed a 5K and 10K run. I have to admit I am so proud of her and a little bit in awe of her. It takes a lot dedication and determination. Thankfully my wife is the sort of person who has that in abundance. So when she asked me I very casually said yes that will… [Read More]

Spring is here! Time to Get Birdwatching!

Now that winter is well and truly behind us, it means that those of us who love nature can get back outdoors. Whether that’s sitting in the garden and watching the local wildlife, going on bug hunts with the kids or sowing some seeds to grow your own vegetables.  For us, we enjoy bird watching. As a dad of five children, I’ve tried to encourage all of my children to spend time outdoors and to enjoy it. My older three children enjoy playing football, whereas my five year old twins love to dig in the dirt, sow seeds and watch… [Read More]

Fun Family Activities for Easter 2017

With Mother’s Day recently behind us, we now turn our focus to the next upcoming family holiday that is Easter! With spring in full swing, it is easy to get excited for Easter and all of the colours, candy and chocolate treats it brings. Easter is one of the most versatile holidays for children, as there are so many creative and fun activities based around that weekend. Here are some of my family’s favourite activities that we would like to share:  Appetisers & Pictionary  On busy weekends such as this one, after preparing an Easter Sunday meal, the thought of… [Read More]

6 Things Every New Parent Should Learn

Bringing a child into the world is a wondrous occasion – but that doesn’t mean it’s totally stress-free. New lessons are learned everyday as a parent, with some proving to be crucial to the development of your little one. Today, let’s take a look at six things every new parent should learn.  1. Sleep will be less peaceful Sleeping is, for a lot of people anyway, one of the most sacrosanct parts of life. Disturb a dozer at your peril. However, if you’ve just brought a new-born into the world, prepare for at least a few months without a… [Read More]