My Wife is My Slave!

My wife is without question my slave. She is there to fulfil all my needs, look after me and my children, and never question me on anything. I am after all the bread winner. Without my money we could not live, it’s really as simple as that. So here is a list of what I expect as a husband and what I expect my wife to do… 1. I expect my tea ready on the table when I get in from work and no excuses if it is not. 2. My wife has to do everything for our children and… [Read More]

My Wife Makes Me Giggle With Her Obsessions 

My wife has an obsessive streak that I  find hard to occasionally not giggle at, but in a very nice way. I wrote a post a long time back called my wife’s obsession with sewing, knitting and baking. It’s still one of my best ever read posts. Over recent years since our twin girls were born she has for a better word gets a moment where she starts a hobby and throws herself completely into it. Some examples of the past few years are 1. Sewing. This became very big thing and she started downloading patterns for toys to make for… [Read More]

5 good habits to get into in a new relationship

Starting a relationship can be exciting and you may have high hopes for the future with your new partner. But while you might not be able to keep the smile off your face right now, how do you know things will work out with your other half in the long term? The short answer is you don’t. However, there are things you can do to maximise your chances of staying together and staying strong as a couple. Here are five good habits to get into while you’re still in the honeymoon phase.  1. Be open and honest about sex Sex… [Read More]