J D Bug Scooter 4 Review

My five year old twin girls love scooting and when I was approached by Halfords to review a JD Bug scooter it was perfect timing! Our twins are ready to step up to the next level, which is a scooter with two wheels, unlike the ones they have been using at the moment which have three wheels. The JD bug scooter is perfectly designed for young riders and also comes in two very eye catching colours, blue or pink. Here are some key features of the JD Bug Scooter: Perfect for young riders 2 eye-popping colours Easily folds away for… [Read More]

Gerber: Centre-Drive Multi-Tool Review #ad

I’m a painter and decorator, and also do many handyman jobs, so I am always on the lookout for new tools which quite honestly, does it all, and that will make my job easier. So when Gerber asked me if I would like to review the new Centre-Drive multi -tool, I thought yes, I would love to put it to the test! My initial thoughts when I held the Centre-Drive, was wow! This is an awesome bit of kit. It is total quality and I was hoping that when I started to use that it would live up to my… [Read More]

Follow The Bear: Hofmeister Lager Is Back With A Giveaway 

If you are as old as me, you will remember the 80’s with affection. For me it was easily the era of music, although I’m quite happy to see my favourites stay in the 80’s. Comebacks are never quite the same as when they were top of the charts the first time around. For all of that guess who has made a comeback. It’s Hofmeister larger, easily one of the top lagers of that decade. When Hofmeister was originally launched it was brewed by Heineken and they then stopped brewing it in 2003. However, 13 years later it’s been brought… [Read More]

Santa Safari:Our Family Christmas Trip to West Midland Safari Park 

One of our favourite places to visit for a day trip as a family is without a doubt, West Midland Safari Park. So when I was asked to bring the family along to experience their Santa Safari, it was an immediate, “Yes, I would love to!” When you have five year old twin girls who completely and totally believe in Santa it’s quite simply magical. They also love animals so to be able to drive through the Safari first and see all the awesome animals before going on to meet Santa. Well, it’s a recipe for a perfect day. We live… [Read More]


My five year old twin girls absolutely love Shopkins. They have been a firm favourite with them ever since they discovered them about a year ago. So when we were approached to do an unboxing of two brand new Shopkins, Crispy and Crumbly, we couldn’t wait. Watch the video here: How cute are they?! On October 19th Shopkins fans all across the UK will be watching SHOPKINS WORLD VACATION together and you can get your copy right here  for just £9.99. It can either be downloaded or you can buy a copy. You can then sit down in the comfort of… [Read More]

Fisher Price Shimmer And Shine Magic Carpet Ride Review

When you have five year old twin girls it’s always great to team up with toy companies. We recently teamed up with Fisher Price and I were sent this Shimmer and Shine magic carpet ride toy to review. Our girls love Shimmer and Shine. When they watch them on TV, they end up singing along and dancing around our front room! The Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Ride toy will light up your little ones imaginations. They can join Shimmer and Shine on a magical journey and adventure as they use make up games and fly the carpet around the room and… [Read More]

Nikko Elite Drone Review

I love technology of any sort, but something I have recently become very interested in is drones. They really are great fun, and I’m only just starting to learn all about them. When Nikko Air asked me to review their Air Elite 115 DRL Race Set Drone, I couldn’t wait! As I’ve said I’m very much a beginner and this particular drone is perfect for beginners. Nikko Air have teamed up with DRL (drone racing league). What they’ve managed to produce is a drone that is perfect for novices like me to learn the basics and fundamentals of drone flying,… [Read More]

Fisher-Price Shimmer & Shine Teenie Genies Floating Palace Playset Review

Being the child of a blogger is pretty awesome at times. Especially when you’re a big fan of Shimmer & Shine, and your blogging dad gets sent this super cool Shimmer & Shine Teenie Genies Floating Palace Playset for you to test out! Yes, being five years old is amazing at times! Available online for just £29.99 this Shimmer & Shine Playset comes with Shimmer & Shine Teenie Genies, as well as two beds, a table, bath and chair. Aimed at children 3 years and over. (Price correct at time of publication RRP £32.99) When you put one of the… [Read More]

ROXI: Electric Jukebox Review And Giveaway #ad

I love new technology and in particular I love music so when The Electric Jukebox offered me the chance to review their new radical home entertainment hub, ROXI, I jumped at the chance. As they say music at home should be for sharing not headphone wearing. As regular readers of my blog will know I have five children. Two of them are five year old twin girls and they love singing and dancing. They’re forever singing along to the radio or a film they may be watching. ROXI is perfect for exactly this. It’s the first dedicated, all in one entertainment… [Read More]

Our #familygoodtimes Visit to McDonald’s With The Characters #ad

We are a family that love to create memories that will live forever, especially for our children. We’re always looking for something new and different for us to enjoy as a family. So, recently, when I was approached by McDonald’s to join in with their new #familygoodtimes campaign, I couldn’t wait to create some more special family moments. My five year old twins love a trip to McDonald’s, but then who doesn’t? I know I do too! Well now is the time to go because McDonald’s have a very special event happening at selected restaurants throughout the UK. They’re having… [Read More]