Mobile Phones Tablets Laptops And Our Children

I was recently away on a short break in West Wales with my family and what with it being summer there were many families there on their summer holiday. What I noticed was I think quite alarming for our children. This of course may not be a problem for a lot of parents, but I was genuinely shocked at the age of children that were on mobile phones. Some children seemed to be as young as seven or eight years old. There they were tapping away on goodness knows what. I actually caught sight of what I think was a… [Read More]

Tech Gadgets The Whole Family Will Love

As your kids get older, they become a little more demanding in terms of technology. They are part of a generation that was brought up on tech and it is usual for parents to turn to teen kids to help them work out how to use a new gadget. The plus side is that they can start to help around the house and some tech gadgets can encourage them to do so!If you can find tech devices that the whole family can enjoy then you are on to a winner! However, it is also true that being a parent costs… [Read More]

The Age Of Information And Technology 

We live in a world of information that is a finger click of a button away. Technology has truly made our lives easier and when we want to access anything it’s with us in a split second. As time moves on it’s harder and harder to remember what it was like to live without the internet, but I’m old enough to remember. I remember the days of good old fashioned paperwork and calculators. I always remember doing the accounts at a company I worked for years ago. It was a completely manual job, writing all the figures in a ledger… [Read More]

Smart Phones, Teenagers and Running 

When I was growing up the one pressures of being a teenager that I am very thankful I didn’t have to deal with, unlike my teenage children who have the added pressure of not only growing up and all that that entails, but they also have to keep up with their friends and have the latest smart phone. I clearly remember the first mobile phones that were large and basically resembled a house brick. Of course time and technology has moved on, and there is no doubt that my whole life is on my iPhone, whether I am emailing, texting… [Read More]