My Twin Girls They Are So Different 

I have written many times how different my five year old twins are, but the older they get it’s becoming more obvious how different in character and personality they are. This has become more apparent to me in the last nine months or so. Personally I don’t think it’s a bad thing, because although being twins is something they will be all their lives, they also need to be individuals with their own sets of friends and goals in life. Here are some examples of how different they can be. 1. School  This is one of the most obvious differences… [Read More]

OK! Let’s Move On From CBeebies Your 5 Years Old

For five very long years CBeebies is permanently on in our home during the waking hours of our wonderful five year old twin girls. When oh when will this end, please tell me it will be soon I can’t take any more of the Twirlywoos, Bing and Postman Pat. No, wait I actually look forward to Postman Pat at 7.30am, it starts my day off just perfectly, I can go off to work in the knowledge that Pat saved the day again. Of course this is what all the posties in the world do everyday. The world would be a… [Read More]

School Photos Parents Evening Year 1 (My Twins)

We are coming to the end of the first half of the first term of year 1 for my five year old twin girls. Oh how they are changing! At times I completely fail to understand what they are talking about! On Monday just gone the girls had their school photographs taken. The conversation I had was interesting to say the least. It reminded me that the girls are only five years old and sometimes are very limited with their explanations about their day at school. So I asked how did school go today and did you have your school… [Read More]

Scaries And Fairies Disco: My Sunday Photo

My five year old twin girls are now in Year 1 in school, and the annual Scaries and Fairies disco for Halloween was on Friday just gone at their School. We have been the previous two years and I remember vividly the first year when the girls were in nursery that they lasted about 15 minutes before crying and getting upset at all the scary costumes and decorations and we ended up leaving. Last year there was definitely an improvement and we managed to stay for the entire disco, and the girls got involved in dancing and the competitions, but… [Read More]

Demanding Your Time That’s What Five Year Olds Do!

So what’s a five year olds job in life? Demanding your time of course, and I get it in stereo with twins! There is not a day that passes, in fact a minute that passes, in which I don’t hear mum or dad being called out along with them asking if they can I have this or do that. It’s constant! If it wasn’t so constant and demanding it would be funny, because it’s not funny. I have often wondered what makes children of a certain age so demanding of your time? Surely there comes a time where they just… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo

My five year old twins spent a number of days making masks from balloons and newspaper, with their mum. This is the finished product and it’s very scary or least I think so Haha! Actually I think they still look very cute although they could be extras in a horror movie. In this world of overdone technology it’s really nice to see kids do crafts, and get so much satisfaction of making something completely by themselves. Sometimes the old pastimes are so easily forgotten, with our online world.

My Five Year Old Twins: Oh! The Arguments 

In the last month or so I have noticed a change in my five year old twins, which at times is wonderful, beautiful and fills me with so much pride that they are my daughters. Then there are times where I could happily sell them on eBay! I’m only joking, haha! Or am I? You would think I would know what to expect especially as I am a father of five children and I have seen all the different stages of growing up, but the thing is you forget my other children are now in their late teens and beyond,… [Read More]

Our Five Year Old Twins: Our Mini Me’s 

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have five children and of those children I have five year old twins. Watching twins is without question fascinating and at times bewildering,. It’s almost as if they have their own world and then they join our world. There is one thing that has really become quite noticeable, I’m not really sure why it’s happened, but it has. R has definitely become her mummy’s mini me. Whenever mum turns around, R is right by her side. If my wife sits down, R sits right next to her. I often joke with… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo

My Sunday photo today is my five year old twin girls on a ride yesterday, at our local village festival. It was a beautiful sunny day and I thought my five year old twins looked super cool on the teacup ride, not quite the same as Disneyland Paris, but loads of fun was had all the same. 

My Twin Girls Are Apparently Getting Married OMG! They Are Five 

So last Saturday morning about 6.30am I was having a cuddle with my five year old twin girls in our bed. I would like to say that this was unusual that the girls were in our bed, but no it happens every night and come morning time there is always four of us in our bed! So while my wife was snoring like the 8.39am express steam train into Paddington, I was chatting to the girls about school and life in general. Now they are five years old and I find they’re changing so much and it’s really amusing to… [Read More]