Family Summer Holidays This Year 

There is a huge chance that I may sound ungrateful about the holidays that I will be going on this year, but I work hard and earn good money and I have a definite idea of what is my ideal holiday.

I would always consider my ideal holiday to be an all inclusive sun holiday, usually on one of the Balearic Islands in Spain. I love the fact that all your food is ready and cooked for you and you then have a few hours to decide what time you want to eat, for me to be waited on and not have to do anything is exactly what I want.

I love the swimming pool and all the facilities available and I haven’t got to worry about putting my hand in pocket every time I want something. The staff see my band on my wrist and that’s enough. The beach is a few minutes walk away which is perfect especially as our five year old twins love the beach, nothing can beat playing sandcastles, even at my age haha! Entertainment for children and parents every night is all I could wish for. My ideal holiday.
This year however, that is not going to happen. Well, my wife is a self obsessed disney massive fan, and I knew as soon as the girls were old enough to remember we would be off to Disneyland Paris.

I didn’t grow up a particularly big Disney fan. No reason why, I just wasn’t a fan of Disney characters like Mickey Mouse etc. So it’s a little bit difficult to get excited going to Disneyland Paris. We are staying at the Disneyland hotel which I must admit looks awesome. How I am going to cope with meals with the characters, that’s another story! It is an all inclusive holiday although at a much higher price than a typical sun holiday.

My wife is slowly climbing the walls with excitement and I am really not joking! She’s buying Disney clothes to wear when we are there. So far I have not given in to Disney bounding which is where you dress similar to the characters, but will I eventually? Probably, I tend to give in in the end!

So, we are going in June and of course the chances are I will love it, but at the moment it’s difficult to be too excited. Time will tell if Disneyland Paris is for me.

We are also going on holiday in July as well and this is more to please my mum if I’m honest. She is elderly and not very mobile so we have booked a lodge for a week at Bluestone Wales. My 18 year old son is coming before he leaves for university in September.

The truth is I would probably not go on holiday in the UK in the summer mainly because there is no certainty of good weather. It is also self catering which is something I really don’t enjoy either.

We have been to Bluestone Wales on two occasions before so this won’t really feel very new, but as I said my mum is getting elderly and there will probably not be many more opportunities to enjoy a holiday with her.

My mum doesn’t have the best quality of life so booking this holiday has definitely lifted her spirits and given her something to look forward to. Also it will give me probably a final opportunity to spend time with my son as I imagine he won’t be coming again on holidays with us.

I know I am very lucky to have two holidays in the summer and I’m not ungrateful because both places are fabulous destinations, especially Disney. Especially as I know there are many people who can’t afford one holiday.

It’s just that these are not the holidays that I would have picked. Then again, I may come back from Disney brainwashed and want to dress up everyday as a new character haha!

Would love to know your thoughts. What is your ideal holiday destination?

2 thoughts on “Family Summer Holidays This Year 

  1. Difficult to say what my ideal holiday destination would be. I haven’t seen enough of Australia yet so I’m going to say Aus. or maybe new Zealand.

    Enjoy Disneyland Paris. I used to be a travel journalist and that was the very first destination I was sent in that role. I was able to take a friend and being in my 20s at the time, we misbehaved. A lot! I’ll tell you about it another time!

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