Four House Renovations You Should Consider If You’ve Got Kids

Let’s face it, having kids changes pretty much everything about your life – you can’t go off on weekend breaks on a whim, your wardrobe becomes a whole lot more relaxed and casual and devoid of high heels, and your house becomes full of brightly coloured plastic instead of the chic chrome and black look that you’d always envisaged. If you think your home needs some changes to fit in with your new child friendly life, here are a few tips that might make it an easier place to live in…

A New Kitchen.

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For many families, the kitchen is the hub of the home – you have breakfast in there in the mornings, you eat dinner in there together at night, and if you’re lucky then you’ll also get to teach your kids to cook in there. The number one thing to focus on if you want to renovate your kitchen is a feeling of space in there – you’ll probably want to install a big table so that you can eat together and so that your kids have a place to do homework where you can help them out and make dinner at the same time. Go for easy to wipe surfaces with plenty of counter top space so that you have plenty of room to make dinner for the inevitable football team’s worth of friends that your son will end up inviting over one day.

A New Bathroom.

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Let’s face it: sharing a bathroom with your kids is sometimes not the best feeling in the world. From toddlers covering the entire floor with water until it feels as though you should be navigating the room with water wings on to teenagers spending hours and hours in the shower every morning, it’s a great idea for all parents to invest in their own bathrooms. Go for twin sinks so that you and your partner can brush your teeth at the same time without fighting over counter space, and make sure that your kids know it’s a child-free zone!

An Extension.

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There’s very little that’s better than a house extension to both raise the value of your house and also let you exhale in relief as you finally get a little more space. Whether your kids finally get their own room or you can move their toys out of the den and into their own playroom downstairs, an extension will be absolutely invaluable to all of your family. If you’re not sure where to begin, talk to a company like Lifestyle Builders who will help you figure out what exactly you could do.

Double Glazing.

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One of the easiest ways to make sure that your house stays cosy all year long is to install double glazing. If you have small children, particularly babies, it’s easy to worry a lot about pretty much everything to do with them – are they warm enough, is there a draft, is the house easy to break into – and double glazing will help to assuage pretty much all your worries by making your home both more secure and more temperate.

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