My Sunday Photo  (At The Park) #playmoremonth 

My Sunday photo this week is how much and how quickly my five year old twins have grown. It appears I’m no longer required at the swings as the girls are now pushing each other. They have made me redundant, OMG! They are only five.

It’s frightening how quickly time moves. It really doesn’t seem like yesterday that I was pushing them, and my arms nearly falling off after 20 minutes. Every cloud has a silver lining, haha! Although they look super cool in their shades.

This week I was honoured to be featured on the awesome Daddilife blog with their campaign of #playmoremonth which is all about getting our kids outdoors more. You can read my post here.

6 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo  (At The Park) #playmoremonth 

  1. Yet used to it, it only gets worse! Seriously they’ll need you for years to come, even when they think they don’t. It’d just what they need keeps changing as they grow. Enjoy every stage. They look great fun kids.

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