Raising Daughters And Sons: Do We Approach It Differently 

I have often wondered, because I have four daughters and one son, if I have raised them differently? Am I easier on my daughters or am I tougher on my son?

I do think I have I raised my older children which is two daughters and a son in exactly the same way. Which is to work hard at school, to achieve the best results possible, and have the ambition to achieve as much as possible. Don’t allow anything to stop you wanting to be what you want to be.

Society has a habit still in the 21st century, to still see women as not career minded but there to keep the home fires burning. This is in my opinion going to take many years to overcome, possibly even generations, because the generations are passing this along to the next generation.

I believe I have worried the same about my daughters and my son because no matter what their gender the risks and dangers of life are exactly the same, whether this be drugs, sex or getting themselves in dangerous situations. I don’t believe just because you are male that those dangers are not real. They apply to both genders in equal measure.

I truly believe I have raised all of my children the same I believe I have instilled in them to not fear anything to be driven to succeed at their chosen careers. To respect both genders of whatever age, to always respect people’s choices in life. Most importantly to always be aware of dangerous situations. They could end up getting hurt or worse.

We mustn’t I believe wrap girls in cotton wool, because life can be tough and dangerous and they need to be aware of that, but I also want my daughters to achieve all they want. As I want my son too as well. The inequality women face today in this world I believe means we must raise our daughters in particular to be strong and independent and then hopefully this generation will finally give women equal rights in everything.

Do you raise your daughters and sons the same? I would love to know.

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