That’s It: My Five Year Old Twins 1st Year Of School Is Finished 

A school year goes by very quickly, and the changes in my five year old twin girls has been incredible. Sadly they have grown up so much. Of course nobody can stop time. It flows by in a constant way. Just as they are getting older of course I am as well. The year started out with an element of tears and plenty of, “I don’t want to go school” comments on an almost daily basis. The reality had hit home that they have to stay there all day very quickly. The girls settled very quickly for all of that… [Read More]

Fathers/Mothers: Who bonds Easiest With New Baby? 

I have often wondered if mothers have a huge advantage when it comes to bonding with a new baby. In my own experience I believe they have a massive advantage because a mothers bonding with a baby starts when they see that positive pregnancy test. Whereas for a dad, yes, I was excited at seeing the positive pregnancy and thinking, ‘wow, I’m going to be a dad’, but in my case the excitement was very shortlived, because obviously I’m not pregnant, my body is not changing and that’s where mothers have that advantage. They know that a small little person… [Read More]

Set Up Your Bedroom For The Best Night’s Sleep You Ever Had

Can you remember that feeling you used to have as a kid when you woke up completely refreshed and ready to start the day? That may seem like a very long time ago! Sadly, as an adult, you may suffer from problems with sleeping. You may have trouble dropping off in the first place or you may wake up in the night and be unable to get back to sleep. Sleep problems can affect your ability to hold down a job and can damage your relationships with your friends and family. If you are not getting the sleep that you… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 117 

This week our brilliant dad feature is Dan. He is 29 years old and lives in Kent UK. He is married to Poppy and a father to two children, Taormina who is two years old and Wolfie who is six months old . He says they love animals, travelling and are a vegan family. He blogs at Dans the Word which is a blog on a father’s perspective of life and parenting. Dan and his wife also post a weekly family vlogs on family adventures. Thank you very much to Dan for taking part. 1. Have you always wanted to… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo

My Sunday photo today is my five year old twin girls on a ride yesterday, at our local village festival. It was a beautiful sunny day and I thought my five year old twins looked super cool on the teacup ride, not quite the same as Disneyland Paris, but loads of fun was had all the same. 

It’s My Mum’s Birthday Today 

My mum will be 89 years old today. Quite an achievement to say the least. A very long life that I would have to say has been interesting and lively, but most importantly she has lived life to the full. At 89 years of age she is in reasonable health, although sadly house bound nowadays. Other than that she has memory lapses which are associated with old age, wait are they? I get them too! OMG ! I must be getting old too, haha! Today we will be taking her out to lunch, to celebrate her birthday. I have been… [Read More]

Dealing With Brands And PR’S My Experiences 

I have been blogging three years this October, and over the last 18 months my blog has gradually been approached by brands and PR’s, to the point today where now not a day goes by without me being approached to collaborate on a campaign, review or something else. This is of course down to hard work and dedication on my part to hopefully make my blog as successful as possible. I’m not being big headed about it, please don’t think that. The truth is it is hard work, but also incredibly worthwhile. When I started to have approaches from brands… [Read More]

Scooting: If You Can’t Beat Them Join them 

When I was younger I loved to skateboard. I used to think I was the next Tony Hawk. Sadly that was very misguided, but then I became a father and a lot of those things you do in your youth get put away for another day. I’m a father of five children as regular readers of my blog will know, and I have five year old twin girls and my twins love to go to their local park, which is about a ten minute walk. Walking, well that’s not much fun! My twins love to scoot there and I always… [Read More]

My First Ever Awards Night (Blogosphere 2017)

I recently wrote a post about how it’s been a crazy six weeks on the blog, and part of that was being shortlisted Parent Blogger of the year 2017 with Blogosphere magazine. Last Thursday I attended the blogosphere blog awards 2017 in London. I will start out by saying that I didn’t win, but the winner was a well deserved winner as anybody would have been from the shortlist. It’s a difficult decision sometimes whether you attend these kind of ceremonies because it’s a bit of a catch 22. If you didn’t go and you actually won, you would have been… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

My Sunday photo this week is from last Thursday, when I attended the blogosphere blog awards as a shortlisted finalist in parenting blog category, I didn’t win which I was a little bit disappointed about, but I was very proud to be part of the event. I was lucky enough to meet-up with two fantastic Dad bloggers John Adams (dadbloguk) and Tom Cox (The Unlikely Dad), it was great to have a couple of friends to share the evening with. We got this photo as the evening came to a close.