4 Ways to Get Cash from Your Junk Car

Do you have plenty of money set aside for an emergency? Are you happy with your financial situation? Regardless of where they are financially, the vast majority of people would agree that they’re always happy to put aside a bit of extra money. Of course, there are times when we need extra cash on right away. You might be ready to go on vacation, or you may have just experienced a financial emergency. Regardless of the situation, you need cash, fast. Are you the (not so proud) owner of a junk car? If so, we’ve got some great news for… [Read More]

MOT Month Might Not Be So Bad After All

Any car owner dreads the annual MOT. We all know that it’s necessary to keep us safe and ensure our vehicles are road worthy. But, oh, how you could do without the yearly stress of it. Each time your MOT is coming up, you start hoarding all the pennies you can, sure that it’s going to cost you this year. With the risk of exploration at hand, you begin to spot danger signs you didn’t even know your vehicle was showing. It’s going to be a write-off, you just know it. How are you ever going to afford a new… [Read More]

7 Excellent Ways To Customise Your Car

There are several reasons why you might want to customise your car. You might want it to look unique or distinct. You might want to make a specific statement. You might just want it to be a nicer car to drive. Or you might want to buy something as a gift for someone so that they can customize their car. Either way, here are some ways that you can customize a car. Image source Pexels Stickers Stickers are a cheap and easy way to customize your car. You can get specific window sticks of many different designs. If you follow a… [Read More]

Safer, Happier Roads: How To Be A More Considerate Driver

Here’s a state for you: 90% of drivers think they’re better than the average driver. What that tells us isn’t that the world is full of great drivers; it tells us that people have mastered the art of self-deception! While the world is beset with many problems, we can still try and tackle the issues that we can solve. And one of this is: making the roads a safer and happier place for all! Below, we take a look at how you can be a more considerate driver. Source: Pexels.com Learn to Drive Properly No one is a perfect driver,… [Read More]

How Having Kids Impacts Your Relationship With Your Car

When you’re a young independent guy, your car can often feel like one of the most important things in your life. It’s not just the four wheels that you use to get around, it’s a symbol of who you are, of your freedom and independence. The stereotype of a young guy being overly attached to his car might be kind of funny, but it’s also pretty understandable. Of course, as with everything else, that can change pretty drastically when you have a family of your own. Having kids can completely change your priorities in just about every single area of… [Read More]

Why The Safety And Maintenance Of Car Tyres Is So Important

This year has been a very busy year which has involved me driving long distances on a regular basis. This has involved a lot of motorway driving. When I’m driving at speed on what are ever increasing, busy and congested motorways, I like to have the security of knowing that my tyres are all in tip top condition and fully maintained. There is no excuse nowadays why your tyres should not be perfect at all times. Purchasing tyres can be so easy and can be done online with a retailer such as TyrePlus where you input all the information about… [Read More]

What Makes A Family Car?

If you regularly travel with your family, whether down the road or across the state, then you’re going to want to make sure that you have the most suitable family car. Having a safe and reliable car to transport your family from place to place is a must. What makes this kind of car? A Darker Colored Interior Although this probably isn’t the most important aspect, a dark colored interior will keep your car looking better for longer. After all, you don’t want your toddler dropping chocolate on it, or your son’s muddy soccer boots making a mess. Sliding Seats… [Read More]

Great Tips For Selling Your Car

(image: pixabay) Most of us love driving, and the car can be our pride and joy. However, there are times when we tire of our four-wheeled friend, and we long for an upgrade. Follow these guidelines to help you sell your car. Check the competition Depending on the age and type of your car, the value will fluctuate. Older cars, unless they are vintage, won’t sell for a lot of money. However, check classified ads online to see how much similar cars are going for. Prices will still vary dependant on the condition and mileage, but you should still get… [Read More]