The Teenage Years 

I have lived a few years and looking back at life, I have often wondered what were the toughest years to live and for me it’s a no brainer. The teenage years were easily the hardest as they are for a massive percentage of young people. We all have changes in our lives, but more often than not, we are matured and experienced enough to be able to deal with a lot of  issues and changes that are put in front of us. When you are 13 years old or there about whichever gender you are, be it a boy… [Read More]

My Five Year Old Twin Has Developed Empathy 

The other day I wrote how hard it is watching my mum getting old. Her mobility is probably now at its worst. It’s not a common occurrence, but one of the most unfortunate things of getting old is for no real reason old people tend to fall over and my mother is no different. What came as a revelation was my five year old twin daughter showing empathy. I was in for a shock about how one of my five year old twin girls would react to the news that her Nanna had fallen and may have to go to… [Read More]

The Twins Turned Five and OMG! They Have Changed 

Just under two weeks ago our twin girls, R and M, turned five years old. Along with turning five I think they had character and personality changes as well. There was a time when they were four years old all of a fortnight ago that they were the best of friends. Well, I wouldn’t call them bad friends now, but they are learning the art of getting their sister into trouble with mum and dad on a scale that is incredibly irritating to mum and dad! Some examples of this new found ability of telling tales are: We are in… [Read More]

Was The World A Safer Place When I Was Growing Up?

Today the world appears to be so unstable and incredibly volatile. We have so much tension and war all over the Middle East and certain parts of Africa are also having numerous wars on going that we rarely hear about. Plus numerous trouble spots around the world.  The world has changed so much since I was a child or has it? Growing up I feel now as though I was in a bubble that didn’t expand beyond the estate I live on. I grew up on an estate on the outskirts of Cardiff. It’s a purpose built concrete jungle with… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 86 

This week our brilliant dad feature is Brad. He is 31 and originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, although most people that speak to him will swear he is from Australia. He and his wife have been together since they were 17. They moved to London in 2007 and Brad became a dad in 2011. He is a Youtube Vlogger and social feed flooder and his blog is called Dear Agony Dad. It’s a place for him to make fun of himself and have a good time whilst doing it. He has two sons Logan (5) and Cole (2), and they… [Read More]

School Update at Half Term 

My four year old twin girls are half way through their first term at full time school and of course this week is half term so I thought it would be a good time to give an update on R and M’s progress. When the girls started it all looked great. There was a new teacher and it seemed that they would settle in and have a lovely relationship with their new teacher. However, two weeks into the school year, everything was going to change. Their new teacher went on the sick and then within a few days we were emailed… [Read More]

Brilliant dad feature week 84 

This week our brilliant dad is Danny. He is 31-years-old and lives in not so sunny County Durham with his wife and daughter, 20-month-old, Ayla. He started writing a blog as he wanted to document his progress as a first time dad and give Ayla something to look back on later in life. He also says it’s great to collaborate and work with other dads. Check out his blog,  How to Daddoo. You won’t be disappointed, he’s a fantastic new dad blogger. Thank you to Dan for taking part in the brilliant dad feature. 1. Have you always wanted to be… [Read More]

Why Do We Bare Our Souls. 

Writing a blog is something that fascinates me. Why? You may ask. Well lots of people like to write about their hobbies or interests or their children, and that’s just brilliant that they want to share their passions with us all. There is another side of blogging that really fascinates me though. It’s how many of us, including myself, that bare our souls and delve deep into our past and tell the world of some of the most tough, difficult times that life has dealt us. I cannot say why other people do it, but I can say why I… [Read More]

Childhood Bedrooms

Recently I have been employed to re-decorate two bedrooms in a semi-detached house in the suburbs of the city that I live in. The job itself is relatively straight forward, but it was the background story that got me thinking and interested me. I will explain why. Growing up I never had a bedroom long enough to call my own because we moved a lot. I’m sure that I’m not very typical because a lot of people live in the same family home throughout their childhood and their bedroom is of course their place of sanctuary. It also shows their… [Read More]