To Be 5 Years Old And Just simply Believe! 

To be five years old like my twins must be wonderful. The innocence of a child is still there, none of the harsh realities of life have in any way clouded their thoughts. Life is actually very easy. You get to be a kid and you believe in all the magical, wonderful, completely mythical ideas in the world, but hey ho, that’s ok. You are only five, plenty of time for growing up. My twin girls are five years old and we have visited Father Christmas at West Midland Safari Park (you can read my full review here), and it’s… [Read More]

Santa Safari:Our Family Christmas Trip to West Midland Safari Park 

One of our favourite places to visit for a day trip as a family is without a doubt, West Midland Safari Park. So when I was asked to bring the family along to experience their Santa Safari, it was an immediate, “Yes, I would love to!” When you have five year old twin girls who completely and totally believe in Santa it’s quite simply magical. They also love animals so to be able to drive through the Safari first and see all the awesome animals before going on to meet Santa. Well, it’s a recipe for a perfect day. We live… [Read More]

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

It’s unbelievable that it’s nearly 12 months since last Christmas, but Christmas is nearly here again, and I for one couldn’t be happier! I love Christmas, especially when you have five year old twin girls. The magic of Christmas is still very much alive in our home. So here we go! Here is my Christmas Gift Guide for 2017. There is something for everyone, kids, him, her and tech lovers. First up on the Christmas gift guide is for those little darlings in your life, your children. Children 1. Heelys £49.95 First up we have these Heelys X2 Bolt Plus… [Read More]

My Pocket Money Toy Subscription Review: (Inc Unboxing Video Of Christmas Eve Box)

When I was recently approached by My Pocket Money Toy to review their boxes, I was instantly intrigued to what it was exactly. The name itself is genius. If you give your children pocket money what better way to teach them to save it up and make somebody happy by sending some gifts in the post, or having a monthly surprise for themselves with the knowledge that they have saved up to treat themselves. I think this is a great way to teach children the value of money, but also that mummy and daddy can’t buy everything for them. My Pocket… [Read More]

Christmas Is Nearly Here: Then And Now ( Memories )

Summer has gone and clocks will be going back this weekend. The leaves are falling quickly from the trees and the skyline is more often has a grey or black look to it, but don’t despair! Christmas is just around the corner! One of my favourite times of the year is Christmas, especially when you have five year old twin girls. They still believe in Father Christmas. Oh, I wish I was five to believe that this magical person delivers all the presents to all the children of the world in just one night. I have to admit I love… [Read More]

Renovating Our Office Space At Home 

My wife and I are self employed and consequently we need a shared office space in our home. We are lucky enough to live in a big enough property to allow us to have an office of a reasonable size. I’m a painter and decorator and often have clients visit me to discuss colours and designs. It is much easier for me that they visit because I can show them on a computer what their ideas will look like and we can discuss colours, because as you can imagine there are thousands of colours to choose from nowadays. My wife… [Read More]

Start Saving for Christmas 2017 now!

I can’t believe that Christmas is over already! The turkey has been eaten, presents unwrapped and my front room now resembles a toy shop! Having said that though, I do have to give all credit to my wife for being super organised when it comes to Christmas shopping. She’s even made a start on saving for Christmas 2017 so I thought I’d let you know how she does it, but first, I read about Christmas savings on this website as they shared a video which was created by My Voucher Codes, and I wanted to share it with you too. I found… [Read More]

Look What We Did over Christmas 

This year has easily been the most enjoyable Christmas I have ever had. There are a couple of reasons why. One reason is I have worked less leading up to Christmas and over the Christmas period which has made the usual chore of Christmas shopping a task that is usually very rushed.  I was fortunate enough to secure a very large job just before Christmas which was decorating an entire four bedroom house inside which took about five weeks and was very well paid and this consequently allowed me more time for family over Christmas.  One of the first things… [Read More]

Christmas Day in our home 

When you have toddlers in the home Christmas Day really is the most special day in the year. We are fortunate to have four year old twins in our home and their excitement levels were totally maxed out at bedtime on Christmas Eve! I was really expecting an early start on Christmas morning, possibly 5am, so it came as quite a shock when M who was sleeping in our bed as usual, didn’t wake till 6.30am.  The night before we had a little chat to the girls about sleeping in their own beds all night as that what Santa would… [Read More]


Merry Christmas to everybody. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank to anybody that has read any of my blog posts, written a comment or shared my posts across social media. It means the world to me that anybody finds what I write even just slightly interesting. My blog has been developed beyond my wildest dreams this year and there are many people I have to thank for that, but that’s another post! I would like to wish everybody and all their families a fantastic and wonderful Christmas, and I hope Santa brings you everything you asked… [Read More]