Brilliant Dad Feature Week 113 

This week our Brilliant Dad feature is Rich who blogs at Daddy And The Poo Monster. He is new to the game of parenting (and he says what a remarkable game it is!). He is a new dad to a cracking baby boy of 7 months. His blog includes an honest account of how he is finding parenting whilst working full time and trying desperately to maintain his sanity. He is loving being a parent and is so proud of his wife and The Poo Monster. He is currently functioning at about 30% due to severe sleep deprivation. This has made teaching… [Read More]

How to have a Successful (big) Family Holiday

I’ve just booked a last minute long weekend in Prague’ a single friend of mine recently told me. ‘Lucky you’ was my response, and I meant it! Last minute getaways are a thing of the past when you have a handful of kids to look after, a pet who needs to be cared for and not to mention the work schedules of you and your partner and the school timetable to contend with! Maybe quick breaks away are more or less a thing of the past for me but a family holiday can be such a fantastic experience (whatever the… [Read More]

God, Religion and My Five Year Old Twins

Last Saturday about half an hour before bed the subject of God was brought up by R, one of my five year old twins. To say I was shocked would be the understatement of the year, mostly because I never gave it a moments thought that the girls knew anything about God, but apparently they have been learning about it at school. I would like to start by saying that I have no problem with any religions or anybody that lives their lives surrounded by god and it’s teachings, but it’s not for me. I am a catholic, but I’m… [Read More]

How To Master ANY DIY Project

Do it yourself, or DIY – isn’t always the easiest thing to do in the world – especially by yourself when you are starting off. Anyway, no matter how skilled we get at household tasks, chores, and maintenance work, it always feels like our fathers, or grandfathers were a bit better. Maybe that’s what they felt like as well? However, no matter your skill level – there are plenty of ways that you can master any DIY task in the home. With the right tools, the right materials and knowledge as well as time, you’ll be well equipped to handle… [Read More]

Pocket Money: When Do You Start?

When I was growing up one of my favourite moments of the week was Saturday morning. You  may wonder why. Well, It was time for my pocket money to be handed over to me! My mother started giving me  pocket when I was about six or seven years old. My mum explained that if I wanted to buy something then I would need to save my pocket money until I had enough money. For all intent and purposes it worked, although I’m sure my mum helped me out now and again. The lesson I learnt was simple. Whatever you want… [Read More]

School Choice

It’s that time of year when parents start applying for places to get their child into a school of their choice, even though they are very possibly out of catchment. I fully understand parents wanting the best school for their child, but because the standards may not be what you want at your local catchment school, parents start to apply all over for the best and leave their catchment school as their last choice. This is all very good, but of course it has a knock on effect and parents are clambering over each other to get their child into the… [Read More]

Cooking With Kids: How To Keep The Little Ones Interested Cooking is a great way to spend time with all your kids. Plus, it is a fun activity which will help them learn some very important life skills. Not only that, though, but it means you can have peace of mind come the day they move out – after all, you will know that they are able to cook for themselves and won’t have to rely on takeaway meals! However, some kids might not be too impressed when you ask them to give you a hand in the kitchen. Hopefully, though, the following tips could get them really interested… [Read More]

Five Effective Ways to Treat Damp

It’s no secret that damp can cause a lot of problems and it can happen anywhere for a variety of reasons. Damp proofing isn’t as difficult as it sounds, with 20 years as a self-employed painter and decorator I have seen plenty of damp. There are a variety of ways you can treat damp and tackle problems like condensation and dry rot, and I am going to share them with you today! Remember to always carry out regular checks for damp and dry rot because, if left untreated, it can cause a variety of health issues. Ventilation Problems One of… [Read More]

Protecting Preemie Babies With Pampers: My Story #ad

I’m a dad of five children. My two youngest children are twin girls who are now five years old. They are of course very normal, funny, sometimes mischievous healthy little girls, but when they were born they were premature. The girls were six weeks early and they needed a lot of medical attention. My wife and I knew that the girls were going to be born early from about 30 weeks into the pregnancy. We found out that twin two (M) had stop growing in the womb. She had a condition called IUGR, which basically meant she had stop growing… [Read More]

The Teenage Years 

I have lived a few years and looking back at life, I have often wondered what were the toughest years to live and for me it’s a no brainer. The teenage years were easily the hardest as they are for a massive percentage of young people. We all have changes in our lives, but more often than not, we are matured and experienced enough to be able to deal with a lot of  issues and changes that are put in front of us. When you are 13 years old or there about whichever gender you are, be it a boy… [Read More]