Can You Inherit Depression, Alcoholism? 

When I was a teenager from about the age of 15 most likely into my late twenties I was angry. I didn’t like my life. I didn’t like the cards that life had dealt me. I had the biggest chip you could imagine on not one shoulder, but both of them. Looking back, it’s rather sad that I wasted all that energy being upset with everything and everybody in my life. It would be a normal occurrence for me to be in another fight or altercation. Looking back it was madness. I wouldn’t even contemplate such actions today. Does that… [Read More]

Me, Depression and Recovery 

A few days ago I was talking to somebody who shall remain nameless, but they were having difficulty dealing with life and feeling down. It made think about my own life when I was depressed and when I found everyday totally exhausting. It prompted me to write this post about this period of my life. We read so often how lots of people live the perfect existence, but of course the reality is that life is not so perfect and there are lots bad times and good times in our lives. About 15 years ago I suffered from depression. It… [Read More]

Dark time in my life

About 13 years ago my first marriage was breaking up and I had some financial difficulties that were making me very unhappy and stressed. I have never written about this period in my life most likely because I shut it away in a filing cabinet draw in my mind which is something I have probably done all my life. I have always thought it’s an easier way to deal with problems in my life and now I realise that’s total rubbish and actually makes it worse.  So I had decided to leave my first wife. Unfortunately there was going to… [Read More]