My Sunday Photo

We have just spent a week at the Bluestone Wales resort in West Wales. The weather could of been a bit better, but as usual it was a normal British summer rain and more rain. On the one sunny day though we went to a local farm/zoo called Folly Farm. It was only about a 10 minute drive. The zoo is quite big and they have a pair rhino's there and I captured this shot of one of rhino's standing there in all its magnificent.

The Perfect Playroom Project

Every new father wants to do his part for the child making their arrival, and as we can’t grow the babies in the way that the mother can, DIY is generally our best avenue. Building cots, setting up rocking chairs and painting the nursery is the way to be as prepared as we can be. A little pride in a project never hurt anyone and when your child outgrows the nursery you so lovingly put together, you need to think of the next one. Image Source If you are lucky enough to have the space for a separate playroom in… [Read More]

Your Garden Is The Great Outdoors 

Image source So many people take incredible care over their gardens these days. They spend our cutting the grass so that the vertical stripes bring about an added dimension. They prune the trees and hedges and spend entire days at the garden center getting flowers in the exact shade they require to make their verges sparkle. They spend thousands on water features and statues until it looks just the way they want it to look. But then when you go out to enjoy it with the kids they freak out. It is insane. Gardens aren’t just for displays, to look… [Read More]

When to Put Up Your Christmas Decorations 

Well according to my wife’s gospel, it is ok to put up the Christmas decorations on November 26th. This is really strange for me as it’s my birthday on the 29th and I honestly can’t remember ever celebrating my birthday with the house totally decked out in Christmas decorations! Hey, what’s going on! Have you forgotten it’s my birthday tomorrow?! It was very strange how it all happened. We went to the skate park because the twins R and M had been asking for weeks to go and the weather had been appalling, it seemed as the weekend came the… [Read More]

Some Excellent Nappy Cake Ideas.

  As much as we try and prepare for a new addition to the family, there are very often things that we forget or just overlook, even for experienced parents! A Nappy Cake is an excellent gift for new parents that people often fill with both things for the child, as well as the mother, and even sometimes the father. If you have family or friends that are expecting a child and want to get them a gift that they will be truly thankful for, you should consider getting them a nappy cake.    • Creative Ideas   If you are… [Read More]

Nursery is over Lets have another Baby!

R and M finished nursery in the last few days. The year has really gone quickly and it’s now time to enjoy summer and prepare them for their first year of full time school. Now that the twins are soon going to be going to school full-time I think it’s time we had another baby!  After all what are we going to do with all this spare time? It’s a strange feeling knowing that you are only going to see the girls for a few hours in the weekdays. That’s going to be very difficult to get used to. I… [Read More]

Fatherhood fun or hard work

Regular readers will know that I have five children. It’s been an awesome journey watching five children grow up and without question it’s been loads of fun, but at times it’s incredibly hard.  I do believe that some people are born to be parents. My wife is a perfect example of that (although she does have a habit of spending a lot of money! Only joking ), whereas some of us maybe have to grow into the role of parenthood. I would like to think most people that have children have instant and unconditional love for their children, but sadly… [Read More]