Am I Grumpy? Disneyland Paris

In couple of weeks time as I have already written in a previous post called Family Holidays this Summer, I made no secret of the fact that Disneyland is not my ideal holiday, but hey ho I have a problem. My wife and our five year old twin girls are mega excited and I am doing my best to get into the spirit of Disney. I am not a Disney type of  person. You know kind, smiley, wholesome, and yes there is no bad in the world when Disney is in your life. Of course the reality is there are… [Read More]

Preparing Your Kids for a Greener Future

Of all the challenges we parents encounter when raising our children, nothing is more difficult than coping with changes that we ourselves find difficult to grasp. For instance, our children are going to grow up with technology in their hands that far exceeds those bulky computers of old that we used to use at work. Computers used to be the size of entire wardrobes, but that technology has been condensed into tiny smartphones that are a thousand times more powerful. Photo Source But now that us parents have had time to catch up with the latest modern trends and social… [Read More]

God, Religion and My Five Year Old Twins

Last Saturday about half an hour before bed the subject of God was brought up by R, one of my five year old twins. To say I was shocked would be the understatement of the year, mostly because I never gave it a moments thought that the girls knew anything about God, but apparently they have been learning about it at school. I would like to start by saying that I have no problem with any religions or anybody that lives their lives surrounded by god and it’s teachings, but it’s not for me. I am a catholic, but I’m… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 112 

This week our Brilliant Dad Feature is all about Ryan from Scotland. He is a dad to a 3 year old boy and 1 year old girl. He works for a charity that provides support to families through volunteers and in his spare time he created DadsApp which is truly awesome and I  highly recommend you check it out. Thank you to Ryan for taking part. 1. Have you always wanted to be a dad? I have always wanted to be a dad. I’m oldest of 10 children including 2 step sisters a half brother and half sister. They all… [Read More]

Fitting a Large Family Into a Small Home

It’s fairly common for people to feel like their home restricts them. Perhaps you simply don’t have enough bedrooms and, as a result, you have to cram your kids into a small bedroom with a bunk bed. Maybe you don’t enjoy the idea of your large family waiting for their turn to use the bathroom in the morning, and perhaps the garden just isn’t big enough for your kids to play in.We all get that feeling at some point in life, but moving home is an expensive way to get a larger house. Renovations can be expensive, and you might… [Read More]

Do I Tell My Children I’m Very Proud Of Them Enough?

I have often wondered if I tell my children that I am so very proud of them individually. We, unfortunately, live in a very fast world and it’s difficult to remember the little things in life, but they can mean so much to us, especially to our children. They do often do something which they are rightly so very proud of, and when they tell you they are looking for a pat on the back from mum and dad, and that is the lovely thing to do. When I was growing up I would have done anything for my mum… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 111

This week our brilliant dad feature is James. He is a social media specialist and a new dad. He moved from England to Canada a few years ago and says he is loving every minute. As he bumbles along in his new role as a father, he writes down his lessons, tips, and advice that he picks up along the way. A lot of which can be found on his blog Thank you very much to James for taking part.  1. Have you always wanted to be a dad? Yes, it’s always been in some sort of ‘life plan’,… [Read More]

I’m Going To BlogOn MSI 

I’m going to BlogOn MSI in a couple of weeks, and this will be the first blogging conference that I have ever attended! I’m nervous, but also excited, most likely because this is way out of my comfort zone. Although I am looking forward to meeting many online friends in person for the first time. If you can’t find me I will probably be hiding in the corner, haha! Here is a recent picture of me, but I would like to point out that I don’t always dress like this, well not often, haha! Describe yourself in three words… Easy… [Read More]

Smart Phones, Teenagers and Running 

When I was growing up the one pressures of being a teenager that I am very thankful I didn’t have to deal with, unlike my teenage children who have the added pressure of not only growing up and all that that entails, but they also have to keep up with their friends and have the latest smart phone. I clearly remember the first mobile phones that were large and basically resembled a house brick. Of course time and technology has moved on, and there is no doubt that my whole life is on my iPhone, whether I am emailing, texting… [Read More]

Dry Kids Coats Review 

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have five year old twin girls. We all know that at five years old their energy levels are somewhere up near the stars. They’re always on the go! Can we do this? Where are we going today? These are just some of the questions I get asked on a daily basis! If you have small children I bet you will know exactly how that feels! Exhausting at times. Well, that’s how it feels to me, haha! My five year old twins particularly enjoy going outdoors, which of course could mean our… [Read More]