Teaching Our Little Ones How To Be healthy

The importance of teaching our little ones to be healthy is so important I believe, and this cannot be started soon enough. Doing regular exercise and eating healthy foods are something we pass on to our children. Hopefully this will keep them fit and healthy all their lives. My three older children all loved sport while they were growing up. All three of them played football for their local team. Although only the one has continued to play football which is my 20 year old daughter, and she continues to play nowadays for her university team, she is also a… [Read More]

Transgender Kids 

A little while ago I watched Louis Theroux’s documentary about transgender kids. I was completely engrossed by the show and the stories of children not knowing, or in fact knowing if they are in the right body or if they are the right gender. Since watching the show I have struggled to decide if it is right for children to be having gender consultations, therapy and in some cases drugs for a gender re-assignment. I will say though that it is the fundamental right of any human being to be who they want to be, and that choice must never… [Read More]

Tips for Decorating After Experiencing Different Types of Floods

There are several types of floods that many home and property owners may experience at some point throughout their lifetime. While those that live in designated flood areas may be more prepared for these natural disasters or otherwise more caught up on actions that one can take afterwards to restore and redecorate properties, flooding may also occur in non-designated areas as well. No matter how prepared a property owner may be, however, not all damage is or can always be expected. It can be important for individuals to be equipped with informed guidance on how to redecorate and restore property,… [Read More]

The World Has Entered Crazy Out Of Control

There doesn’t seem to be a day that passes nowadays where something terrible and tragic has happened in the world somewhere. In just the last few weeks we have had the Las Vegas shootings in which so many innocent people lost their lives, and countless injured. As the story unfolded it totally shocked me that one individual could carry out such an atrocious crime. It truly was beyond belief. In Somali just the other day a bomb exploded by the taliban which killed 230+ people. Another act of violence that for me beggars belief. On top of just these two… [Read More]

How To Get That Giant Trevally (GT) Catch

Whether you absolutely love fishing for Trevally or you fancy trying your luck at it, here are some tips to get you started. 1. It’s All About the Location Targeting Trevally on the flats is quite an achievement. Giant Trevally are part of the Jack family and can be found throughout the Indo-Pacific area. One of the best ways to target this fish is through a lodge. Some preferred locations include Christmas Island and the Seychelles. Typically, these fish can be found throughout the subtropical and tropical waters in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and they tend to hunt in… [Read More]

My Son Has Been In University Just Three Week’s

This weekend my son, A, is coming home for the weekend from university after 3 weeks. What has surprised me is never for one minute, did I realise how much I would miss him. Of course it was always going to be strange with him not being around, but it has genuinely shocked me. In his first three weeks I haven’t heard from him that often which is something I expected with all the freshers events happening, but everyday I would think about him. Generally very silly things, but important things to me like is he eating properly, I hope… [Read More]

Important questions to ask your professional wedding planner

The organisation of a wedding will always be difficult, so it’s understandable that you may wish to seek out the services of a professional wedding planner. However, this person must also be someone who ‘clicks’ with you – who understands and serves your needs and desires from your wedding day, and who ultimately works for you, instead of forcing you to work for them. We know a few things about the finer points of selecting a professional wedding planner here at Château Bouffémont, and the following are the questions that we would most urge you to ask. Are you available… [Read More]

My Superhero and Princess have joined Rainbows

My twin girls will turn six years old on their next birthday which is at the beginning of next year. Up until now we have only dabbled in after school activities. We tried football, but unfortunately that ended in tears after about 15 minutes, and needless to say we never went back. Amazingly R always says she wants to play football, but when it comes to the moment of starting she simply doesn’t go through with it. M tried ballet lessons, and this did last a few weeks, but I think because R was adamant she did want to do… [Read More]

Four signs that the pipes in your home may need replacing

It’s very easy to just take the water pipes in your home for granted. Most people just assume that they will always work as they should. But, water pipes are just the same as most things in the home; they can wear out over time. Once this happens, it’s important that the pipes are repaired or replaced. If you do not have this work carried out you could end up with a serious burst to deal with, or the quality of your water supply could be adversely affected. But, how can you tell if the pipes in your home need… [Read More]

12 Vape-Friendly Spots in London

If you enjoy quality time with your friends whilst taking a drag from a vape pen, then look no further for a list of the most trendy, exciting and chill places to relax and vape in London. London is one of the most vape-friendly cities in Europe. Most of the owners and managers that we spoke to were approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate about their businesses and were positively embracing the benefits of moving from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. So, if you’re looking for some outstanding new vaping experiences in London, check out these 12 great vape spots. 1. The Rake, 14A… [Read More]