A Kitchen Makeover With Healthy Eating In Mind

If you want a fresh new look for your kitchen,you might worry about the cost of plumbers and electricians. However, there is plenty you can do on your own. You can create the new look you want that will encourage you all to spend more time in the kitchen. A kitchen makeover might also be just the thing to kick-start a new healthy eating plan. Here are just a few of the ideas I’ve looked into when it comes to getting the look I want as well as the tech I need for the family to eat well: Painting We all… [Read More]

My Wife is My Slave!

My wife is without question my slave. She is there to fulfil all my needs, look after me and my children, and never question me on anything. I am after all the bread winner. Without my money we could not live, it’s really as simple as that. So here is a list of what I expect as a husband and what I expect my wife to do… 1. I expect my tea ready on the table when I get in from work and no excuses if it is not. 2. My wife has to do everything for our children and… [Read More]

The Priorities That Should Appear On Every Home Improvement Blueprint 

Source: Knowing where to start is often one of the hardest challenges facing any homeowner wanting to improve their home. The property is the foundation of a happy life and is also a huge financial asset. Consequently, the decisions made could be crucial for your future happiness and monetary status. Getting your priorities in order should be accomplished before you ever lift a paintbrush or hammer. The exact vision of a happy home will vary from household to household. However, it’s fair to say that each of the desires below will be on your list. Remember to keep them in… [Read More]

6 Things Every New Parent Should Learn

Bringing a child into the world is a wondrous occasion – but that doesn’t mean it’s totally stress-free. New lessons are learned everyday as a parent, with some proving to be crucial to the development of your little one. Today, let’s take a look at six things every new parent should learn.  1. Sleep will be less peaceful Sleeping is, for a lot of people anyway, one of the most sacrosanct parts of life. Disturb a dozer at your peril. However, if you’ve just brought a new-born into the world, prepare for at least a few months without a… [Read More]

Why Home Insurance Is One Of The Most Important Things You’ll Ever Get

As the title says; home insurance is one of the most important things you’ll ever get. You should never cut corners when it comes to home insurance, or worse, choose not to get it at all. If you’re not convinced that you actually need home insurance and that it’s just another expense, this post should convince you otherwise.  Protect The Structure Of Your Home Home insurance is going to help you to protect the structure of your home. It may seem sturdy enough now, you don’t really know how it’s going to hold up in a disaster such as a… [Read More]

Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Special

Your home is supposed to be your humble happy abode. A place to call your haven and a place where you can create happy memories, but how can you make those minor home improvements without breaking the bank? There are many ways to make your home feel a little more like you, whether it’s just adding a few personal touches or perhaps you want to do something a little bigger, it can be cathartic planning what you want to do in your home.  For your living room, why not invest in a log fire? This way you can bring the… [Read More]

Spring Cleaning Can Only Mean 3 Things 

Image source Spring is finally here, and that means the idea of spring cleaner will skid across our minds a couple of times a day. However, the idea of spring cleaning is usually accompanied with the gut-wrenching feeling of it being an absolute chore. That is why we have come up with an list of ways to make your military style attack on your messy home much more tactical and easier, and help you make the top to bottom cleansing of your home far simpler. Gather The Clutter Before you get bogged down in the specifics of a spring clean,… [Read More]

Preparing Your Home For New Arrivals 

As any experienced father can tell you, preparing the home for new arrivals is both a daunting and joyous moment. It’s daunting due to the fact that having a child in the home is going to be a tough task. Not only will you need to prepare the entire home to make it childproof, you’re also going to have to renovate the entire house in order to get things sorted for your new arrival. But it’s joyous in a sense that you’re starting a family, and remodelling your house to accommodate a child is the first step to becoming that… [Read More]

A Beautiful Bathroom Needn’t Cost An Arm And A Leg 

Image Source A lot of people are unhappy with their bathrooms. These rooms are hard to renovate, and they usually age quite poorly. This combination is one that makes people feel very bad about this part of their house. But, unfortunately, getting over this hump isn’t going to be easy; most people don’t want to deal with the expense or fuss of renewing their bathroom. Getting rid of the fuss is nearly impossible. But, it is possible to remove some of the expense. And, this post is going to be taking you through some ways that this can be done…. [Read More]

Five Tips For Five Rooms In A Child Friendly House 

Your Bedroom Image source First of all, is it ever really possible to turn your bedroom into your own sanctuary if you have children? A lot of parents start their kids’ lives by co-sleeping with them, which means that your bedroom may just have turned into a free for all, for your kids to wander in and out whenever they want to. But it’s important to make sure that you have a chill out zone away from the craziness of your family life. Even if you can’t stop your kids from coming in, make sure that they don’t leave any… [Read More]