Running Your Own Business Advantages/Disadvantages 

I have been running my own painting and decorating business for about 20 years now. I have never regretted starting out on my own, but that is not to say that it's been plain sailing all the way. Image source It was very tough in the beginning and of course the internet was not what it is today with the resources that are instantly available today at the click of a button. I would have been so happy in those early days if I could have found some free guidance on being your own boss that can be found online at Trevor… [Read More]

Tech Gadgets The Whole Family Will Love

As your kids get older, they become a little more demanding in terms of technology. They are part of a generation that was brought up on tech and it is usual for parents to turn to teen kids to help them work out how to use a new gadget. The plus side is that they can start to help around the house and some tech gadgets can encourage them to do so!If you can find tech devices that the whole family can enjoy then you are on to a winner! However, it is also true that being a parent costs… [Read More]

The 3 Factors Of A Successful DIY Project 

There are all sorts of developments which you might want to carry out in your home. No matter what it is that you are going for, however, it is likely that you are keen to make sure it is as quick and painless as possible. But achieving that can be surprisingly hard, especially in the current climate. If you are about to embark on such a project, you will want to ensure that you have the right focus. It takes a certain congruence of factors to ensure that it all goes off without a problem. Let’s take a look at… [Read More]

Finally Getting Your House’s Exterior To Mirror Its Interior

Whether you’re an avid gardener or not, an overgrown and neglected exterior is a sorry sight. It can ruin the overall appearance of your home even if you’ve spent endless hours working and reworking the interior design of your property to look sleek, clean, and modern. The outside of your home has a huge effect on the inside of your home. The front of your property, in particular, is the first thing your or guests see, and it’s so important that a warm and refreshing sight greets the eye. Here are tips to help you finally get your house’s exterior… [Read More]

The Ultimate Guide To Giving Your Garden An MOT

Image  So here we are, pretty much in the height of summer. The great British weather might be unpredictable, but we’re still getting a few days of glorious sunshine that we want to enjoy here and there. But, when your garden isn’t quite where it should be, you can often feel like you’re got no way of enjoying it. However, it’s not too late to start. If you got sidetracked from starting or were just putting the work off, now’s the time to get out into the garden and give it a good MOT. That way, not only will you… [Read More]

Home Improvements That Are Trending in 2017 

Every year there are trends that are must haves in every home and our home is no different, so I thought I would list some home improvement trends I have noticed this year so far. Home improvement is a really good way to increase the value of your home, and also give your home your very own personal touch. 1. Sofa’s:  This year sofa’s are definitely more unobtrusive, so there has been a move towards corner sofa’s, although the furniture is less visible and melts away in the background, it still has style, and it can be adapted to any area…. [Read More]

Disney Convert Or Still Disney Grumpy? The Magic of Disney Part 2 

In my last Disney post I finished up at the illuminations on day two. I didn’t think it could get any better, how wrong was I?! So, here we go. It’s now onto day three and the time certainly goes quickly. Our holiday is moving at very high speed. The one thing that has amazed me is how our five year old twins had walked just about everywhere and on just rare occasions asked to be picked up and carried. The only thing I can put this down to is the fact that’s it’s Disneyland Paris and believe me, if… [Read More]

Home Essentials for Anyone Interested in DIY

Image Source When you read DIY blogs, there’s a whole wealth of information at your feet. But many assume that you already know the basics. This can make things difficult for beginners who are just  starting out and testing the waters of home improvement. Everyone has to start somewhere and there’s not much out there for the absolute beginner. But not to worry. If you’re a DIY novice, we’re here to help. Let’s start with the basic equipment that you’ll need to start out on your journey to fitting your own shelves and repairing little faults about the house. Here’s… [Read More]

How Cool Would It Be To Be James Bond 

Everybody that knows me, will know that I am definitely a t-shirt, jeans, shorts and flip-flop kind of person. Most people would probably call it scruffy,but the truth is it’s how I am most comfortable. My favourite movie character is without a doubt,  James Bond, and inside of me is a James Bond trying to burst out and why not? How cool would it be, to be James Bond just for the day? What I love about being James Bond for the day is that I would get to drive a top of the range Aston Martin. Plus, I’d have… [Read More]

Signs It’s Time To Give Your Home A Style Overhaul

If you’re thinking of giving your home a style overhaul, there are a few signs to look out for that should indicate whether this is the right time or not. After all, your home isn’t just to show off to guests. Your home is supposed to be your safe haven, your place to raise your family, a place you truly love to come back to. Look for these signs that you need to perk things up:You Have Many Noticeable DIY Fixes Maybe your kids drew on the walls one time and you couldn’t get rid of it properly. Maybe you’ve… [Read More]