My Wife is My Slave!

My wife is without question my slave. She is there to fulfil all my needs, look after me and my children, and never question me on anything. I am after all the bread winner. Without my money we could not live, it’s really as simple as that. So here is a list of what I expect as a husband and what I expect my wife to do… 1. I expect my tea ready on the table when I get in from work and no excuses if it is not. 2. My wife has to do everything for our children and… [Read More]

6 Things Every New Parent Should Learn

Bringing a child into the world is a wondrous occasion – but that doesn’t mean it’s totally stress-free. New lessons are learned everyday as a parent, with some proving to be crucial to the development of your little one. Today, let’s take a look at six things every new parent should learn.  1. Sleep will be less peaceful Sleeping is, for a lot of people anyway, one of the most sacrosanct parts of life. Disturb a dozer at your peril. However, if you’ve just brought a new-born into the world, prepare for at least a few months without a… [Read More]

5 good habits to get into in a new relationship

Starting a relationship can be exciting and you may have high hopes for the future with your new partner. But while you might not be able to keep the smile off your face right now, how do you know things will work out with your other half in the long term? The short answer is you don’t. However, there are things you can do to maximise your chances of staying together and staying strong as a couple. Here are five good habits to get into while you’re still in the honeymoon phase.  1. Be open and honest about sex Sex… [Read More]

The Twins Turned Five and OMG! They Have Changed 

Just under two weeks ago our twin girls, R and M, turned five years old. Along with turning five I think they had character and personality changes as well. There was a time when they were four years old all of a fortnight ago that they were the best of friends. Well, I wouldn’t call them bad friends now, but they are learning the art of getting their sister into trouble with mum and dad on a scale that is incredibly irritating to mum and dad! Some examples of this new found ability of telling tales are: We are in… [Read More]

My Brother: How Things work out in Life 

I have written before about my sibling relationships and how unfortunately due to a very dysfunctional childhood it’s left the relationship with my sibling in tatters to the point today that none of us speak to each other. It is very sad, but its just the way life works out.   Growing up I have so many fantastic memories of my brother, so instead of focusing on the negatives of a dysfunctional upbringing I thought I would relate some incredible memories of a very strong sibling relationship I had with my brother before it all went wrong.  I am the… [Read More]

Choosing An Engagement Ring Together 

When you meet that special person, those first  few weeks and months are spent all loved up and you spend 24/7 together. It is spontaneous and fun and both of you just can’t take the smiles off your faces. It’s a wonderful feeling and you want it to last forever, and of course there is no reason why it shouldn’t.  Relationships progress at a steady rate and as you settle and are comfortable in each other’s company you could quite likely start living together which is a very big commitment and when you are together 24/7 you will definitely find… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

My Sunday photo this week is our new edition to the family!  After many years of loyal service Puf went to the car crusher in the sky, Goodbye Puf.  So welcome to Thumper, as named by my four year old twin girls. He’s settled in well and is taking us to school and for days out already. I have to admit it was love at first sight for me. I’m even thinking of moving out and living in Thumper 24/7!

It’s My Wife’s Birthday Today 

Omg! My wife is 30 years old today. Is this the time to trade her in for a younger model? Is it all downhill for her now? Most likely! Only kidding, haha! I have to say, yes this is cliche, I know, but I am the luckiest man in the world. My wife is beautiful, wonderful, funny and a pleasure to be around except when she farts because the smell could paralyse a navy seal at 100yds! Seriously, I’m not joking they stink! Seriously I was lucky the day I met my wife. I was driving past a shop she… [Read More]

Why Do We Bare Our Souls. 

Writing a blog is something that fascinates me. Why? You may ask. Well lots of people like to write about their hobbies or interests or their children, and that’s just brilliant that they want to share their passions with us all. There is another side of blogging that really fascinates me though. It’s how many of us, including myself, that bare our souls and delve deep into our past and tell the world of some of the most tough, difficult times that life has dealt us. I cannot say why other people do it, but I can say why I… [Read More]