Mobile Phones Tablets Laptops And Our Children

I was recently away on a short break in West Wales with my family and what with it being summer there were many families there on their summer holiday. What I noticed was I think quite alarming for our children. This of course may not be a problem for a lot of parents, but I was genuinely shocked at the age of children that were on mobile phones. Some children seemed to be as young as seven or eight years old. There they were tapping away on goodness knows what. I actually caught sight of what I think was a… [Read More]

Mobile Phones and my four year old twins

Mobile phones are now as common, or infact more common than washing machines and fridges. I don’t even have a house phone anymore! I have a landline, but it’s purely for Internet purposes only. Everywhere you look nowadays people have a mobile phone in their hands (probably playing Pokemon Go haha!) So recently it has been interesting to watch my four year old twins.  Over the last few weeks I have noticed a dramatic change in our four year old twin girls. Yes they are growing up and learning at a phenomenal speed. One of biggest changes has been watching… [Read More]