Buying Your First Home

In The UK we love to own our homes, but there is no doubt that this is getting more difficult for the generation that is coming onto the housing ladder. However that doesn’t mean they can’t afford to own their home. Affordability is obviously a major factor when you’re looking for the perfect home to start sharing your life with that perfect partner in life. More often than not it’s usually new builds that they go for, but there are bargains to be had in buying a run- down property at a cheaper price. If you’re both DIY enthusiasts this… [Read More]

Saving Money Doesn’t Mean Skipping Quality

Money makes the world go around, but it also makes parents everywhere rip their hair out! When you have a family, costs of everything go up. The weekly food shopping, the home insurance and even the life insurance policy that you have goes through the roof as you add more children to your growing brood. Due to the fact we live in a world with rising costs but stagnant wages, it’s not unusual to see your shopping get more expensive despite getting less for it. The key to that is to shop around to get the same or better quality… [Read More]

Don’t Be Another Joe Bloggs: Get Real Attention For Your Site

Credit Living a blogging life is one which a majority of people don’t argue with. There is nothing better than starting a blog and making enough money to live. It is freeing, and it happens from the luxury of the house. Still, to get to that point, there are blogging blunders which you have to avoid. The main one failing to stand out from the crowd. If you are not aware, the industry is full to the brim with people trying to take advantage. Therefore, getting noticed and getting real traffic is the hardest part of being a blogger. However, the… [Read More]

Comepensation Claims: When Could You Be Entitled To Money Owed To You

More of us are more aware of our finances and budgets these days, we are more informed when it comes to big financial decisions which means we are less likely to be taken advantage of as we may have been many years ago. But that doesn’t mean to say we still don’t find ourselves in situations where we are entitled to money to be returned or even compensation. I thought I would share with you some of the situations and compensation claims you could make where you are entitled to some money back to you. Source Being injured in a car… [Read More]

The Perfect Time for Affordable Dental Holidays

As your children get older, household expenses increase. Did you know that the cost of raising a child can be as much as £230,000? More than the price of an average-size house. Luckily, at least, dental care for children in Britain is free, but what if parents need more advanced treatment like dental implants? Implants are rarely available on the NHS and are very expensive, so if you’re tight on budget and need to fix your teeth, consider dental implants in Poland and a trip to Warsaw or Cracov, or get your tooth implants in Hungary and visit the most… [Read More]

Running Your Own Business Advantages/Disadvantages 

I have been running my own painting and decorating business for about 20 years now. I have never regretted starting out on my own, but that is not to say that it's been plain sailing all the way. Image source It was very tough in the beginning and of course the internet was not what it is today with the resources that are instantly available today at the click of a button. I would have been so happy in those early days if I could have found some free guidance on being your own boss that can be found online at Trevor… [Read More]

Great Tips For Selling Your Car

(image: pixabay) Most of us love driving, and the car can be our pride and joy. However, there are times when we tire of our four-wheeled friend, and we long for an upgrade. Follow these guidelines to help you sell your car. Check the competition Depending on the age and type of your car, the value will fluctuate. Older cars, unless they are vintage, won’t sell for a lot of money. However, check classified ads online to see how much similar cars are going for. Prices will still vary dependant on the condition and mileage, but you should still get… [Read More]

3 Tips for Choosing an Accountant for Your Business

The choice of an accountant can impact your business in many ways as significantly as choosing a business partner. Once you’ve made the decision to hire one of these professionals, you’ll want to learn the best steps for choosing an accountant for your business. Remember that it’s in the best interests of your company to hire an accountant with experience in finances and with some qualities that make them a good match for your company overall. One: Decide Whether Location Matters Some companies prefer an accountant who works locally. This provides them with in-person access to the professional. However, many… [Read More]

Would You Help Or Hinder Your Children On The Property Ladder?

Picture Credit Parenthood involves many difficult decisions. From the moment they’re born, you have a significant influence on their lives. You choose their school, their hometown, and even their first outfits. And, instead of getting easier as they grow, these decisions become more complicated. Before you know it, they’ll be old enough to move out. Then, you’ll have to face the hardest decision of all: can you help them do it? Let’s be honest; the only realistic chance the younger generation have of home ownership is if they get help. And, what parent doesn’t want to see their kids in… [Read More]

Your Later Years When You Have A Family

Right now we can all be a little guilty of focusing on the present day. The plans for the summer holidays, that next holiday we are counting down to. But often parents of children forget to consider the future. Not just twelve months from now, or your five-year plan, I am talking about the later years in life when you may have retired. It can seem like years off, and rightly so when you are young at heart. However, it is worth spending some time to think about your plans and future goals. After all, as a parent, we can… [Read More]