Whatever Happens Never Forget My Beautiful Children You Complete Me 

When I first started blogging I never had any idea where it would it go or even if I would still be blogging nearly three years later. Well I am, much to my own amazement more than anybody’s! I never had a plan about what I would write about, but essentially it would be heavily based on my children’s memories and memories they have made while I have been blogging. One day they may hopefully read the blog and if I am no longer here, they can reminisce and say to each other, “oh, remember that time or this time?”… [Read More]

Mothers/Fathers Day And Schools 

So Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are over for another year, and in some ways I’m thinking thank goodness for that. Since Father’s Day something has been really niggling away at me. My five year old twin girls didn’t make a card in school for me. I found this really surprising, and will explain why. On Mother’s Day back in March, the girls made cards in school for their mum, and when they brought them home on the Friday before Mothering Sunday, they hid them and told me that mummy can’t see them until the Sunday. I just thought, aww,… [Read More]

It’s My Mum’s Birthday Today 

My mum will be 89 years old today. Quite an achievement to say the least. A very long life that I would have to say has been interesting and lively, but most importantly she has lived life to the full. At 89 years of age she is in reasonable health, although sadly house bound nowadays. Other than that she has memory lapses which are associated with old age, wait are they? I get them too! OMG ! I must be getting old too, haha! Today we will be taking her out to lunch, to celebrate her birthday. I have been… [Read More]

Scooting: If You Can’t Beat Them Join them 

When I was younger I loved to skateboard. I used to think I was the next Tony Hawk. Sadly that was very misguided, but then I became a father and a lot of those things you do in your youth get put away for another day. I’m a father of five children as regular readers of my blog will know, and I have five year old twin girls and my twins love to go to their local park, which is about a ten minute walk. Walking, well that’s not much fun! My twins love to scoot there and I always… [Read More]

DIY Gift Ideas For Mum That You And Your Kids Can Make Together

Coming up with a creative gift on mother’s day, Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you’ve been together with your partner for several plus years! As a partner and father, you will no doubt want your wife or partner to be appreciated regardless of how long you have been together. Knowing how much the mother of your children does for you and your family, you will want to show her how much you appreciate all the things she does for you. Getting your children involved in a surprise for mum can be an… [Read More]

Taking Control Of Infant Emergencies

(Image Source) Being a parent comes with a lot of different challenges and hurdles to overcome. Most new parents find themselves struggling to deal with the new work they have to do when they first have their children. And, of course, this makes sense. Bring a new person into the world was never going to be easy. Instead, you have to take these jobs head on and handle them well. One of the hardest times for a new parent is during an emergency. So, to help you out with this, this post will be going through some areas which can… [Read More]

How I Was Shown No Compassion 

With Father’s Day just yesterday it reminded of a sad moment in my life that I think I have lived to regret. In November 2015 I wrote a post called Do I See My Father Before He Dies? I poured my heart and soul out on that post. I wrote it within days of him passing away, I have to point out that I saw him the day he died after being estranged from him for about 15 years so the shock of seeing him in a coma like state was hard to bear. My father and I had no relationship… [Read More]

OMG! I’m A Soft Touch With My Kids 

When I was growing up, as I have written before there were no luxuries in life. Certainly not on a daily basis and this was due to the fact that I grew up in a single parent household and my mum simply didn’t have the money to buy me the lastest shoes, clothes or toys. I dread to think what it would have been like to be growing up in this age of technology with smart phones, designer clothes and all the latest gear that our children seem to have a must have attitude towards. I have often wondered if… [Read More]

Would You Help Or Hinder Your Children On The Property Ladder?

Picture Credit Parenthood involves many difficult decisions. From the moment they’re born, you have a significant influence on their lives. You choose their school, their hometown, and even their first outfits. And, instead of getting easier as they grow, these decisions become more complicated. Before you know it, they’ll be old enough to move out. Then, you’ll have to face the hardest decision of all: can you help them do it? Let’s be honest; the only realistic chance the younger generation have of home ownership is if they get help. And, what parent doesn’t want to see their kids in… [Read More]

So You Won’t Change When You Become A Parent? HaHa! 

There are some things that really amuse me in life, and one particular situation that never ceases to raise a smile and a little giggle if I’m honest is listening to people who have no children, but are possibly planning a family in the near future. Hearing them saying that having a baby won’t change the way they live their lives. OMG! It will change you to the point where you won’t recognise yourself at times. Believe me I have five children and I am not even close to how I was before having children. Of course there will always be… [Read More]