My Premature Twins: World Prematurity Day

Regular readers of my blog will know I’m a father of five children and there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t feel lucky and blessed to have five healthy children. Of my five children, two of them are five year old twins who were born premature. They were six weeks early. When I look back upon that time five years ago, it never fails to bring a tear to eye and make me very emotional, because they really were tough times. If you haven’t had a premature baby, it’s impossible to explain the rollercoaster of emotion you… [Read More]

Lessons Learnt: Lessons Taught Parent To Child

Growing up for me was at times very difficult. Did I learn anything about parenting from my own parents that I would be able to put to good use when I became a parent? The honest answer is no! Or least nothing that I could use because my parents were not the sort of role models you would wish for that’s for sure. I have always believed if we want our children to be an important part of society and make society a better place to live in we have to give them the tools and education to be good… [Read More]

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

It’s unbelievable that it’s nearly 12 months since last Christmas, but Christmas is nearly here again, and I for one couldn’t be happier! I love Christmas, especially when you have five year old twin girls. The magic of Christmas is still very much alive in our home. So here we go! Here is my Christmas Gift Guide for 2017. There is something for everyone, kids, him, her and tech lovers. First up on the Christmas gift guide is for those little darlings in your life, your children. Children 1. Heelys £49.95 First up we have these Heelys X2 Bolt Plus… [Read More]

OK! Let’s Move On From CBeebies Your 5 Years Old

For five very long years CBeebies is permanently on in our home during the waking hours of our wonderful five year old twin girls. When oh when will this end, please tell me it will be soon I can’t take any more of the Twirlywoos, Bing and Postman Pat. No, wait I actually look forward to Postman Pat at 7.30am, it starts my day off just perfectly, I can go off to work in the knowledge that Pat saved the day again. Of course this is what all the posties in the world do everyday. The world would be a… [Read More]

The World Has Entered Crazy Out Of Control

There doesn’t seem to be a day that passes nowadays where something terrible and tragic has happened in the world somewhere. In just the last few weeks we have had the Las Vegas shootings in which so many innocent people lost their lives, and countless injured. As the story unfolded it totally shocked me that one individual could carry out such an atrocious crime. It truly was beyond belief. In Somali just the other day a bomb exploded by the taliban which killed 230+ people. Another act of violence that for me beggars belief. On top of just these two… [Read More]

Snow Dogs Wales

On Saturday of last weekend we decided to go to our local science centre in Cardiff Bay called Techniquest. Our five year old twins love experimenting with all the different exhibits. I quite enjoy it myself if I’m honest. Haha! Big kid at heart. The point of the trip wasn’t just to visit techniquest though. In Cardiff and the surrounding areas, there is a charity fundraiser going on called #snowdogswales. You may be wondering exactly what it’s all about so I will explain. #snowdogswales is raising money for a local children’s hospice called Ty Hafen. I was very fortunate a… [Read More]

Having Parents That Are Both Bloggers: Are The Kids Lucky Or Spoilt

My wife and I are both Bloggers as many of you probably already know. I’m a father of five children, two of whom are five year old twin girls. The most fascinating thing to me is that they are fully aware that mummy and daddy blog. I’m assuming to them that this means parcels turn up at the door on a regular basis which at this time of the year seems to be everyday, that it’s Christmas week every week. Nowadays if we are sent toys for review, PR’s are asking if we can include our children in the images… [Read More]

Just Being A Parent

There is a title that covers a multitude of sins. Let’s be fair if you are a parent, you will know what I’m talking about. It’s tough,difficult,hard, exhausting, in fact it’s the toughest job that as an adult we will ever have. We will wing it make it up as we go along and will constantly get it wrong. As a parent sometimes you are damm if you do or damm if you don’t. No matter how old your children are they will constantly have melt-downs, or keep you up half the night as babies, and actually as teenagers they… [Read More]

Why Is It I Don’t Give My Mum A Hug Or Kiss?

I am by nature a loving person, and have never had a problem giving my wife or children a hug and a kiss. Truth be told I’m quite often looking for an excuse to do exactly that. I don’t need encouraging that’s for sure! Growing up, as I have often written about was a home, although it is difficult to call it a home. It was more of a house if I’m honest. The truth is, it lacked love and any family feel whatsoever. I wonder if that has impacted on my inability to hug or give my mum a… [Read More]

My Superhero and Princess have joined Rainbows

My twin girls will turn six years old on their next birthday which is at the beginning of next year. Up until now we have only dabbled in after school activities. We tried football, but unfortunately that ended in tears after about 15 minutes, and needless to say we never went back. Amazingly R always says she wants to play football, but when it comes to the moment of starting she simply doesn’t go through with it. M tried ballet lessons, and this did last a few weeks, but I think because R was adamant she did want to do… [Read More]