Tomboy: Its Actually An Offensive Word If You Are Girl 

I recently read a post by my very good friend  Alan who blogs at OMG It’s A Girl called ‘Don’t call me tomboy’. It’s a truly brilliant post about his little girl. What I particularly like about the post is the history behind the word ‘tomboy’ and that it actually dated back to the 16th century, which as Alan said is where it belongs, completly right as well. Another blogger that I admire and have the utmost respect for is Simon who blogs at Man vs Pink. Simon has always written extensively about the gender stereotyping that is so prevalent towards our… [Read More]

My Five Year Old Twin Has Developed Empathy 

The other day I wrote how hard it is watching my mum getting old. Her mobility is probably now at its worst. It’s not a common occurrence, but one of the most unfortunate things of getting old is for no real reason old people tend to fall over and my mother is no different. What came as a revelation was my five year old twin daughter showing empathy. I was in for a shock about how one of my five year old twin girls would react to the news that her Nanna had fallen and may have to go to… [Read More]

How Fatherhood Has Changed Over the Years 

Fatherhood has dramatically changed since I have been a dad in the last 21 years, but wow! How it’s changed in the 50 years. When I was growing up, there is no doubt that the master of the household was Dad. I guess it’s down to the fact that he in essence was the breadwinner, king of of his castle and this gave him, I believe the misconception that his word was law. Society of that time though accepted this as normal behaviour, but the world was going to change. No longer was mum going to be able to shout… [Read More]

Watching My Mum Get Old. It’s Heartbreaking! 

This year my mum wil be 89 years old, and over the last few years her health and well being has taken a dramatic turn for the worst. It’s been a very difficult situation for me to watch as her quality of life is far from good.  About two years ago I wrote how my mum made me sad one day. My mum said to me that she thought she should go in a home. This was really unpleasant to hear, but I also understood where she was coming from. She is lonely and her main source of company is… [Read More]

What Will Be, Will Be

This statement is one that I heard many years ago and to a large degree I have led my life this way. Why you may well ask? The truth is that I often wonder if we can really change our lives or is it simply planned out for us well in advance? Maybe even from the day we take our first breath in this world. Is it possible that the path we take is pre-determined for us? Actually, I think it is! I came up the hard way in life and I had to make my own luck at times,… [Read More]

Parents: Those Disapproving Looks Of Judgement 

We have all been in the supermarket, restaurant, shopping centre or simply going about our business walking down the street, when in the background increasing in volume you can hear a child having a trantrum, screaming the place down or a baby crying. No one knows why, but there will always be a reason. The moments I loathe are people who walk past muttering under their breath their disapproval and the fact you must be a bad parent. Of course you are not! Regular readers of my blog will know I have five children and I could just lie now… [Read More]

Mother’s Day 

Today is the day that we celebrate the very reason we are here in the world, our mums.  In my life there are two mums. One is my mum and the other is my wife of whom I have 5 year old twin girls with. I am going to start with my mum. My mum is elderly and every year now I do wonder if this is the last year I will celebrate Mother’s Day with her. It’s hard to put into words what my mum means to me, but I will give it my effort.  My mum has always… [Read More]

Calling a Step Parent Mum or Dad.

We have in life two people that are biological parents and they are usually known as Mum and Dad. By definition they are the reason we are here. Without them having that moment of passion, we would not have been born. We simply wouldn’t exist. We will all grow up with either both, one or neither of our parents in our life. In the world we live in today it seems to me that couples split up and the children the in middle eventually end up calling their parents new partners mum or dad. The question I’m asking is, is… [Read More]

Half: Brothers and Sisters 

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have five children from two marriages. The oldest three are from my first marriage and my five year old twin girls are from my second marriage.  When my wife and I found out she was pregnant, which we found out was going to be twins, I had one overwhelming fear which was how accepting will my older children be at having two new half sisters? My worry and fear was that I didn’t want them to feel in any way that they were less loved or thought of or wanted by… [Read More]

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 

I can’t believe next week will be February already! Before we know it Mother’s Day will be here! That leaves approximately 8 weeks left to buy that all important present for your mum. Which doesn’t leave you much time to choose a gift.  As a son myself and a dad of four year old twin girls, I have to buy for my own mum and also for my wife from our daughters. I thought I would share with you my Mother’s Day ideas because I have found a great website with so many fantastic Mother’s Day gift sets. So here… [Read More]