Keeping Your Kids Safe Online: How to Spot a Problem

Online safety is a huge concern for parents today. With kids spending time online from a much younger age, these worries can start very early. Young children may find it hard to understand the risks involved with using the internet. Or, you may be reluctant to explain too much, worried that it may frighten or confuse them. Even older children who are aware of the risks can find it hard to recognize the signs of trouble if it’s not something they have experienced before. Image courtesy of pexels While you should take measures to ensure your child stays safe, such… [Read More]

Second Time Around: Making the Wedding Special

Image sourced from Pixabay Second weddings are certainly not uncommon. Some people remarry after divorce, and some after they have been widowed. Other people have a second ceremony to reaffirm their vows. A second wedding might not be second for both people getting married. Sometimes you might both have been married before, but for one of you, it could be your first marriage. Whether it’s the second time around for both of you or not, making sure your wedding is still special is important. Perhaps you don’t want to go all out like you did last time or you want… [Read More]

If I Hadn’t

If I hadn’t got married twice and fathered five children, I would probably be driving a Bentley, living the dream and I’d have pots of money in the bank. Would I change if I could turn back time? That’s a tough question! Material things in life that can make you happy or love that has no conditions or boundaries. Which one would I choose? The truth is, it’s a no brainer. I would have picked the Bentley! No, no, I’m only joking! I would always pick the love of five children and a beautiful, stunning wife, but why you may… [Read More]

Sandwiches And The School Run OMG! Its Back!

Where have the last six weeks gone? The summer holidays are over and it’s back to the packed lunches and the mayhem of the school run. Get dressed for school! Where are your school shoes? We are going to be late! Hurry up turn and the tv off! Do you need need the toilet? It’s raining, you need a coat! Let’s go! No, wait! Where are your school bags? Have I got to do everything kids….? Come on this is crazy! Every morning it’s a mad rush to just get out of the house, let alone arrive at the school… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo

Yesterday we visited a National Trust site near to where we live called Dyffryn Gardens. It’s a fantastic house set in the most beautiful gardens. My twin girls got to play croquet and had a great time wandering around the gardens. Discovering many things including a very large pumpkin patch. We went around the house and in one particular room, they were able to dress up as soldiers, which they loved doing. I love this photo, because I think they are so cute! I think I may be a bit bias. Haha! I guess we are now all enlisted to… [Read More]

Raising Daughters And Sons: Do We Approach It Differently 

I have often wondered, because I have four daughters and one son, if I have raised them differently? Am I easier on my daughters or am I tougher on my son? I do think I have I raised my older children which is two daughters and a son in exactly the same way. Which is to work hard at school, to achieve the best results possible, and have the ambition to achieve as much as possible. Don’t allow anything to stop you wanting to be what you want to be. Society has a habit still in the 21st century, to… [Read More]

Swearing In Front Of Our Children

This is a very hot subject at the moment. It even made it onto Good Morning Britain. Of course this is just my own personal opinion, because however parents want to raise their children is entirely there own choice. Which I am not judging. So an Australian blogger said that it's ok to swear in front of children, and also said that it's ok if children swear in front of you. Well I for one think it's totally unacceptable. I simply don't think that in any context it is ok for any child to be swearing in front of family… [Read More]

Whatever Happens Never Forget My Beautiful Children You Complete Me 

When I first started blogging I never had any idea where it would it go or even if I would still be blogging nearly three years later. Well I am, much to my own amazement more than anybody’s! I never had a plan about what I would write about, but essentially it would be heavily based on my children’s memories and memories they have made while I have been blogging. One day they may hopefully read the blog and if I am no longer here, they can reminisce and say to each other, “oh, remember that time or this time?”… [Read More]

Mothers/Fathers Day And Schools 

So Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are over for another year, and in some ways I’m thinking thank goodness for that. Since Father’s Day something has been really niggling away at me. My five year old twin girls didn’t make a card in school for me. I found this really surprising, and will explain why. On Mother’s Day back in March, the girls made cards in school for their mum, and when they brought them home on the Friday before Mothering Sunday, they hid them and told me that mummy can’t see them until the Sunday. I just thought, aww,… [Read More]

It’s My Mum’s Birthday Today 

My mum will be 89 years old today. Quite an achievement to say the least. A very long life that I would have to say has been interesting and lively, but most importantly she has lived life to the full. At 89 years of age she is in reasonable health, although sadly house bound nowadays. Other than that she has memory lapses which are associated with old age, wait are they? I get them too! OMG ! I must be getting old too, haha! Today we will be taking her out to lunch, to celebrate her birthday. I have been… [Read More]