How Having Kids Impacts Your Relationship With Your Car

When you’re a young independent guy, your car can often feel like one of the most important things in your life. It’s not just the four wheels that you use to get around, it’s a symbol of who you are, of your freedom and independence. The stereotype of a young guy being overly attached to his car might be kind of funny, but it’s also pretty understandable. Of course, as with everything else, that can change pretty drastically when you have a family of your own. Having kids can completely change your priorities in just about every single area of… [Read More]

Getting Your Van Ready For Business

Nowadays many people are self-employed and lots of people are either trades people or offer delivery services. This means it’s important to have your van properly equipped to do whatever your job is and also to ensure it’s done in a very efficient way so you don’t lose any time through lack of organisation. I have been a painter and decorator for about 20 years which quite often also includes doing handyman jobs, and I have always used a van. All too often it involves working long hours which is ok, but time can be wasted because I can’t find… [Read More]

What Makes A Family Car?

If you regularly travel with your family, whether down the road or across the state, then you’re going to want to make sure that you have the most suitable family car. Having a safe and reliable car to transport your family from place to place is a must. What makes this kind of car? A Darker Colored Interior Although this probably isn’t the most important aspect, a dark colored interior will keep your car looking better for longer. After all, you don’t want your toddler dropping chocolate on it, or your son’s muddy soccer boots making a mess. Sliding Seats… [Read More]

A Lifetime of Driving in Numbers

I’ve been driving for well over twenty years now so when I recently read some new research by affordable car hire company which reveals British motorists will drive over half a milion miles in a lifetime – the equivalent to 22 times around the earth, I was pretty surprised! That’s certainly a lot of driving!  British motorists will also fork out £168,880 on the running costs of vehicle ownership, have 1,935 rows and 2,709 episodes of road rage in a lifetime. I’ve had my fair share of rows and have sadly experienced road rage so it’s staggering to read figures… [Read More]

4 habits that are driving up your motoring costs

Most people like to think that they’re a good driver, or at the very least, not too bad. In reality though, lots of us have some bad habits that are actually costing us money every time we hit the road. In this post, I hope to highlight some of the worst habits and look at how changing a few things can help make your money go further.  Letting your car insurance automatically renew Even if you’re strapped for time, it’s important to shop around for insurance and not to automatically accept the quote that your existing insurer gives you. An… [Read More]