Co-Sleeping And Twins Seriously What’s The Problem

Our twin girls are six years old and yes! Shock horror they still find their way into our bed most nights of the week, does it bother me well quite honestly not a lot. This is my reasons why? Nothing in this world can prepare you for having twin babies, two demanding babies who each want feeding, a nappy change and want a nap, and this is usually happening at the same time. It’s a 24/7 job that gives you basically no rest for the first 18 months. So it would be no surprise that eventually you give in and… [Read More]

My Eldest Daughter J Wow! You Make Me So Proud

My eldest daughter, J, like all of my children make me feel so happy inside and outside, and they all never cease to amaze me with the achievements that they keep achieving in life. It’s actually never ending. Friday of last week was one such day that my love and pride of my children was just making my heart burst in a way that only your children can manage to do. As they progress through life, we all hope that the the goals and ambitions they have set out for themselves are achieved. It’s always a worry they won’t, but… [Read More]

My Dad Commandments

If you are a regular reader of my little space on the internet, you will know that I have been a dad for 22 years. This at times has felt like a life sentence! In fact I think you will get get less jail time for murder! During those 22 years I have learnt that there are certain lines that you don’t cross with your children, and I have mentally developed the commandments of fatherhood. They are all stored in my subconscious waiting to be called upon to navigate fatherhood, which will hopefully make fatherhood a slightly easier path, rather… [Read More]

Twins That Have Entered My Life

There have been three sets of twins in my life, and there is no doubt it’s a very unique relationship that I guess is only really possible to understand if you are a twin yourself. The sets of twins that I have crossed paths in my life started when I was a child, and a lot of what I say here is what I have been told over the years. My biological father, who when I was child, had little or no involvement with me. I discovered when I was just entering my teenage years that he was actually a… [Read More]

Why Do Kids Become Weapons: When Relationship’s Go Wrong

Divorce in the world today is forever on the increase. There are probably a number of reasons why it’s on the rise. The pressures of life are far greater than ever before with work and money worries, which also seem to be greater today than ever before. Generally speaking the pressures of life and relationships in particular can be immense. It appears nowadays that people split up and file for divorce very quickly, because it’s easier than ever to get divorced. If I’m honest, divorce being easier to achieve is actually a good thing, and of course nowadays it does… [Read More]

How Much DIY Help Is Possible When Your Child Is Depressed?

Have you ever had the experience of your responsibilities and abilities being entirely mismatched, and not in a good way? If you can answer “no” to this question, is your name James Bond? A large part of parenting seems to involve confronting problems with no obvious solutions, or even an entry in the Parenting Manual’s index. Seeing that your child may be suffering from depression can certainly make you wonder what to do next. Encourage Shared Activities It’s obvious when you think about it, but scheduling a time in your day planner marked “serious talk about depression”, forcing your child… [Read More]

The Perfect Mother’s Day Cake With InterCake #ad

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us. It’s one of those days that mum can be super spoilt by her children. This Mother’s Day I have teamed up with InterCake so that my six year old twin girls can give their mummy a very special surprise. A cake that has a very personal touch to make Mother’s Day just that little bit better for her. So what’s so special about InterCake? Well, I shall tell you. You can personalise the cake with a photo of mummy or a photo of mummy with her little darlings which is what I decided to… [Read More]

Do Dads Suffer More Emotionally And Financially After Divorce

I have been married twice in my life. My first marriage ended in divorce, and this left me emotionally, and financially damaged. I also had to re-build my life from scratch, and after 15 years or so, and three children, it wasn’t easy, and it took me many years to be in a happy place again. I’m not saying that only men suffer in divorce because that would be too much of a one sided argument. Obviously women are affected by divorce as well. What I’m actually saying is generally men lose so much more after divorce. Emotionally, men in… [Read More]