The Sun Has Arrived Finally: My Sunday Photo

So finally the beast of the east has left us, and the skies have turned blue, and there is a strange yellow circle called the sun shining brightly, and quite honestly it feels like it’s been six months since we last saw the sun. No wait, it is six months since we last saw it, haha! So yesterday we decided to meet up with family and visit our local park for a picnic and a day out for some fun. Our local park is about a ten minute drive from where we live. It is fantastic to have a park… [Read More]

The Kids Have A New Home: My Sunday Photo

Yes! We have had enough of our twins, and built them a new home outside in the garden. It is without question kid safe, weatherproof, and of course summer is coming so the nights will be warmer. The perfect thing about our girls new home is that it has locks so there is no escaping, although you may notice that there is only one of them in there at the moment. My wife is running around the garden with a net trying to catch the other one at the time of this photo being taken! There is also a hatch… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo: Sibling Twin Love

If you have been reading my blog you will know that this has been a very tough week for me. Truth be told, since Christmas my health in general has been all over the place. The cause of most of it has been down to high blood pressure, and the inability of my GP to regulate it properly which resulted in me having a stroke. That’s another story when it comes to my GP, and there is no point holding a grudge. I need them on my side not against me at this time. Any way, a couple days after… [Read More]

My Wife And The Rabbit: My Sunday Photo

This weeks photo is completely and totally dedicated to a rabbit called Snuggles, and his sidekick. Yes, sadly that’s my wife. It’s that Easter moment. On a recent trip to Pets at Home where I thought she was just buying hay and sawdust, haha, who am I kidding?! My wife always comes home with a new toy for Snuggles, but on this occasion this really did beat them all! My wife bought Snuggles a straw hat, and then had to have a picture taken with him! To say she is obsessed with our family rabbit Snuggles is an understatement! It… [Read More]

First Teeth: My Sunday Photo

My twin girls turned six years old last month and one of them has finally lost one of their first teeth. Considering they have around 20 teeth each, making 40 teeth altogether, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. So the other day while we were on a visit to my mums house, the girls nana, I was sitting next to R when all of sudden she was holding a tooth in her hand! I have to admit it wasn’t a huge surprise because it had been wobbling for about two weeks. We had talked to the girls about the tooth… [Read More]

Snow Days: My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo is a bit of a change for me. It’s in black and white and I think it works really well, with all the snow that the UK has seen in the last few days. As for me, well, I’m my six year old daughters slave! Pulling them along in the sledges, which of course were bought for a very unreasonable price for just two days of use. When will be the next time they will be used? Most likely 10 years from now! Then again the girls will be 16 years old then, so not sure they… [Read More]

My First Flying Lesson: My Sunday Photo

Yesterday I had my first flying lesson and sadly things didn’t quite go to plan. As you can see from my Sunday Photo this week. Of course, I’m only joking. I’m not sure I would have walked away from this plane crash, and I probably wouldn’t be allowed to have another lesson. Haha! We went to our local farm for a few hours as a special treat for our five year twin girls as half term comes to an end. We have been to this particular farm quite a number of times over the years, and this plane has always… [Read More]

Alone On The School Playground: My Sunday Photo

Doing the school run on Friday took on a whole meaning. I think I was a little bit early to start, and found myself on the playground by myself and my only company was two school chairs. So what do you do when there is a chair or two on the school playground and you have a 20 minute wait till your children finish school? Sit down of course and have a rest, which is exactly as I did. What I found interesting was the strange looks I received from other parents as they arrived to collect their children. It… [Read More]