My First Flying Lesson: My Sunday Photo

Yesterday I had my first flying lesson and sadly things didn’t quite go to plan. As you can see from my Sunday Photo this week. Of course, I’m only joking. I’m not sure I would have walked away from this plane crash, and I probably wouldn’t be allowed to have another lesson. Haha! We went to our local farm for a few hours as a special treat for our five year twin girls as half term comes to an end. We have been to this particular farm quite a number of times over the years, and this plane has always… [Read More]

Alone On The School Playground: My Sunday Photo

Doing the school run on Friday took on a whole meaning. I think I was a little bit early to start, and found myself on the playground by myself and my only company was two school chairs. So what do you do when there is a chair or two on the school playground and you have a 20 minute wait till your children finish school? Sit down of course and have a rest, which is exactly as I did. What I found interesting was the strange looks I received from other parents as they arrived to collect their children. It… [Read More]

Following In Mummy’s Footsteps: My Sunday Photo

My Sunday photo this week is all about how my five year old twin girls are following in their mummy’s footsteps with their running, and how my wife is inspiring them to lead fit and healthy lives. In the month of January the girls entered a challenge which was called the 5 mile challenge. They completed it in great style and with total dedication. On Thursday they received  their medals in the post – this is their third medal for running and they are only five years old. On Friday they were lucky enough to show their medals at their… [Read More]

This Little One Always Makes Me Smile: My Sunday Photo

Over the last few weeks, with the health issues I have been having, my mood has at times been all over the place. I have definitely felt quite down at the situation that I am in. Thankfully I have children that never fail to put a smile on my face, and in particular one of my twin daughters, M, always gives me a smile when I need it most. With her exuberance and zest for life that only a five year little girl can have, who has not been influenced by the world’s problems. Her character and personality is lively,… [Read More]

Our New Family Member: My Sunday Photo

Yesterday I wrote a post wondering, if I am a pet sort of a person. Well, it’s been 24 hours since the newest member of our family was brought home from the pet shop. If I’m honest it’s actually growing on me having a family pet. We told our five year old twins on Friday night that we were going to go to the pet shop to buy a rabbit. To say they were a bit excited on Friday night at bedtime would be an understatement! We had made some phone calls during the week and decided where we were… [Read More]

Children Of The Forest: My Sunday Photo

After the topsy turvy week that I have had, which at times was very frightening, but hopefully now I am on the mend. Yesterday we went out to the local park, and whilst there and walking through the deepest darkest woods, in suburban Britain, we came across the children of the forest. They were bordering feral and armed with very large wooden stakes, smiling at us trying to lead us into a false sense of security before taking us down. No, wait! That’s our five year old twin girls, R and M! We forgot to take them home last week,… [Read More]

Stylists In The Making: My Sunday Photo

My five year old twin girls are budding stylists and this picture shows exactly how far they have come. It lacks nothing! It has creativity, the use of many accessories and they’re clearly paving the way of a whole new fashion sense for 2018. My wife? Well! What an improvement! Even if she does resemble Cindy Loo Who from the grinch, as my eldest daughter pointed out, but I think Cindy Loo Who just edges the look! For all of that, my wife does wear it well. If you want to try and recreate this awesome, amazing look, all it… [Read More]

My Four Daughters Or Donkeys :My Sunday Photo

On one of those very rare moments all five of my children were in the same room. And I captured this particularly magical moment where young meets old playing a game of “Don’t Be A Donkey”, I’m not sure much playing of the game was actually happening, it was a more a case of let’s pretend we are donkeys and take a selfie. While they messing around trying to take a selfie, I snapped this moment. I love the relationship between my five children, especially with the age gap of nearly 16 years, because they still have so much fun,… [Read More]