Sisters: My Sunday Photo

On Wednesday just gone it was my birthday, and my 20 year old daughter came home from university for a few days. Which was wonderful as I got to see her on my birthday, many moments make your life worthwhile, and my Sunday Photo this week is without a doubt, one of them. Whenever my daughter E comes home from university, her sisters R and M are so excited to see her, they love having her around, and cuddles are the order of the day. They are always asking her when she is due back home so they can see… [Read More]

The Twins Turned Five and OMG! They Have Changed 

Just under two weeks ago our twin girls, R and M, turned five years old. Along with turning five I think they had character and personality changes as well. There was a time when they were four years old all of a fortnight ago that they were the best of friends. Well, I wouldn’t call them bad friends now, but they are learning the art of getting their sister into trouble with mum and dad on a scale that is incredibly irritating to mum and dad! Some examples of this new found ability of telling tales are: We are in… [Read More]

My Two Eldest Daughters Have Grown Up 

There was definitely a point in my mid to late teens that it was not cool to be seen in public with my parents. In my case it was just my mum. The days of going to Tesco to do the weekly shop was a big NO NO! Just in case I bumped into any of my friends. Conversation between the two of us became less and was usually limited to what I wanted to eat for tea, and if you are going out what time will you be home.  There was a time before this that I would have… [Read More]

Half: Brothers and Sisters 

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have five children from two marriages. The oldest three are from my first marriage and my five year old twin girls are from my second marriage.  When my wife and I found out she was pregnant, which we found out was going to be twins, I had one overwhelming fear which was how accepting will my older children be at having two new half sisters? My worry and fear was that I didn’t want them to feel in any way that they were less loved or thought of or wanted by… [Read More]

My Brother: How Things work out in Life 

I have written before about my sibling relationships and how unfortunately due to a very dysfunctional childhood it’s left the relationship with my sibling in tatters to the point today that none of us speak to each other. It is very sad, but its just the way life works out.   Growing up I have so many fantastic memories of my brother, so instead of focusing on the negatives of a dysfunctional upbringing I thought I would relate some incredible memories of a very strong sibling relationship I had with my brother before it all went wrong.  I am the… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo ( Big Sister) 

This weekend my 19 year old daughter came home for the weekend from university.  Her twin sisters R and M miss her so much, when she is away studying at university,and never stop talking about her. So it is was a special moment on Saturday morning when they got to have cuddles with her on the sofa.  Although there is a 14 year age gap it never ceases to amaze me how strong the sibling bond is. A very special relationship. 

My sibling relationships

I was recently mentioned by John who blogs at Dad Blog UK as a dad blogger to follow, which I have to say I felt very humbled by. In it John mentioned two posts of mine, do I see my father before he dies?, and my childhood, marriages and children looking back. All of this got me thinking a little about my estranged relationships with my older brother and sister. The great sadness of my parents doomed marriage was where it should have brought us siblings together and made the relationships forever strong, it had very much the reverse effect…. [Read More]

The benefits of having twins

I remember the day when we were told we could bring our twin girls home from special care. After 27 long days, home was in sight. The day before we took them home, my wife and I stayed in the parent room inside the special care unit with the girls on our own. Our first night alone, although the nurses and doctors were just next door! I’m not a person that easily panics, but in a moment of being in the room on our own with the girls it gave me a huge anxiety attack and I needed a breath… [Read More]

My daughter E is coming home for Easter.

Today I am off to Southampton to collect my daughter E from university for the Easter break. It hasn’t been that long since I last saw her, but that doesn’t alter the fact that I miss her living in the same city as me. I will be leaving about 6am for a two hour drive and my oldest daughter J will be keeping me company on the journey.  All of us miss her and her twin sisters especially miss her, as I know she misses them too. Her nana also misses her, especially as she didn’t get to see her… [Read More]