Easter Break: Summer Is Nearly Here! YAY! 

I love summertime because my job as a painter and decorator is made much easier with lovely sunny weather in planning my work and it hopefully works out on the dates I plan. Firstly though with Easter just behind us, this always makes me feel that much closer to summer and seeing the back of winter and it’s terrible weather so I thought I would give a quick update of my Easter break. The twins were definitely ready for a break from school. They had only had one week off since Christmas and it’s so easy to forget that this… [Read More]

Making The Most Of The Garden That You Have

Don’t feel content with your garden and how it looks? If you’re not as happy with your family garden as you could be, then it’s time to make some changes. Regardless of how big or small your garden is, you should make the most of the outdoor space that you have. Believe it or not, any outdoor space can be made into a nice place to spend time in, regardless of the size, shape, and location. It’s just a case of being willing to get creative with it and do some out-of-the-box thinking, that’s all. To make the most of… [Read More]

Family Summer Holidays This Year 

There is a huge chance that I may sound ungrateful about the holidays that I will be going on this year, but I work hard and earn good money and I have a definite idea of what is my ideal holiday. I would always consider my ideal holiday to be an all inclusive sun holiday, usually on one of the Balearic Islands in Spain. I love the fact that all your food is ready and cooked for you and you then have a few hours to decide what time you want to eat, for me to be waited on and… [Read More]

Quick DIY Fixes To Do This Summer

Photo:unsplash  Summer really is the best time of year. If you have children, then you can share in their enthusiasm for it. Every kid looks forward to the summer holidays and being there with them to enjoy it is one of the great pleasures of being a parent. It is also a great time to go away on holiday. You spend all winter and spring looking forward to escaping the everyday pressures of life and kicking back for a while. But if you are going to really start your summer off properly, you need to make sure that you finally… [Read More]

My daughter is home for summer from university

Last Friday I drove down to Southampton university to pick up my 19 year old daughter for the summer holidays. My 21 year old daughter and 17 year old son came with me to surprise their sister and to have a nosey at her new accommodation now that she has moved out of the university halls. She has completed her first year studying for a nursing degree. Nursing is a very different degree course to most university courses. For starters it’s longer and they only get one month off in the summer.  My daughter has settled well into university life… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo

On Friday,I went down to Southampton university to pick up my 19 year old daughter,for the rest of the summer holidays. One of her sisters and brother came along to give her a surprise. Yes I know it looks like I’m driving without my hands on the wheel. Just to reassure everybody we are stopped at traffic lights. Which gave us a perfect photo opportunity. 

Breaking up the boredom of the summer holidays

The school summer holidays have now started and as a part-time stay at home dad, I was beginning to think about what I can do to make sure my four year old twin girls don’t get bored when I’m on duty on a Monday and Tuesday. I know I could go away on my own for six weeks – sounds like a plan!, but I wouldn’t get away with it! Never mind, it was a nice idea! Now down to the serious issue of keeping the twins entertained this summer and of course this being the UK, the weather can… [Read More]

Garden makeover for summer

With summer fast approaching I am really looking forward to using the garden. My wife has already made a start on growing some vegetables as she’s started to sow some seeds with our twin girls. One of their favourite things to do is to water them, although sometimes they can get a bit carried away! I have four year twin girls and they love being outdoors. We have a lovely enclosed garden for them to play in as the weather improves. It really is lovely to start being able to use the garden at night time as well as during… [Read More]

Summer is coming

It’s the middle of March and here in South Wales the sun has been shining for about six days. The nights are drawing out and it’s really looking like summer is coming. But wait! It’s the UK! It will be snowing next week I’m sure! The sunshine, for all of that, has got me thinking if we make the most of our limited summers in this country.  We as a family have many plans for the summer. Already my wife has been out in the greenhouse with our twin daughters planting vegetable seeds and the girls love the involvement of… [Read More]