Mobile Phones Tablets Laptops And Our Children

I was recently away on a short break in West Wales with my family and what with it being summer there were many families there on their summer holiday. What I noticed was I think quite alarming for our children. This of course may not be a problem for a lot of parents, but I was genuinely shocked at the age of children that were on mobile phones. Some children seemed to be as young as seven or eight years old. There they were tapping away on goodness knows what. I actually caught sight of what I think was a… [Read More]

The Internet of Things

How many gadgets do you have in your home? I bet that if you stopped what you were doing right now, looked up and counted all of the gadgets within plain site, that you’d easily count at least five. Dig a little deeper and open up drawers and cupboards, and I bet you that even more gadgets would appear! You’re not alone! The majority of homes are full of them! From fridges to security alarms, these gadgets are likely to do more than just make our lives easier in the future. It is thought that these items will become smarter… [Read More]

Is technology taking over

Is technology taking over? Yes is the simple answer! I have realised over the last couple of weeks my phone is super glued to my right hand and it’s actually annoying me. I started blogging about eight months ago and as month by month has passed I have become addicted to blogging, believing that I need to add new content to my blog at least five out of seven days and this simply stresses me ou,t but I believe if I want the blog to grow this has to be done. I have become obsessed with page views and getting… [Read More]