As Parents Do We Have The Right To Look at Our Teenagers Smart Phones

Teenagers and their smart phones. We have all seen it. You know they’re walking down the pavement with their eyes glued to their phone. I’m amazed they don’t walk into a lamp post or stray out into the road, but this is what the life of a teenager is like in 2017. Regular readers of my blog will know I’m a father of five children ranging in age from 22 to five year old twins. I have often wondered how far as a parent that we can go in terms of invading their privacy. Like so many of us today… [Read More]

Beware Of Teenage Daughters! Let Them Pick Their Boyfriends

I have four daughters, two of which have gone through their teenage years and during those teenage years, easily the biggest minefield is when they discover boys and decide its time for a boyfriend. This was the time when I nearly chewed right through my tongue to stop myself from saying what I was really thinking about the latest boy to enter their lives. Who, of course was the best thing to ever have happened in their lives. As a dad you are faced with a huge dilemma in more than a few ways, but one thing is for sure… [Read More]

Predicting My Twins Tastes When They Are Teenagers

About a year ago I wrote a post about my five year old twin girls and how their personalities and characters are so completely different. They are without a doubt my little superhero and princess. It’s fascinating that they are only two minutes apart in being born, but can be so totally different. The one twin M is definitely a girly girl with dresses and hair bands in abundance, and pink being the colour of choice. On the other hand my other twin R is my Superhero with Spider-Man being her character of choice and her clothes can’t have flowers… [Read More]

The Teenage Years 

I have lived a few years and looking back at life, I have often wondered what were the toughest years to live and for me it’s a no brainer. The teenage years were easily the hardest as they are for a massive percentage of young people. We all have changes in our lives, but more often than not, we are matured and experienced enough to be able to deal with a lot of  issues and changes that are put in front of us. When you are 13 years old or there about whichever gender you are, be it a boy… [Read More]

Talking periods, sex and pregnancy with my daughters

I’m a father of four daughters so the subject of periods and pregnancy was always going to come up and amazingly I thought it would embarrass me, but in truth it never did. Of course I could have given them the sugar coated version of periods and by that I mean those incredible adverts on television that of course nothing should stop you going para-gliding, rock climbing or tomb-stoning, not even a period! We have all seen those adverts that women just carry on with their extreme sports whilst having a period, ignoring the fact that women, not all I… [Read More]

Getting dressed for Prom Night

Over recent years, we in the UK appear to have adopted the prom night celebrations from Amercia. This end of year celebration for our young adults is an ever growing popular event. Being a father of three teenagers, two daughters and a son, it always seemed difficult for my daughters to find their perfect outfit for that special night. Keeping in mind that it doesn’t become too expensive! After all it’s only for a few hours and quite often the girls buy their prom dresses from far flung places like China.  This can be a very stressful time for teenagers… [Read More]

Teenage life now and then is it easier now?

Is childhood more dangerous now or is it exactly the same as when I was growing up? When I was growing up so much was swept under the carpet and if a man lived on his own down the street my mother would say stay away from that house, he is strange and not to be trusted. Looking back I can’t think of any justifiable reason why she would say that. The interesting thing for me is that if you wanted to buy alcohol it was, easy cigarettes simple too as they never checked your age. In fact I used… [Read More]