Preparing Your Kids for a Greener Future

Of all the challenges we parents encounter when raising our children, nothing is more difficult than coping with changes that we ourselves find difficult to grasp. For instance, our children are going to grow up with technology in their hands that far exceeds those bulky computers of old that we used to use at work. Computers used to be the size of entire wardrobes, but that technology has been condensed into tiny smartphones that are a thousand times more powerful. Photo Source But now that us parents have had time to catch up with the latest modern trends and social… [Read More]

Our Children Joining Clubs And Doing Activities 

When I was growing up there was little or no children’s clubs or activities. The most you could wish for was joining your local football team, or maybe cubs before moving on to scouts. It was just the way of the world I didn’t grow up in world where kids joined clubs. Thankfully that has all changed. Nowadays there are clubs and activities in abundance for all our children and it has to be a good thing. There is no doubt about that. I feel that the reason for this is that our children are all very different, and with the… [Read More]

I Have Been Lucky To Be Dad Five Times 

This is something I have often wondered when I meet people I meet and you have these conservations about each other. You know the ones, are you married? Where do you live? How many children do you have? I love the reactions on peoples faces when I say I have five children. Most people raise their eyebrows as if to say don’t you think that’s too many in today’s world? Haha! Well, maybe it is, but it was my decision and I have never regretted it for one minute. Having children for me has been the most fulfilling experience ever…. [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

Yesterday we went to a local play centre, which my five year old twins had been asking to go to, for a while now. The centre is half enclosed and half open. So it really has to be dry weather. It has lots of wooden climbing frames and a wooden castle in the middle which of course daddy had to climb to the top of with girls  It also has a zip wire and tunnel slides, there is also a very large sandpit area which the girls played in for about an hour. So there was plenty for them to… [Read More]

What Chance Do My Kids Stand In This Messed Up UK 

I would like to first of all say I am no political expert, in fact I’m not even close, but of course that doesn’t allow me not to have an opinion on the current mess I feel the UK is in. In the last year we have have just about had everything you can imagine thrown at us. Of course it started with the referendum on whether we stay a part of the EU. Just for the record, I voted to stay and be a part of the European Union. I will give my reasons why later in this post…. [Read More]

My Five Year Old Twins Are Finding Independence 

When you are five years old it never ceases to amaze me how quickly children change and develop, and my five year old twins are no different to other children. In school they have recently been moved up a level in their reading books which was very pleasing to see. Both the girls recognition of words is frightening. They are at the tender age of five, but they’re becoming quite accomplished readers and making only the occasional mistake. It’s really amazing how they develop the ability to read. I have noticed other changes in the girls which I also find… [Read More]

Protecting Preemie Babies With Pampers: My Story #ad

I’m a dad of five children. My two youngest children are twin girls who are now five years old. They are of course very normal, funny, sometimes mischievous healthy little girls, but when they were born they were premature. The girls were six weeks early and they needed a lot of medical attention. My wife and I knew that the girls were going to be born early from about 30 weeks into the pregnancy. We found out that twin two (M) had stop growing in the womb. She had a condition called IUGR, which basically meant she had stop growing… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

My Sunday photo is related to a post I published on Friday about the use of the word Tomboy. When calling a girl a Tomboy. I actually think it is a very offensive term to use. You can read the full post here.  My photo this week is perfect to show that my twins are girls, but that doesn’t mean they can’t climb, wear hoodies and play at anything they want. This picture captures it perfectly, I think. I will always be teaching my twin girls that they can be anything they want in life. I am teaching them to… [Read More]

The School Playground And Me

A little while after my five year old twin girls started school I wrote a post called the a lone dad on the mum playground. There is no doubt at that time that I felt quite isolated on the school playground. I’m happy to say that I don’t feel like that anymore, although at times, I don’t always feel part of the crowd, not that that’s vitally important to me, but it is nice to have some conversation with other parents and for me that includes a conversation with other mum’s and dads. I also feel that it is a great… [Read More]