Keeping Your Kids Healthy During The Holidays

The summer holidays are looming, and every parent wants to make sure that the holidays are packed with fun, rather than worrying about illnesses or emergencies. Of course, it’s not always possible to avoid accidents, and you never know when illness will strike, but there are some steps you can take to try and keep your kids as healthy as possible while school’s out.Book a trip to the dentist If you haven’t been to the dentist in the last 6-9 months, the holidays are a great time to book a trip to the dental clinic. Routine checks only take a… [Read More]

Our Day Trip To The Seaside

So far this summer the weather has been very good in comparison to our usual British summer. We normally have two weeks of sun, then it rains for two months solid. Haha! But hey, that’s the UK! Last Saturday we decided to go to a local beach about a 20 minute drive away from home. The main reason being was that the girls had been on a school trip there on the Thursday and wanted to go back. It’s quite a strange feeling as I had not been to this particular beach for many years. In fact since I was… [Read More]

Whatever Happens Never Forget My Beautiful Children You Complete Me 

When I first started blogging I never had any idea where it would it go or even if I would still be blogging nearly three years later. Well I am, much to my own amazement more than anybody’s! I never had a plan about what I would write about, but essentially it would be heavily based on my children’s memories and memories they have made while I have been blogging. One day they may hopefully read the blog and if I am no longer here, they can reminisce and say to each other, “oh, remember that time or this time?”… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

My Sunday photo this week is our day trip to the seaside, with my five year old twin girls R and M. We arrived early and stayed all day and had just the most perfect day. What I love about this photo is the way M is kicking her leg up, so cute always posing haha! Also it was a strange experience because I stood on this beach at the same age as the girls and we are back there again. Lovely memories to recollect and making new memories for my five year old twins R and M. Full blog… [Read More]

School Trips: My Fears 

I was prompted to write this post when I heard on the news today of a school mini-bus having an accident with a lorry and unfortunately a fourteen year old schoolgirl died with a number of injuries. I know this is rare and thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but it’s my greatest fear about school trips. I have often wondered if I am the only person who gets paranoid when their children go on a school trip for the day. Last Thursday my five year old twins went on their summer trip to a local beach about 12 miles from… [Read More]

Disney Convert Or Still Disney Grumpy? The Magic of Disney Part 2 

In my last Disney post I finished up at the illuminations on day two. I didn’t think it could get any better, how wrong was I?! So, here we go. It’s now onto day three and the time certainly goes quickly. Our holiday is moving at very high speed. The one thing that has amazed me is how our five year old twins had walked just about everywhere and on just rare occasions asked to be picked up and carried. The only thing I can put this down to is the fact that’s it’s Disneyland Paris and believe me, if… [Read More]

My Five Year Old Twins: Oh! The Arguments 

In the last month or so I have noticed a change in my five year old twins, which at times is wonderful, beautiful and fills me with so much pride that they are my daughters. Then there are times where I could happily sell them on eBay! I’m only joking, haha! Or am I? You would think I would know what to expect especially as I am a father of five children and I have seen all the different stages of growing up, but the thing is you forget my other children are now in their late teens and beyond,… [Read More]

The Art Of Finding A Safe Car

Image  The topic of safety is never far from your mind when you think about your children, especially as far as driving is concerned. Car safety will always be one of those eternally debated topics, and yet there are people who text while driving, or continually put their lives in danger by being maniacs on the road, but will blame drivers. While this isn’t something we have any control over, we can at least make our vehicle as safe as possible by picking the right type of car for our family. Is there a certain type of car that’s safer… [Read More]

Our Five Year Old Twins: Our Mini Me’s 

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have five children and of those children I have five year old twins. Watching twins is without question fascinating and at times bewildering,. It’s almost as if they have their own world and then they join our world. There is one thing that has really become quite noticeable, I’m not really sure why it’s happened, but it has. R has definitely become her mummy’s mini me. Whenever mum turns around, R is right by her side. If my wife sits down, R sits right next to her. I often joke with… [Read More]

Bedtime Stories with My Twins & Lost My Name Book Review (Kingdom Of You) 

There is always a special time of the day for me and that is bedtime with my five year old twin girls. It’s that quiet time, cuddles and a bedtime story. What particularly makes my bedtime story special is actually having twins. I get to sit on the bed with R and M cuddled up to either side of me quietly listening to a story of their choosing. About nine months ago, I was sent the incredible intergalactic journey home book by the publishers, Lost My Name for the girls and they recently approached me to review their new book, Kingdom… [Read More]