My Sunday Photo 

My Sunday photo is related to a post I published on Friday about the use of the word Tomboy. When calling a girl a Tomboy. I actually think it is a very offensive term to use. You can read the full post here.  My photo this week is perfect to show that my twins are girls, but that doesn’t mean they can’t climb, wear hoodies and play at anything they want. This picture captures it perfectly, I think. I will always be teaching my twin girls that they can be anything they want in life. I am teaching them to… [Read More]

The School Playground And Me

A little while after my five year old twin girls started school I wrote a post called the a lone dad on the mum playground. There is no doubt at that time that I felt quite isolated on the school playground. I’m happy to say that I don’t feel like that anymore, although at times, I don’t always feel part of the crowd, not that that’s vitally important to me, but it is nice to have some conversation with other parents and for me that includes a conversation with other mum’s and dads. I also feel that it is a great… [Read More]

Tomboy: Its Actually An Offensive Word If You Are Girl 

I recently read a post by my very good friend  Alan who blogs at OMG It’s A Girl called ‘Don’t call me tomboy’. It’s a truly brilliant post about his little girl. What I particularly like about the post is the history behind the word ‘tomboy’ and that it actually dated back to the 16th century, which as Alan said is where it belongs, completly right as well. Another blogger that I admire and have the utmost respect for is Simon who blogs at Man vs Pink. Simon has always written extensively about the gender stereotyping that is so prevalent towards our… [Read More]

My Five Year Old Twin Has Developed Empathy 

The other day I wrote how hard it is watching my mum getting old. Her mobility is probably now at its worst. It’s not a common occurrence, but one of the most unfortunate things of getting old is for no real reason old people tend to fall over and my mother is no different. What came as a revelation was my five year old twin daughter showing empathy. I was in for a shock about how one of my five year old twin girls would react to the news that her Nanna had fallen and may have to go to… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

Yesterday we went to our local farm for a family day out. While we were there. I caught this picture of the new farmhands. Which looked suspiciously like my five year old twin girls. Haha! I love their very cool look with the sunglasses. It’s the new breed of farmhands for the future, and proving girls can do any job they want. 

A New Language: Children’s Language 

When you make that massive decision to have children there are a number of things you probably didn’t plan upon changing. One such thing is you start to re-write the English language! Everything prior to children that you thought was what you called things is re-named for children. Omg! This actually makes me laugh on a regular basis as I talk to my five year old twins that I begin to think it’s normal and I say it so naturally it frightens me, haha! So here is a list of things that have been re-named in our home in the… [Read More]

The Twins Turned Five and OMG! They Have Changed 

Just under two weeks ago our twin girls, R and M, turned five years old. Along with turning five I think they had character and personality changes as well. There was a time when they were four years old all of a fortnight ago that they were the best of friends. Well, I wouldn’t call them bad friends now, but they are learning the art of getting their sister into trouble with mum and dad on a scale that is incredibly irritating to mum and dad! Some examples of this new found ability of telling tales are: We are in… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

During the last week I have posted a lot about my five year old twin girls. The main reason was because it’s been their fifth birthday. I wrote a post called My Little Superhero and Princess. Which was all about how different the girls charcters and personalities are, and for me this picture beautifully shows their different characters.