My Son Has Been In University Just Three Week’s

This weekend my son, A, is coming home for the weekend from university after 3 weeks. What has surprised me is never for one minute, did I realise how much I would miss him. Of course it was always going to be strange with him not being around, but it has genuinely shocked me. In his first three weeks I haven’t heard from him that often which is something I expected with all the freshers events happening, but everyday I would think about him. Generally very silly things, but important things to me like is he eating properly, I hope… [Read More]

So The Adventure Begins (My Son And Uni)

Today I will be taking my son to start university. It’s a bittersweet moment, but I have nothing but excitement for him. This is the second time I have seen one of my children go off to university. The truth is I have decided it doesn’t get any easier. It also doesn’t matter if they are sons or daughters. They are simply your children, and the same worries, anxieties and nervousness are exactly the same. I worry that he will settle, he stays safe and most importantly enjoys this new chapter in his life. My son is 18 years old…. [Read More]

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online: How to Spot a Problem

Online safety is a huge concern for parents today. With kids spending time online from a much younger age, these worries can start very early. Young children may find it hard to understand the risks involved with using the internet. Or, you may be reluctant to explain too much, worried that it may frighten or confuse them. Even older children who are aware of the risks can find it hard to recognize the signs of trouble if it’s not something they have experienced before. Image courtesy of pexels While you should take measures to ensure your child stays safe, such… [Read More]

My Daughter’s Trip To Uganda Is Not Going To Plan

Last Sunday I set off to Heathrow at 8.30am so my 20 year old daughter could catch her plane to Uganda for her placement in relation to her university course that she is currently in her second year studying child nursing. Our journey to Heathrow was trouble free and her friend who she was going with arrived with her mum shortly after us. So we checked all their luggage in and sorted out all the relevant documentation. My daughter and her friend exchanged pounds into American dollars because it’s impossible to buy Ugandan shillings in the UK, but after some… [Read More]

My Daughter E Is Going To Uganda As Part Of Her University Course 

My nearly 20 year old daughter is coming to the end of her second year in university of a three year course in child nursing, and she is doing incredibly well even if I say so myself. Her grades have gone up significantly since the end of her first year which makes me very proud of her. My daughter is apparently in a very enviable position according to a ITV news report I saw the other night on tv. Most hospital trusts throughout the UK have massive vacancies for nurses, so there should be no problem getting a job. Of… [Read More]

My Son Is Going To University: The End Of An Era 

My son is going to university in September and just the other day I had a bittersweet thought. When my son was four years old his mother and I separated and divorced fairly soon after that. From that marriage I had three children and thankfully I had a pretty good arrangement with their mother over joint custody and access. All three of them would stay with me every weekend and also every Monday after school they would come to mine for tea. Also if for some reason they didn’t stay at the weekend I would always see them on a Saturday. As… [Read More]

What Is The Future For An 18 Year Old?

In a few days time my son will be 18 years of age and for all intent and purposes the world should be there for him to conquer in any way he wishes, but it’s 2017 and the world today is not easy for a young person embarking upon their journey into adulthood and beyond.  He will finish studying in school and hopefully if all goes to plan and he attains the grades he requires he will be off to university. He is taking the more difficult route because he had an unconditional offer, but that university is his hometown… [Read More]

My Two Eldest Daughters Have Grown Up 

There was definitely a point in my mid to late teens that it was not cool to be seen in public with my parents. In my case it was just my mum. The days of going to Tesco to do the weekly shop was a big NO NO! Just in case I bumped into any of my friends. Conversation between the two of us became less and was usually limited to what I wanted to eat for tea, and if you are going out what time will you be home.  There was a time before this that I would have… [Read More]

I Will Have Two Children in University in 2017! Mad! 

When I was in school such a long time ago not many of us went to university. Looking back now it was maybe tougher to get a university place, but also for many of us the mentality of society was you leave school and get a job and earn a living which I imagine was inherited from our parents because it’s all they knew. University was considered a place for well to do people and very clever children. I definitely didn’t fit into either category. The strange thing is that all the people that went onto university went onto have… [Read More]

My Daughters and neo-natal 

If you are a regular reader of my blog you might have read that that my 19 year old daughter is currently in her second year of university studying child nursing. Part of the course involves going out on placement to different hospitals and gaining experience in all the facets of child nursing. The placement where she is just about to finish has been on a high dependence neo-natal unit in a large hospital. On a regular basis I have spoken to her and it has been a rollercoaster of emotion that she has experienced with little babies being born,… [Read More]