My Wife is My Slave!

My wife is without question my slave. She is there to fulfil all my needs, look after me and my children, and never question me on anything. I am after all the bread winner. Without my money we could not live, it’s really as simple as that. So here is a list of what I expect as a husband and what I expect my wife to do… 1. I expect my tea ready on the table when I get in from work and no excuses if it is not. 2. My wife has to do everything for our children and… [Read More]

My Wife Makes Me Giggle With Her Obsessions 

My wife has an obsessive streak that I  find hard to occasionally not giggle at, but in a very nice way. I wrote a post a long time back called my wife’s obsession with sewing, knitting and baking. It’s still one of my best ever read posts. Over recent years since our twin girls were born she has for a better word gets a moment where she starts a hobby and throws herself completely into it. Some examples of the past few years are 1. Sewing. This became very big thing and she started downloading patterns for toys to make for… [Read More]

My New Years Resolutions for my Wife 

My wife and I were sitting on the sofa the other night binge watching the walking dead, we are completly addicted, and started talking about New Years Resolutions, but not for ourselves for each other. So here are my resolutions that I think my wife could seriously act upon! To read the resolutions that my wife wrote for me, click here. 1. Please, when we are watching tv and you fart, please tell me! OMG ! It’s like being dropped into a sewer head first! They absolutely stink! Don’t hide your face and laugh, it’s not funny! I have to… [Read More]

It’s My Wife’s Birthday Today 

Omg! My wife is 30 years old today. Is this the time to trade her in for a younger model? Is it all downhill for her now? Most likely! Only kidding, haha! I have to say, yes this is cliche, I know, but I am the luckiest man in the world. My wife is beautiful, wonderful, funny and a pleasure to be around except when she farts because the smell could paralyse a navy seal at 100yds! Seriously, I’m not joking they stink! Seriously I was lucky the day I met my wife. I was driving past a shop she… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo

So my wife has fallen in love with a another. Thankfully for me it’s not another man it’s her new Singer sewing machine! I have written recently on my blog about her growing obsession with sewing. It was time for the unpacking of the new sewing machine which took place last night and as you can see love is in the air! 

Date Night

Our twins girls are now just over four years old and I can count on one hand how many times we have been out together as a couple, and amazing as it seems we haven’t been out for an evening once. Unfortunately our network of family as babysitters is non-existent, so the opportunity to have a night out simply isn’t there.  So when I see on social media that couples are going out on a date night, do I get jealous? Yes, of course I do, although I’m not sure I would call it a date night for us. Why?… [Read More]

My wife's obsession with sewing has moved to a whole new level

A little while ago a wrote a post about my wife’s obsession with sewing knitting and baking. The baking and knitting have been put on the back burner and sewing is at the forefront of her obsession, and I  really mean obsession! There is no controlling her desire to make soft toys and clothes for our four year old twin girls. We are slowly being taken over by elephants, superheroes, mermaids, knights and ballerinas. She even made an elephant for herself. Bless! She’s also made dresses and shorts for the girls. In fact nothing is out of bounds. We recently… [Read More]

I'm my wife's bitch!!

Just recently I have been thinking I am without a doubt my wife’s bitch. It has been slowly creeping up on me over a period of years which invloved clever brainwashing which has been done in a very subtle way, that was impossible for me to spot. I will explain further. Once the children have gone to bed my wife takes her position on the sofa wrapped up in her dressing gown and phone in hand to scroll through social media etc.  I sit there either flicking through the TV channels or blogging, but I also have another very important… [Read More]

10 Things I love about my better half

I recently wrote a post things of things that I do to irritate my better half so now thought I would turn it around a bit and write down 10 things that I love about my other half. 1. My wife follows me around the house all the time, but actually this might well annoy some people, but most of the time it makes me laugh!  2. My wife has never attempted to change me in any way which to me proves that she loves me for who I am 3. I love the way she is with our twin… [Read More]

Things I do that irritate my better half

So let’s be honest I know we all love our other halves,but what do you think irritates them about you.I know I certainly do some things that really irritate my wife.  I thought I would give just six things that I think irritate my wife and nomoinate five people to do the same remember it’s what you think that irritates your partner.  So here are mine… 1. When my wife is talking I have a habit of interrupting and usually she rolls her eyes and sternly says, “Can I finish?”  2. We can be sitting down in the evening and… [Read More]