7 Reasons Why Crafting Makes You Happy

Most of you us probably end up bored on a couch and can’t think of a good activity to pass time. Not finding anything to pass time has been deemed unhealthy in many types researches. Besides, it’s a well-known fact.

It’s a human’s need to stay busy whether enjoyment or work. Since the 2018 has just started, why not make resolutions to commit yourself to something that isn’t only productive but healthy for both your body and mind as well.

Who knew working could be healthy?

But working doesn’t mean you find yourself a desk job. You might as well begin crafting. Not only will you have fun but you’ll earn some cash for yourself. Crafting is said to be healthy for people with low-esteem. It helps deal with negativity and keeps one’s mind of it. In other words, you get paid for staying busy. From sewing labels to knitting clothes you can start with any kind of crafting.

Here are 7 reasons why crafting makes you happy

Enhances Memory

We learn from our wrongdoings. Committing a mistake only teaches us to be better the next time. It perfects us and the next time, well, there’s no next time because your mind now remembers to not make the same mistake again. So, whether you like sewing unique labels or knitting sweaters you will not make the same mistakes ever again and this will have a positive impact on your brain. It’s capacity to remember increases.

News for the Insomniacs

Yes, if you’re an insomniac sick of insomnia, there’s a sweet cure for you. All you have to do is get busy with crafting-knitting and voila, sleep returns. So, ladies and gentlemen, get yourself into crafting business. It’s been said in a research. Visit https://harkla.co to understand the importance of good sleep and how to achieve it.


Stress leads to depression and many other diseases like memory loss etc. And it is said by the wise owls that knitting and other types of crafting help relieve you of stress. Needles out!

A type of Meditation

Crafting has been referred to as a kind of meditation as it gets you focused on one thing, crafting taking it off stress and anxiety. Your body feels more relaxed than the cliched tired. It has healthy effects on your mind, hence, it is termed as yoga!

Reduces Anxiety

Crafting is a great way of not getting anxious all the time. It keeps not only your hands busy but your mind busy too. According to a research 3/4 of the women when suffering from anxiety were calmed by crafting.

Journey within you

While you get lost in crafting, whatever, is it you do decide to do, you’ll be shocked how much you’ll discover about yourself. Things and questions you probably never thought of.

Feeling of Accomplishment

By the time you’re done, a great sense of accomplishment awaits at the end of the road. Which is something far too beautiful.

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  1. I’m in full agreement – or as responded to your comment on my blog (with slight amendments): “the craft you are working at is yourself” (adapted from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance).

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