A Fun Day At West Midlands Safari Park: Ice Age

One of the biggest highlights of our year is our annual visit to West Midlands Safari Park. It is slowly becoming a family tradition! This is actually our fifth visit in four years.

It really is a special day out. Our six year twin girls always get very excited to know that we are going to visit again. They love the Safari drive through which allows them to see wild animals up very close. This particular visit they were very excited to see the new Ice Age exhibit, and truth be told I was very excited to see it as well.

We live about one hour 30 minutes away, and our plan is always to arrive around twenty minutes before the gates open we which managed to do easily.

Once we are in the queue to go in we were all getting very excited to start our drive through the Safari Park. Even though we have done it a few times before, it’s always different, because you never know which animals are going to be out wandering around, which makes it feel like it’s the first time we have visited.

Driving through some of highlights were the Rhinos. They are truly awesome, powerful creatures, but this time I saw a more gentle side to them as they laid down next to each other and it almost looked like they were having a cuddle!

The lions are always truly amazing and this time it looked like it was a scene straight out of the Lion King as they sat majestically high on the rock observing the world below them.


I was also amazed at how much the baby elephant had grown since we had last visited.

The biggest highlight for one of my twin girls, and my wife are the giraffes because they get to feed them. This time my wife took it a step further and got herself a giraffe selfie, which started a little bit of a competition between us of who could take the most animal selfies!

Once we had finished the drive through, we headed for the park and the funfair area. We were all looking forward to this because of course this year the new exhibit is Ice Age.

Ice age is totally brilliant with lots of life sized animals that lived tens of millions of years ago, which include the woolly mammoth, and of course the sabre tooth tiger. It is brilliantly laid out and has lots of knowledge boards which is fantastic for the girls to learn all about extinct animals and fossils of numerous things such as a sabre tooth tiger tooth.

What was interesting is that some of the animals that were around millions of years ago are still roaming the earth today. At one point I did have to fight off a bear!

To finish the exhibit off was a massive volcano which the girls thought was fantastic. The new ice age exhibit is a wonderful addition to the park and a great educational tool for our children to learn from, about what animals used to roam planet earth.

One part that seems to have eluded us before was the Lorikeet landing area, but not this time! It was fantastic seeing the Lorikeets up so close and my six year old twins feeding them nectar! A very awesome moment.

We then did the usual of going on a few rides which is always a winner with the girls.

We headed down to the Boj Giggly Park which the girls always enjoy. This is very close to The African Plains and meerkat mayhem are. Here we listened to a very informative talk all about the meerkats by one of the Safari staff, and then the girls got to feed the meerkats. There was also an opportunity for me to get a meerkat selfie, which I promptly did!

Our day at West Midlands Safari Park was coming to an end so we headed to the gift shop for the usual statutory toy or souvenir for the girls, but just before we got there both my wife and I also got a penguin selfie! Well, it was just too good a chance to let go.

West Midlands Safari Park is a fantastic day out! It ‘s easily our favourite, and we will definitely be going again. It’s amazing value for money. Where else do you get to see wild animals roaming so close to you, and then enjoy all the fun of a fantastic funfair, and when the sun shines like it did on our visit, it just made our visit perfect. If you are struggling for ideas for a day out with your children, I would highly recommend West Midlands Safari Park. You will not be disappointed.

So come on get online and book your tickets here.

For the purpose of the review I received free admission to the Safari for a family of 4.

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