Bluestone National Park With Persil UK #DirtIsGood #Presstrip

We have just arrived back from Bluestone in West Wales after spending the weekend there as guests of Persil UK.

We were invited to Bluestone Wales as part of their #DirtIsGood campaign. The campaign is all about getting outdoors as a family, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect location than Bluestone Wales. Situated in Pembrokeshire, Bluestone Wales offers up plenty of opportunities for families to get back to nature.

We’ve actually been to Bluestone a number of times, however this time was definitely a bit different and that’s because all of the activities for the children and the grown-ups had been organised by Persil so we had to get ready for a busy few days.


We arrived around 11.30am to check in and made our way to the Oak Tree Restaurant for lunch where we met the lovely Persil team.

Of course on the way there the girls caught sight of the park so before lunch they dived straight in and yes, as usual it was hard work to get them out of the park again! Thankfully they were hungry after the journey from Cardiff so they didn’t need much persuading!

Lunch was a buffet with delicious sandwiches, pasta, fruit and more. It was spectacular beautiful food.

After lunch we were given some free time to do what we wanted before going to our lodge at 3pm. We took the opportunity to explore Bluestone’s Adventure Centre. The girls had a game of mini golf, jumped around on the bouncy castle and played in the soft play room.

When we arrived at our lodge at 3pm we went upstairs and discovered the most awesome hamper full of goodies from Persil. We weren’t expecting it at all so it was a lovely surprise. The hamper included Persil products as well as wellies for the girls. I should also add that Persil also sent the girls a Keep Them Quiet activity pack for the car journey. This included activities such as colouring in and puzzles. After unpacking and a short rest we headed out for the evening entertainment.

We headed down to Camp Smokey for an evening meal and some entertainment from Joe Shindig and his band. It was a brilliant night which involved lots of singing and dancing and yes some more eating and to finish off we got to toast marshmallows over an open fire. I will suggest that you don’t burn your marshmallows like me! It made me pretty sad and they tasted awful! Burnt marshmallows aside, it was a fantastic night, but it was definitely time to get to bed so that we would have plenty of energy for day two.


The campaign that Persil is running is called #dirtisgood but what is it all about? Well, let me tell you. Persil believes that dirt is good and we should be embracing it. That’s because outdoor play is so important for a child’s development and I agree. It helps with social skills and physical development which is why we were at Bluestone to embrace the outdoors as a family.

Our day started early but that’s usual when you have seven year old twin girls! After breakfast we made our way to Ranger HQ by the beautiful Bluestone lake for the start of some fun activities. To start with all the kids got some camouflage face paint and of course I joined in too!

First up was rock painting. The girls loved doing this. They painted a butterfly and the Earth. Next up was breaking up owl pellets to see what the owls had eaten. Owl pellets are thrown up by barn owls. Kind of like a fur ball. Yes, it’s as gross as it sounds! By breaking the owl pellets apart we were able to see what the owls  had eaten as we came across tiny jaw bones, skulls, ribs and other bones of creatures such as voles. It was pretty gross if I’m honest, but the girls and my wife seemed to enjoy themselves. It was actually very interesting.

We then went on a nature trail through the woods in search of bugs, wildlife and trees. All the kids had booklets to identify what they found along the way.

The nature trail took us right through the woods and up the side of a mountain where we wound up at a clearing where another Ranger called Ewan was waiting for us. He started a campfire as all the kids had been collecting twigs along the way for the campfire.

The kids then started building a den and Ewan showed them how to make it waterproof with fern leaves. It was amazing to watch all the kids get involved.

The other ranger then started to cook some popcorn on the campfire and all the kids got to toast marshmallows on the open fire again.

They even had a go at axe throwing which made me just a bit nervous but thankfully there were no accidents!

It was then time then to come back down the mountain. We ended up finding a fairy village where fairies lived. The kids faces were brilliant as they stood there in awe of the fact that fairies lived there. We also walked past the goblin houses, or should I say, the kids ran past them in case one jumped out haha!

We got back and had a group photo before heading off for lunch at the Oak Tree restaurant. This was a hot and cold buffet with the most yummy deserts and in particular a muffin with icing that had the Persil logo on, yet again the food was amazing.

After filling our stomachs we were then advised that we could either have some free time to go for a swim or rest back at our lodge etc, or we could go on a scavenger hunt that was being led by the Bluestone Activity Team. We asked the girls what they wanted to do and they decided they wanted to go swimming at the Blue Lagoon. This worked out perfectly because we would need to be ready and out by 5.30pm for the Persil Party that evening to finish our trip to Bluestone Wales.

The Blue Lagoon was as always lovely. The girls enjoyed swimming and floating around the lazy river!

Later that evening we arrived at one of the lodges for The Persil Party. It was time to socialise with all the other people that had been invited.

It was very relaxed and the kids got the chance to decorate some biscuits and play outside. It was a fun party and the kids even got to smash a piñata full of sweets, which of course they loved!

The final part of the evening was when we were told some of the exciting things that Persil have planned for later this year. I was particularly pleased to here that Persil’s bottles are going to be made from 30% recycling plastic, but what’s more impressive is that they plan on making that 100% by 2021.

Also the bags that the you buy the washing liquid capsules in are going as they’re being replaced with tubs. This is because very few councils in the UK will actually take the bags.

The aim of this is all about helping the environment and I applaud Persil for making these changes that will hopefully have a positive impact on our children’s future.

My final thoughts overall is that it was a fantastic way to highlight how important the outdoors is and how we should all be getting outdoors more often with our children. For me personally it taught me a valuable lesson about myself. I spend far too much time on my phone. This weekend I have hardly been on my phone. What I have done is have a brilliant time as a family and put technology to one side so that I could enjoy the outdoors. Yes, I got muddy and watching my girls enjoy the simple pleasures of the outdoors made me realise that social media is a very poor second to family time.

Finally I would like to give a huge thank you to Persil for inviting us to Bluestone Wales for the weekend. It really opened my eyes about how obsessed we can become with technology and it has really made me change the way I think about it so much. Thank you to the Persil team and of course Golin PR for making the weekend a truly memorable one. Nothing was ever too much trouble.

This post was a Press Trip with Persil UK.

10 thoughts on “Bluestone National Park With Persil UK #DirtIsGood #Presstrip

  1. I loved reading this post. I agree, being outside and having fun or completing adventures is fundamental to growing up. Glad you all had a good time.

  2. Oh social media has a shocking impact on family life. You all cretainly looked like you’d been spending lots of time outiside and I’m very familiar with #DirtIsGood It is a great campaign and glad to read about Persil introducing more recycled plastics to its ranges. Never heard of Bluestone though. Looks like a wonderful spot. Thanks for hosting #ThatFridayLinky

  3. We’re off to Bluestone in 2 weeks times! This will be our very first visit, so it was great to see some of your pictures and read what you got up to! I agree, Dirt is definitely good! #ThatFridayLinky

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