Bring the family together this Easter weekend!

The Easter bank holiday is fast approaching. The kids are excited to see what the Easter Bunny brings them and for me, Easter seems like the perfect time to have all my family and friends around for a party! The fact that it’s also a bank holiday is great because it means nobody has to worry about getting up for work the next day! It’s a win, win situation all around!

When I think of parties I have plenty of ideas! One of the most important factors at any party for me is music. Music is a passion of mine. I love all sorts of music and I enjoy making playlists on my phone which consists of a mix of current and classic tunes. I’ve found that the best way to fill the room with music (and people!) is with a wireless speaker. My current one is great, but I think it’s on its way out so I’ve been looking for a new one and I quite like the Panasonic Wireless Speakers.  I really like that I can control it all from my phone via Bluetooth. I think it’s amazing how far technology has come since cd players and portable walkmans!

Ideally I’d like the party start around mid-afternoon because that way it gives me plenty of time to prepare all the food, drink and decorations. I think it’s great to do a buffet as people can pick and eat what they want, when they want. There’ll also be quite a few toddlers and children coming and therefore I think it’s more relaxing for parents and children alike if they’re not forced to sit down at a table, because we know what children are like at staying still! They get bored very quickly! Well, our twins certainly do! I might even pop a few Easter films on the TV for them!

Another good thing about making this party an all day kind of party, is that people that can just come and go when they like, they can just relax and chill and enjoy a drink. What more would you want from a party!

Finding the time to spend it with loved ones can be tricky. We all lead busy lives, but with Easter being a long weekend I think it’s a great time! Actually most of my family and friends have come to expect a holiday party at my house over the Easter break!

What are your plans for the Easter weekend?

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