Gender Stereotyping in our Schools 

Superhero girls

If I am entirely honest I never thought for one minute that I would experience any form of gender stereotyping in our schools, let alone primary school when dealing with four/five year old children, but I have in just the last few days. If we are going to eradicate gender issues and allow our children to be who they want to be and like what they want then we need to start when they are young. It infuriates me that our teachers, and obviously not all teachers, are deciding for the future generations that they are if they are a… [Read More]

Our Children Are Being Influenced everywhere.

Our four year old twin girls really are so very different and as they grow up it is becoming even more obvious. They are not identical twins, but they do at times look exactly like each other. Thankfully R is a little bit taller so they can never catch us out or play games on us! They have the same DNA in relation that they have the same parents so why the difference in personality and character?   I have no idea, but what I do know is society is trying in a very subtle way to brainwash our children… [Read More]

Conversations with my four year olds: Gender Stereotyping

After having a conversation with my four year old twins the other day about what they wanted to be when they were older, it got me thinking.   It got me to thinking that they have no idea about gender sterotyping in society, but the reality is it’s alive and kicking. My hope and dream is that by the time they are old enough to understand about gender sterotyping that it has been eradicated once and for all in society. It’s manipulative behaviour  does conditions them that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. The twins were conceived… [Read More]

Are shops guilty of gender stereotyping kids?

I have yet again been amazed at how ridiculous the big shops are. You may ask why so I shall explain to you how disappointed I am in their attitude towards gender and clothes for our children.   We went to ASDA  on Saturday because I needed a pair of cheap jeans for my work. While we were there we decided to have a quick look at the summer clothes for our fast approaching holiday. The girls needed flip flops and maybe a pair of crocs for the beach and around the pool. My disgust at the ridiculous behaviour in… [Read More]

How accepting will you be of your children’s choices

When I was growing up I think my mother expected me to conform to what is considered the “norm”. That being a heterosexual male mean getting married and having children. As it happens that’s how I turned out. So my mother didn’t have to accept any different choices I may have had about my life. If I had decided that I wanted a different path in life because of her generation she would no doubt have struggled to accept it, that is if in fact she accepted it at all. Society has moved on and we accept so many different… [Read More]

How far have we come with racism, gender and sexism

Life in the 1950’s was very different to life as we know it now. Racism and sexism was rife and if you happened to be either of these things, then the 1950’s was probably the best era for you live in because the majority of your fellow peers probably thought the same way as you in terms of racist and sexist behaviour. I mean what was the problem? You would go out to work and the little woman looked after the house and children. You could put down all the other races in the world and you were allowed to… [Read More]

Superhero v Princess

I am dad to four year old twin girls and you would not believe how their personalities and characters are so completely different.   R was born first by two minutes and this girl loves Captain America, Superman and her all time favourite Spider-Man, and just about every other Superhero. What has fascinated me is that she has not been influenced by her older brother. Just quite simply one day Spider-Man became a very big obsession, but why, I ask. I have no idea. I like superheroes but I am far from obsessed. The girls mostly watch CBeebies and there… [Read More]

Gender Stereotyping

The other day my wife was at a playgroup that the girls attend every week. She was talking to a grandmother and happened to say that M was going to ballet for the first time that night. This person then turned to R and said are you going too so R said no I will be going to Football. The lady then laughed right in front of R.    How wrong is that? What girls can’t play football? She could have easily put R off the idea of playing football. My wife turned around very quickly and said that R’s sister… [Read More]